Idling towards the apocalypse
By David Selbourne - 28 November 0:00

Even after the fall of Silvio Berlusconi, Italians are in little doubt just how bad a state their co

The myth of the Fourth Reich
By Richard J Evans - 24 November 9:52

The spectre of history looms over the eurozone crisis and Germany’s role in it.

Who still thinks Britain should join the euro?
By George Eaton - 21 November 15:23

Ashdown, Heseltine, Blair and others are rallying to the euro's defence.

What if ... Gordon Brown was leading the Eurozone crisis?
By Guy Lodge - 17 November 12:23

The former PM's reputation deserves to be reconsidered in light of Europe's current economic problem

Government of the technocrats, by the technocrats, for the technocrats
By David Skelton - 16 November 15:17

Democracy must not be regarded as merely an optional extra when solving economic problems.

My euro prediction, Olympics travel and another cricketing suicide
By Peter Wilby - 16 November 0:00

Prediction is nearly always dangerous, but here is one that I believe to be absolutely safe. Whatever you read elsewhere, the euro will survive and Greece, Italy, Spain, etc, will remain inside.

Why I'm troubled by Berlusconi's departure
By Richard Morris - 14 November 9:56

If what happened in Italy were repeated here, Peter Mandelson would be prime minister by the end of

The shops are full, but Italy is on the brink
By Peter Popham - 14 November 0:00

Fadhel, a 47-year-old Tunisian crane driver, has lived in Italy for 23 years, and the living has been good. Economic growth may have hovered close

Alternatives to austerity
By James Meadway - 12 November 12:59

The inevitable "structural reforms" Italy faces won't drag the eurozone's third-largest economy out

A marginalised Britain makes the break-up of the EU more likely
By Mark Leonard - 31 October 0:00

European integration has been defined by two, apparently contradictory trends: technocracy and popul

“I’d have been ashamed not to join the IRA”
By Sophie Elmhirst - 26 October 11:16

Sophie Elmhirst joins Martin McGuinness on the presidential campaign trail in Dublin, and finds an e

The "Occupy" movement's Spanish roots
By Ryan Gallagher - 25 October 18:11

In the five months since demonstrations in Madrid began, citizens on almost every continent have tak

Sarkozy borrows from Chirac in attack on Cameron
By George Eaton - 24 October 11:57

"You have lost a good opportunity to shut up" was an old Chirac line.

Successful primaries give French socialists momentum
By Emma Reynolds and Axelle Lemaire - 21 October 12:10

François Hollande secured a clear victory in France's unprecedented open socialist primaries. Now he

Spain downgraded
By Mike Bonnet - 19 October 18:04

Moody’s downgrades Spain's credit rating by two notches.

Hollande wins
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 17 October 12:51

How centrist will the French Socialist candidate be?

Protest by consensus: Laurie Penny on Madrid's Occupy
By Laurie Penny - 16 October 22:45

Like most of the occupations around the world today, Madrid's Puerta del Sol is peaceful.

Slovakia last to vote on European rescue fund
By Sella Oneko - 11 October 14:46

Plans to resolve the eurozone crisis are on edge as Slovakia votes.

France and Germany to propose a solution to the crisis
By Sella Oneko - 11 October 12:00

Merkel and Sarkozy will reveal a plan for the Eurozone by the end of the month.

Daily Mail Inquiry into 'Knox guilty' blunder
By Press Gazette - 05 October 15:36

The papers' mix up in the Amanda Knox trial.

Peter Oborne vs"that idiot in Brussels"
By George Eaton - 29 September 12:48

Watch last night's Newsnight EU row in full.

This is no time to give up on the euro
By Oliver Kamm - 29 September 12:37

All the signs of the eurozone crisis are that quite soon there will be just two currencies still in

Pimco predicts low growth rates for Britain and the Eurozone
By Sella Oneko - 28 September 18:59

Bond giant predicts slow European growth

Austrian hackers publish police data
By Sella Oneko - 28 September 18:59

A group of Austrian hackers release police data in protest against privacy bill

EC proposes financial transaction tax
By Nilpa Shah - 28 September 13:41

The European Commission has announced its proposal to impose a financial transaction tax on all EU m

Mosley fails in European Court privacy appeal
By Andrew Pugh - 27 September 15:48

The ECHR has rejected Max Mosley's appeal to tighten privacy laws in the UK following the publicatio

European bank shares rise slightly in reaction to eurozone rescue plan
By Jenny Greenwell - 26 September 14:42

The drastic rescue plan by the IMF may include a 50 per cent write down of Greek debt

IMF and EU set for talks
By James Maxwell - 26 September 13:39

European Financial Stability fund may be quadrupled in order to rescue the eurozone.