The contempt for democracy
By Steven Baxter - 10 December 11:50

Think about this while you read press coverage of the student protests.

The new Levellers
By Anthony Barnett - 10 December 9:21

Can the student protesters of the 2010s surpass those of the 1960s, or will they be quelled by the r

Tuition fee plans simply don’t add up
By Aaron Porter - 09 December 7:11

Increasing fees and loans saddles graduates with 30 years of debt. There is another way: the NUS’s p

Sharing the pain?
By Jeremy Gilbert - 07 December 15:53

Why the coalition's cuts agenda draws on a masochistic streak in English culture.

Music and meritocracy
By Duncan Robinson - 06 December 13:29

The charts are dominated by public school pop stars. What does that tell us about meritocracy in Bri

John Pilger’s message to the students
By Daniel Trilling - 02 December 15:52

“Your courageous actions have shocked and frightened a corrupt political class.”

A reply to David Cameron
By Matthew Hall - 02 December 14:08

Contrary to what the Prime Minister believes, we students know exactly why we are protesting.

"No one is going to do this for us, so we'd better get it right"
By Sofie Buckland - 29 November 13:35

Why the university occupations are giving students a crash course in political activism.

Gove reforms are far from radical
By Duncan Robinson - 25 November 16:54

Gove's White Paper promised real reform, but consists of reheated policy and headline grabbing gimmi

Quote of the weekend
By Mehdi Hasan - 14 November 10:32

The coalition’s “decentralisation” con.

Yes, we are all in this together
By Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett - 11 November 13:04

Since it was first published, <em>The Spirit Level</em> has won admirers including Ed Miliband and D

The kids talk
By Ben Ferguson - 11 November 12:02

Pupils from schools in Manchester discuss the advantages and disadvantages of free schools.

The burden of freedom
By Francis Beckett - 11 November 11:57

School leaders do not necessarily revel in the prospect of additional power and responsibility that

New lucrative autonomy
By John Dunford - 11 November 11:53

The coalition’s announcement of a new wave of schools and academies will open up a larg­­e market in

Multinationals in control
By Bibi van der Zee - 11 November 11:48

Companies now running schools in the UK come from a variety of charitable and profit-making sectors.

How to start a school
By Toby Young - 11 November 11:44

Experiences of being on the steering committee of a potential free school.

Universities challenged
By A C Grayling - 26 October 17:04

Society needs to have a civilised conversation with
itself about its values. But spending cuts thr

The NS Interview: Bill Bryson
By Jon Bernstein - 25 October 9:04

“Have you ever seen Glenn Beck in operation? It’s terrifying”

This is unfair to the poorest teenagers in our country
By James Mills - 21 October 14:21

Axing the Education Maintenance Allowance will prevent thousands of young people from deprived backg

The age of scientific discovery is over
By Michael Brooks - 18 October 9:09

This month, scientists based in Britain have won two Nobel Prizes — but the celebrations have been m

The NS Interview: Nancy Rothwell, vice-chancellor, Manchester University
By Sophie Elmhirst - 15 October 13:26

“The cuts risk destroying things that can’t be brought back”

Don’t let social class divide our campuses
By Alice Miles - 15 October 13:03

Private schools are becoming antisocial enclaves for the super rich. The same could happen to our be

Maths is the language of the universe
By Marcus du Sautoy - 14 October 9:24

As governments around the world prepare to slash science research budgets, it is worth remembering h

Leader: A market in higher education would be calamitous
By Staff blogger - 14 October 8:17

Lord Browne's proposals would create a two-tier system and deter the poorest from applying.

Laurie Penny on rising tuition fees: A breathtaking attack on social mobility
By Laurie Penny - 12 October 17:30

Lifting the cap on tuition fees isn't just an attack on young people -- it's much, much worse than that.

The reality of university rankings
By Duncan Robinson - 17 September 16:59

World university league tables tell us practically nothing about the institutions they rank.

Class war in the classroom
By Alice Miles - 14 September 8:54

The free schools say they are all-inclusive. But by making Latin compulsory or stressing church atte

Selling off the schools system
By Melissa Benn - 14 September 8:53

Michael Gove says his education policies will help Britain’s poorest pupils, but will they just comp

Tuition fee increase will hit middle-income graduates
By Caroline Crampton - 13 September 17:29

Putting tuition fees up to £7,000 will leave middle-income graduates repaying up to £15,000 more tha

Teachers' unions: Speaking as one
By Alyssa McDonald - 13 September 10:46

Alyssa McDonald talks to teachers' unions about education reform.