Your cool new phone is damaging the planet: it's time for some anti-design
By Bran Knowles - 06 August 15:33

The only genuinely sustainable approach to tech products is to design them in ways that decrease people's reliance on technology.

Uber is now integrated into Google Maps and the New York Subway
By Jonn Elledge - 28 July 13:17

It's easier than ever to experience surge pricing.

Founders Gal Sont and Dan Russ. Photo: SwiftKey
Innovative eye-tracking technology could transform communication for those paralysed
By Ajit Niranjan - 02 July 18:04

An Israeli start-up backed by predictive-keyboard-pioneer SwiftKey is offering hope for severely disabled individuals.

Google Glass - now available as shades. Photo: Ajit Niranjan / The New Statesman
Google Glass launches in the UK, but don't expect to be wearing them anytime soon
By Ajit Niranjan - 24 June 13:52

Google just launched their prototype smartglasses in the UK, two years after they hit the US.

A worryingly flippant advert for a riot control drone. Photo: screenshot of "the Skunk" from Desert Wolf's website
South African mining firm is the first to purchase riot control drone
By Ajit Niranjan - 23 June 13:23

The first purchase orders have been made for the Skunk Riot Control Copter, a terrifying unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with paintballs, pepper spray and blinding flashlights.

A step too far? Photo: screenshot of logo from Yo's website
Yo, the one-word viral app that somehow raised $1m (and already got hacked)
By Ajit Niranjan - 19 June 17:33

New app Yo takes our phobia of interaction to a new level – digital communication is now bored of words.

This is an aggressive expansion into a new market for Amazon. Photo: Getty
Amazon's smartphone launch offers a prudent platform for growth
By Annabelle Gawer - 18 June 11:11

What the launch of Amazon’s smartphone tells us about the company’s future strategy.

Are textbooks really worth the money anymore? Photo: John Beauchamp / Flickr
Hyped language-learning apps like Duolingo may truly be useful in the classroom
By Ajit Niranjan - 10 June 11:46

The British are infamous for struggling with languages. At every level above primary school, dwindling numbers of students are choosing to study foreign languages. Innovative new apps may be set to change all that.

Honda's Asimo robot at the 2014 New York International Auto Show in New York. Photo: Getty Images
We may never teach robots about love, but what about ethics?
By Emma Woollacott - 06 May 14:30

Do androids dream of electric Kant?

That sox: Samsung got into water for using David Ortiz of Boston Red Sox's selfie with the Prez. Photo: Getty
Who actually owns your selfies?
By Ian Steadman - 17 April 11:30

Barack Obama is the president of the United States of America and neither he (nor his image) is supposed to be used to endorse a product.

A crowd of people experiencing a reality mediated via technology. (Image: Getty)
The mindfulness racket: the evangelists of unplugging might just have another agenda
By Evgeny Morozov - 24 February 16:44

"Our debate about distraction has hinged on the assumption that the feelings of anxiety and personal insecurity that we experience when interacting with social media are the natural price we pay for living in what some technology pundits call 'the attention economy'."

Kodak vs Instagram: This is why it's only going to get harder to make a good living
By Ian Leslie - 28 January 11:29

Politicians no longer change the world, technology does. Even as wealth has become more concentrated, power has become more dispersed.

The linguistic clues that reveal your true Twitter identity
By Tim Grant - 20 November 10:12

An emerging field of research is making it easier to track perpetrators by looking at the way they use language when they chat.

Big mother is watching you, kids
By Judith Shulevitz - 02 November 12:37

Technology now lets you spy on your kids all the time. This is why you shouldn't.

Slim iPad and new hardware show Apple can still innovate
By Barry Avery - 23 October 10:00

Is it time to reappraise the idea that Apple is incapable of innovation in the post Jobs era?

It's hard to stop businesses tracking your smartphone
By Ian Steadman - 21 October 11:01

It's a lot easier to stop advertisers tracking your browsing habits online than it is to stop people sniffing out your smartphone's location.

If everything's being automated, let's hope we'll like our robots
By Ian Steadman - 17 October 16:35

The robots may be taking our jobs - even making our coffee - but that doesn't mean we'll be fond of them.

Man explodes strawberry using power of his mind live on TV
By Ian Steadman - 16 October 9:19

A hitherto unforeseen side effect of headsets like Google Glass could be Uri Geller-like powers.

New Statesman
Soon our personalities will be purely ornamental
By Will Self - 10 October 15:02

Everything around us nowadays seems to hearken to the past. Soon, all human psyches will retain as decorative features the individualism and the individual memories that were once functional attributes.

New Statesman
What Nokia should do next
By Sophie McBain - 19 September 8:55

Rather than mimicking Apple or Samsung smartphones in North America and Europe, Nokia should look through its archives - and to its success in Africa - for inspiration.

New Statesman
Papers, Please: Why make a computer game about border control?
By Leigh Alexander - 16 September 14:41

'Papers, Please' is an oddly compelling and thought-provoking triumph.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook praises the new iPhone 5S
Apple plays to the middle market with colourful iPhones
By Barry Avery - 11 September 8:53

A play-safe appeal to Apple fans with a traditional, higher-specification upgrade.

Has the time come for self-destructing tweets?
By Siraj Datoo - 05 September 14:03

A new service for twitter lets you add a snapchat-like timer to tweets. Is this what we need to get people to take privacy seriously, asks Siraj Datoo?

Apple's iOS 7 isn't for you. But you should upgrade anyway
By Alex Hern - 05 September 9:55

The secret target of Apple's new iOS releases is developers. But that doesn't mean users don't get benefits.

Forty years until we get "personal nanofactories"?
By James Evans - 03 September 18:15

A prominent futurist has predicted that in just forty years, we'll be able to produce anything from the basic building-blocks of matter itself.

A woman going Ssh.
Spreadsheets: No one needs an app to make them better in bed
By Rhiannon and Holly - 14 August 11:58

A new app says that the optimum decibel level for sex is somewhere between a snowmobile and a flute. We say it's time to get over this competitive attitude to getting it on.

New Statesman
Completing the PRISM jigsaw puzzle
By Alex Hern - 13 June 14:16

The NSA takes such great quantities of data legally that it has built a system to manage it.

The three most important things you missed in the Apple keynote
By Alex Hern - 11 June 10:38

The signals sent below the watermark.

Squeamishness costs lives: Why the world needs better loos
By Helen Lewis - 05 June 10:54

Somehow I don’t think I’ll get many takers for my next Faeces Are A Feminist Issue rally.