Letter from Ethiopia
By Kate Eshelby - 18 June 9:10

For Addis Ababa, hydropower is the future. Downriver, there’s a lot to lose.

Leader: The Deepwater disaster is a chance to bring Big Oil to heel
By Staff blogger - 17 June 8:12

The planet has for too long been a victim of environmental vandalism.

No hands to the pump!
By Oliver Tickell - 14 June 9:06

Among the hundreds of files piling up on Chris Huhne's desk is a nice fat one marked "Renewable Heat Incentive" (RHI). He could easily sign

Climate change denial: a history
By Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway - 01 June 9:10

“Climategate” was the latest in a long line of baseless, right-wing attacks on scientists.

Every girl’s new must-buy? Eco-logical fashion
By Anna Shepard - 31 May 10:45

I took a stroll down my local high street recently. In Primark, bikinis and strappy sandals drew a crowd. But the mood was sombre compared to the consumer glee of previous years.

Smile for the new species
By Michael Brooks - 28 May 9:25

No one knows how to stem the tide of oil sweeping towards the southern United States, so there's not much to write about that.

When do we want it? After polite discussion and a show of hands
By Bibi van der Zee - 21 May 9:36

We're standing around Oxford Circus at lunchtime on Saturday, waiting for the signal. Some people have red and yellow flags. Some have whistles (these will shortly be both very annoying and very useful).

Izzy wizzy, let’s get busy! Stop the sooty show
By Oliver Tickell - 17 May 9:30

An unfortunate orthodoxy has developed on climate change, the main elements of which are: 1) climate change is the fault of the rich nations and the capitalist system; 2) the rich nations should cut their carbon emissions dras

Lean, green killing machines
By John Naish - 13 May 11:54

The race is on between China and the US to equip their forces with eco technologies – and China is w

The NS interview: Caroline Lucas
By Alyssa McDonald - 12 May 8:16

“This is the beginning of a new force in Westminster”

Agriculture is in a mess, but politicians don’t give a damn
By Colin Tudge - 02 May 11:15

Agriculture is no longer on Britain's agenda. The three main parties barely mention it in their manifestos. All we need is what we've got: the free market and hi-tech.

Joe Public v the volcano
By Slavoj Zizek - 29 April 8:12

We are living in an age when we are both able to change nature and more at its mercy than ever –– as

"We're now the party of social justice"
By Daniel Trilling - 27 April 14:37

On the campaign trail with Green Party leader Caroline Lucas.

Don’t press the forget button!
By Bibi van der Zee - 23 April 9:26

It's slightly creepy, the way that no one wants to talk about climate change any more.

How I am practising what I preach
By Mark Lynas - 19 April 9:09

It is quite difficult for someone who spends his life pontificating to try to do something practical for a change.

Knowing right from right-on
By Bibi van der Zee - 02 April 11:24

A question that is asked pretty regularly as our young folk are chaining themselves to gates and breaking into laboratories to free the research subjects is, simply, how do you know you're right?

World at war over water
By Alexander Bell - 28 March 10:16

The most bitter conflicts of the next 50 years won’t be over oil. The prize commodity of the future

Why no party can afford to be anti-nuclear
By Mark Lynas - 26 March 10:59

The Lib Dems must abandon their anti-nuclear stance and develop a realistic energy policy.

Demonstrators in Beirut in 2010
Extremely brave, extremely Rachel
By Bibi van der Zee - 21 March 9:21

Once in a while, you end up with someone as special as Rachel Corrie.

Rogue traders could save Kyoto
By Mark Lynas - 12 March 11:50

Carbon traders do not easily secure sympathy. Yet their role is vital.

How to get ahead in activism
By Bibi van der Zee - 08 March 9:25

Thinking is a lot harder than it looks. Sometimes you can actually feel the new neural pathways being formed, and it's not pleasant; I imagine it's similar to what werewolves go through come a full moon.

The cockney Siberia
By Edward Platt - 05 March 9:17

The Thames Gateway development is the largest urban regeneration scheme ever attempted in Britain. I

Burning up and burning out
By Bibi van der Zee - 23 February 14:44

Climate change sceptics are busting out of their dank corners, sensing a moment of weakness.

Barbarians at the gate
By Mark Lynas - 12 February 10:35

The scientists at the centre of "Climategate" scandal are the targets of an orchestrated smear campa

Gordon Brown must let the Chagos Islanders go home
By Sean Carey - 11 February 12:00

Conservation projects should not stop the exiled islanders from returning.

Start the world, we want to get on
By Anthony Giddens - 08 February 7:54

The Copenhagen debacle gave little grounds for hope of concerted action against climate change, but

China in their hands
By Henry Smith - 04 February 6:28

Washington and Beijing are blaming each other on climate change

Peerages for eels, and other stories
By Sophie Elmhirst - 29 January 10:32

The eels are in trouble. A little story seeped out last week: the eel population in the Thames has fallen by 98 per cent in the past five years. There are now only a few loyal creatures left in the river's murky waters.

Why we greens keep getting it wrong
By Mark Lynas - 28 January 7:06

If, as I think almost certain to be the case, the environmental movement made a grave mistake in opposing nuclear power, the question naturally arises about what else the greens may have got wrong.

The unselfish gene
By Bibi van der Zee - 25 January 14:18

Our politics are determined by our genes, apparently.