Environmental activists march in Rio de Janeiro.
The coalition must not go soft on climate change

Britain should be playing a leading role in helping green the world.

The new silent spring
By Conor Mark Jameson - 20 June 10:22

What is causing the strange disappearance of our songbirds?

Rio+20 and responsible capitalism: opportunities for Labour

We cannot rely on the market to create sustainable growth.

New Statesman
Lessons from Rothamsted
By Michael Brooks - 28 May 13:03

Nine takeaways from yesterday's protest for the GM scientists and their supporters.

New Statesman
An airport U-turn could cost the coalition
By Joss Garman - 27 March 13:30

Green activists and Middle England would unite against a new runway at any airport.

Sherwood Rowland: when good science is not enough
By Michael Brooks - 12 March 17:07

If you want to spur action, you need a disaster - as the case of ozone-destroying CFCs shows.

In the footsteps of elephants
By Michael Brooks - 05 March 0:00

It's highly unlikely that you woke up this morning and wondered about the characteristics of the very first algae to inhabit the earth.

The strange case of the disappearing department
By Alan White - 08 February 11:54

Has anyone heard from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs?

Is this the end of the "greenest government ever"?
By Samira Shackle - 05 December 9:24

Campaigners say coalition is "the most environmentally destructive government" since birth of modern

Where the wild things aren’t
By John Burnside - 16 November 0:00

Leafing through the St Andrews Citizen the other day, I read a piece about plans to dig up a patch of wild ground - the local preservation trust described it as "an eyesore" - and make it into a "community garden".

The city on the edge of the world
By Edward Platt - 31 October 0:00

In 1933, J B Priestley set off to discover “the common well of Englishness”. In the first of a new s

In defence of renewables
By Nick Molho - 26 October 15:54

Huhne is right on climate sceptics and "armchair engineers".

Laurie Penny: Watching the Arctic melt, I realise apathy must be frozen out
By Laurie Penny - 24 September 12:18

We can choose abject complicity, or we can decide that it's not too late to build a better world.

How the Tories went from oak-tree logo to enemies of conservation
By George Eaton - 13 September 15:00

With unintentional hilarity, John Prescott once declared: "The green belt is a Labour achievement - and we mean to build on it." The fear among some rural campaigners is that the Conservatives really do.

A very English revolution
By William Cash - 13 September 14:59

Middle England feels betrayed by the coalition’s shake-up of planning rules – the biggest since the

The Dale Farm eviction is the ugly side of localism
By Lewis Goodall - 02 September 16:14

Both central and local government are failing in their roles as a guarantors of minority rights.

Gas fracking: the next threat to the planet
By Tess Riley - 10 August 13:53

Unconventional gas extraction should not be part of our energy future.

Miliband's new energy policy could be a vote winner
By Guy Newey - 03 August 14:03

A greener and cheaper approach would have significant appeal.

A black and white issue
By Graeme Archer - 29 July 16:32

The culling of badgers is irrelevant, malicious and ineffective.

Future of energy mired in government contradictions
By Tess Riley - 22 July 13:08

New white paper fails to set out the radical overhaul required, leaving families at the mercy of ene

Britain need not be nine meals away from anarchy
By Edward Platt - 27 June 1:00

As oil prices peak and we approach the end of the age of cheap food, now is the time for city-dwelle

Let’s step out of the lab as the climate changes around us
By Michael Brooks - 03 June 11:04

Go on out and celebrate: the ozone hole is in recovery.

Green or greedy? How the financial sector could save the planet
By Oliver Willmott - 29 April 17:08

How corporations hide their environmental impact and how investors can hold them to account.

This heaving planet
By David Attenborough - 27 April 12:25

Half a century ago, the WWF was formed to help save endangered animals. Today, it’s human beings who

Humbled by nature, humble by culture
By Susanna Jones - 24 March 13:30

The scale of the 11 March Japanese earthquake and tsunami is a profound reminder of just how small w

Oil of algae
By Michael Barrett - 24 March 13:27

Oil prices are soaring as supply chains in the Middle East become fragile. BP's quest for deep-water reserves in the Gulf of Mexico last year proved calamitous.

Power play
By George Eaton - 24 March 13:24

Just a month before the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, the explosions at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan have prompted large anti-nuclear protests in France, where 75.2 per cent of electricity is generated by

Fukushima’s lessons in climate change
By Mark Lynas - 17 March 8:38

If we abandon nuclear power, prepare for catastrophic global warming.

Cheap meat comes at a high price
By Tracy Worcester - 09 March 11:51

The conditions of pig farms in parts of the EU are atrocious, but the fightback has begun.

Out of the woods
By Stanley Johnson - 11 February 16:14

The coalition’s proposed fire sale of English woodland will leave parliament powerless to decide on