New Statesman
Edward Saatchi: "It’s a statement of the obvious, whoever is prepared to look at the latest technologies will win"
By Charlotte Simmonds - 26 November 18:21

An interview with the Obama campaigner behind the social network that's changing politics and big businesses.

Apple reprimanded over Samsung non-apology
By Alex Hern - 01 November 17:17

"Inaccurate and misleading".

New Statesman
From high-brow to hi-tech: Shakespeare on the iPad
By Kamila Kocialkowska - 01 November 13:22

The launch of a new literature app sees the world's most famous playwright re-invented for the digital age.

Why we shouldn't dismiss non-gamers when they talk about games
By Alan Williamson - 17 October 13:24

We have to get beyond the classic derision of games as a waste of time and start critically examining their role culture.

Apple's maps compared to reality.
Apple's CEO Tim Cook apologises for shoddy Maps
By Alex Hern - 28 September 14:07

A rare public apology from the company.

Can you live for a month using only an iPhone to pay for things?
By Alex Hern - 25 September 16:04

Christina Bonnington sure hopes so.

Grant Shapps is... Michael Green
By New Statesman - 21 September 21:14

Photo emerges of new Tory chairman wearing a "Michael Green" name badge at a Las Vegas conference.

The AntiSec logo, in ASCII-art form.
One million and one Apple device IDs leaked
By Alex Hern - 04 September 10:53

AntiSec – part of Anonymous – obtained the data by hacking an FBI agent's laptop.

Apple: reporting on drone warfare is "objectionable and crude"
By Alex Hern - 31 August 9:16

The company has blocked "Drones+" from its app store.

Everything Everywhere bringing 4G to UK in September
By Alex Hern - 21 August 15:40

Will the mobile phone conglomerate gain a valuable Apple boost?

Some kittens. Women like kittens.
The problem isn't 'girlfriend mode', it's making games easier then blaming it on women
By Phil Hartup - 15 August 8:49

Why are developers so afraid of challenging players?

Spot the difference... A Samsung and an Apple phone.
Samsung v Apple gets contempt of court-y
By Alex Hern - 01 August 8:08

The Korean tech giant released prohibited evidence to the press, angering the presiding judge

Slicker city
By Leo Hollis - 25 July 17:26

London is hoping to transform itself from Victorian capital to futuristic metropolis, but reality seems to be getting in the way.

New Statesman
My heart has been captured by a Jezebel
By Will Self - 19 July 9:29

The condition of the smartphone user is that of a dumb animal.

Richard Branson: "Create a European army - and privatise Radio 1"
By David Miliband - 11 July 12:11

The Virgin entrepreneur and adventurer talks to David Miliband about tax avoidance, Bob Diamond, why Europe needs a joint army and why he’ll never back any one political party.

The iPad mini. Maybe.
Apple working on an "iPad mini"
By Alex Hern - 05 July 12:31

Apple expected to launch a 7-8 inch iPad in the next 6 months

The Microsoft Surface - from the back?!
Microsoft has finally realised it needs to copy Apple - but does it have what it takes?
By Alex Hern - 21 June 12:30

The Surface represents a new direction for the company.

The scoring system explained. Screenshot via
Louise Mensch invents Twitter; shame Twitter already did it
By Alex Hern - 19 June 15:47

Will you Menshn? Probably not.

Does Apple build in obsolescence?
By Alex Hern - 15 June 12:57

Apple's new laptop can't be repaired by users. But does anyone care?

A drone for every home
By Alex Hern - 14 June 14:46

Drones are becoming the latest military technology to find a home as consumer technology.

Think Different.
Ken Segall
By Alex Hern - 06 June 12:10

The man who named the iMac speaks about Apple, advertising and Steve jobs

New Statesman
HP cuts 30,000 jobs
By Alex Hern - 24 May 8:25

Mike Lynch, founder of Autonomy, exits.

Fabrice Muamba, jail and racist tweets
By Steven Baxter - 27 March 20:40

When does being offensive become an offence?

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer
Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook’s $1.6bn woman
By Helen Lewis - 14 February 12:42

In tasteful jewellery and killer heels, the 42-year-old is much more palatable to Wall Street than M

OK computer
By Sarah Ditum - 27 August 8:07

Video games are selling well despite the recession, but is the government taking this thriving indus

America's Army
By Iain Simons - 26 November 13:02

Stars and Stripes magazine has announced the US Army is about to invest $50m in videogame developmen

SFTW: Mama Kills Animals
By Iain Simons - 21 November 10:42

Every week Iain Simons chooses a game so you can while away a few hours at your desk. This week Peta

Super Obama World
By Iain Simons - 14 November 11:34

Each weekend Iain Simons provides you with a game that'll help you while away a few hours. This time

SFTW: Beneath a Steel Sky
By Iain Simons - 07 November 9:58

Iain Simons selects a game this week that could keep you occupied not just for a few hours, but for