Big mother is watching you, kids
By Judith Shulevitz - 02 November 12:37

Technology now lets you spy on your kids all the time. This is why you shouldn't.

Slim iPad and new hardware show Apple can still innovate
By Barry Avery - 23 October 10:00

Is it time to reappraise the idea that Apple is incapable of innovation in the post Jobs era?

It's hard to stop businesses tracking your smartphone
By Ian Steadman - 21 October 11:01

It's a lot easier to stop advertisers tracking your browsing habits online than it is to stop people sniffing out your smartphone's location.

If everything's being automated, let's hope we'll like our robots
By Ian Steadman - 17 October 16:35

The robots may be taking our jobs - even making our coffee - but that doesn't mean we'll be fond of them.

Man explodes strawberry using power of his mind live on TV
By Ian Steadman - 16 October 9:19

A hitherto unforeseen side effect of headsets like Google Glass could be Uri Geller-like powers.

New Statesman
Soon our personalities will be purely ornamental
By Will Self - 10 October 15:02

Everything around us nowadays seems to hearken to the past. Soon, all human psyches will retain as decorative features the individualism and the individual memories that were once functional attributes.

New Statesman
What Nokia should do next
By Sophie McBain - 19 September 8:55

Rather than mimicking Apple or Samsung smartphones in North America and Europe, Nokia should look through its archives - and to its success in Africa - for inspiration.

New Statesman
Papers, Please: Why make a computer game about border control?
By Leigh Alexander - 16 September 14:41

'Papers, Please' is an oddly compelling and thought-provoking triumph.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook praises the new iPhone 5S
Apple plays to the middle market with colourful iPhones
By Barry Avery - 11 September 8:53

A play-safe appeal to Apple fans with a traditional, higher-specification upgrade.

Has the time come for self-destructing tweets?
By Siraj Datoo - 05 September 14:03

A new service for twitter lets you add a snapchat-like timer to tweets. Is this what we need to get people to take privacy seriously, asks Siraj Datoo?

Apple's iOS 7 isn't for you. But you should upgrade anyway
By Alex Hern - 05 September 9:55

The secret target of Apple's new iOS releases is developers. But that doesn't mean users don't get benefits.

Forty years until we get "personal nanofactories"?
By James Evans - 03 September 18:15

A prominent futurist has predicted that in just forty years, we'll be able to produce anything from the basic building-blocks of matter itself.

A woman going Ssh.
Spreadsheets: No one needs an app to make them better in bed
By Rhiannon and Holly - 14 August 11:58

A new app says that the optimum decibel level for sex is somewhere between a snowmobile and a flute. We say it's time to get over this competitive attitude to getting it on.

New Statesman
Completing the PRISM jigsaw puzzle
By Alex Hern - 13 June 14:16

The NSA takes such great quantities of data legally that it has built a system to manage it.

The three most important things you missed in the Apple keynote
By Alex Hern - 11 June 10:38

The signals sent below the watermark.

Squeamishness costs lives: Why the world needs better loos
By Helen Lewis - 05 June 10:54

Somehow I don’t think I’ll get many takers for my next Faeces Are A Feminist Issue rally.

Kobo fights Amazon with the one thing it has that the giant doesn't: friends
By Alex Hern - 16 April 9:51

The Aura HD is a great bit of hardware, but that's not where the battle of ereaders is being fought.

Google's strategy for winning the smartphone wars: don't fight the smartphone wars
By Alex Hern - 08 April 17:27

Why beat Apple if you can make money from them?

New Statesman
What should I use instead of Google Reader?
By Alex Hern - 14 March 9:40

The company is retiring its RSS reader. But there are some viable replacements, writes Alex Hern.

4G auction raises £1bn less than expected
By Alex Hern - 20 February 7:19

£3.5bn has been pre-spent; just £2.35bn will be arriving in the coffers.

New York Times hits back at Tesla Motors over fakery accusations
By Alex Hern - 15 February 10:23

"His broadest charge is that I consciously set out to sabotage the test. That is not so."

Did the NYT fake a breakdown of an electric car?
By Alex Hern - 14 February 15:46

Incongruities revealed in the logs.

Indian watch aims to stop rape, but may lead to false security
By Sophie Barnes - 01 February 13:51

Can technology make day-to-day life safer for women in India?

A Samsung phone, a Blackberry phone and an iPhone 4.
Blackberry's famous, desperate last stand
By Nicky Woolf - 30 January 14:13

Blackberry-worshipper Nicky Woolf is begging RIM not to sound the death knell on the device he loves so much.

What is Vine, Twitter's Hot New Thing?
By Alex Hern - 25 January 11:09

The return of the Long Photo.

Roll Up For The First Annual Objectify A Man in Tech Day
By Leigh Alexander - 23 January 11:15

What if men writing tech journalism had to field compliments about their looks or sexual attractiveness any time they wanted to talk about issues of concern to their space? I’d love to find out.

New Statesman
Swedish surround-sound coffin set to entertain the dead
By Rae Boocock - 14 January 18:17

Putting the life back into death.

4G's so last year: why we need 5G, and now
By Rahim Tafazolli - 03 January 12:41

We have a spectrum crunch on our hands, and technology is only just starting to deal with that.

Maggie Philbin on Tomorrow's World in 1986
Yesterday’s presents
By Maggie Philbin - 19 December 6:03

"Tomorrow's World" gave us the gift of boldness.