Campaign spotlight: Toxic assets
By Staff blogger - 05 November 5:55

Adam Ramsay, campaigner at People and Planet

When it comes to carbon footprints, I’m a LoseACC
By Sophie Elmhirst - 29 October 7:51

Recycling and low-energy light bulbs won't suffice in the battle against my elephantine footprint

Good idea: Starting from scratch
By Samira Shackle - 29 October 7:51

As the jobless count continues to rise, it has been predicted that bank bonuses could reach £6bn. Is this the sign of recovery, or is there an alternative?

Sacrificed in the name of sushi
By Mark Lynas - 29 October 7:51

If the fishing lobbies continue to hold sway then the tuna will go the way of the dodo

Franny Armstrong - extended interview
By Staff blogger - 22 October 12:14

A longer version of this week's NS interview

The NS Interview: Franny Armstrong
By Sophie Elmhirst - 22 October 8:48

“We’re right at the end of the time when we can still do something”

Don’t blubber, it’s biology
By Adrian Glover - 22 October 8:48

Everyone should watch a whale being dissected – it teaches us about life.

Metropolis now
By Sophie Elmhirst - 22 October 8:48

Before the financial crisis, New York and London walked hand in hand as “the two greatest cities in

What’s yours is mine
By Andrew Simms - 15 October 8:38

The scramble for the world’s resources has barely abated with the recession, and our ecological debt

Closed because of geoengineering works
By Mark Lynas - 15 October 8:38

Are environmentalists right to insist that geoengineering should remain taboo?

Undermining King Coal
By Bibi van der Zee - 08 October 6:46

Can the battle against coal be won? Not if Labour stays in power

How climate change is blowing hot and cold
By Mark Lynas - 01 October 8:13

A rainy day in July does not falsify climate change

How to have a green funeral, without offending Derek
By Sophie Elmhirst - 01 October 8:13

Directgov seems intent on amplifying our fear of mortality

Bad Idea: Foresting the Sahara
By Alyssa McDonald - 01 October 8:13

A plan to turn the Sahara into a forest is not about
reducing carbon emissions at all

The psychopath is in the detail
By Will Self - 24 September 6:50

British architects have been gripped by wood mania

Marching orders
By Bibi van der Zee - 24 September 6:50

For those of you who've never taken part in a climate-change action, this is the way it goes.

“The poor are burdened twice”
By Vandana Shiva - 17 September 6:48

Vandana Shiva on the injustice of offsetting

The gathering storm
By James Macintyre - 17 September 6:48

Climate change hits the poorest people hardest. Rich countries got us into this mess. Now they must

Great Danes
By Ritt Bjerregaard - 17 September 6:48

Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard on green Copenhagen

Uncivilisation: the Dark Mountain Manifesto
By John Gray - 10 September 8:56

We have, it seems, led the planet into the age of ecocide. Can civilisation survive the unavoidable?

Emission impossible?
By James Macintyre - 10 September 8:56

Ed Miliband will need all the political skills he can muster to get a deal in Copenhagen

The drowned world
By James Macintyre - 03 September 8:19

Time is running out in Bangladesh where floods caused by climate change threaten to engulf entire is

Squatters’ rights
By Bibi van der Zee - 03 September 8:19

The organisation of the Climate Camp might be the eighth wonder of the world

The next Atlantis
By Judith Evans - 21 May 12:37

Observations on carbon neutrality

People's protest clogs city
By Anisha Ahmed - 02 April 16:39

Life in London slowed down as hotspots of protests sprang up in different parts of the city

Marching out of the crisis
By Kate Blagojevic - 30 March 17:39

World Development Movement's Kate Blagojevic
shares her experience of marching with thousands to pr

An inconvenient economic truth

Observations on carbon trading

London calls the street rebels
By Paul Kingsnorth - 26 March 10:11

The global justice movement is back in town – and planning the biggest rally since the Iraq War marc

Why the greens hate me for telling the truth
By Jonathon Porritt - 24 March 13:06

Most (but not all) environmentalists locate themselves on the progressive left. Most (but not all) are therefore extremely apprehensive about contested causes that are not recognisably “progressive”.

Who's really destroying the earth?
By Julio Cesar Centeno - 10 March 10:45

The perception of population growth in developing countries as the culprit of worldwide environmenta