New Zealand's Martin Guptill catches out England's Joe Root. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images
The Kiwi cricket team thrilled us because they tried to recapture the naivety of childhood games
By Ed Smith - 26 June 10:48

Ed Smith celebrates the free spirit of the New Zealand cricket team.

Why Labour is in crisis throughout the Anglosphere
By Tim Wigmore - 21 March 12:33

The leader of the New Zealand Labour Party on the shared challenges for social democrats.

Abbott (L) and Turnbull (R) in 2009. Photo: Torsten Blackwood/AFP/Getty Images
The febrile world of Australian politics: Turnbull vs Abbott
By Peter Browne - 12 February 12:37

Following this month's failed backbench revolt against prime minister Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull's position is stronger than ever.

Stuck in time: Hobart, Tasmania pictured in the 1950s. Photo: Getty
Tasmania, the island with a shameful past and a hopeful future
By Philip Hoare - 05 June 10:00

Australia’s timewarp island was the setting for atrocities against Aborigines in the 19th century and has a harsh treatment of asylum seekers today. Yet many see Australia as a liberal hope for the future. 

South Australian outback. There is very poor network coverage in much of the country. Photo: Getty
Australia’s grand vision for a national broadband network has shrunk
By Mary Hamilton - 10 April 16:27

Big coastal cities do not always get good coverage, let alone the outback.

New Statesman
A quirk of Australian Prime Ministers
By Stephen Brasher - 19 September 13:40
All but one of Australia’s first 20 prime ministers have federal electoral divisions named after them. The first, Edmund Barton, a prime mover in federation, resigned after three years to become a high court judge.
Kevin Rudd: The people’s psychopath
By Erik Jensen - 11 July 8:27

Julia Gillard was ousted, and now Australia has Kevin Rudd again: the party’s answer to hatred of the party.

Julia Gillard "on the menu": Three cheers for a bit of in-your-face, no-frills sexism
By Glosswitch - 13 June 8:59

The party fundraiser menu that offered to "serve up" parts of Australian PM Julia Gillard was offensive, no doubt about it. But it's refreshing to see some honest, in-your-face sexism for a change, rather than the kind that flies under the radar.

Australia's Tony Abbott is a man for everyone and no one
By Liam McLaughlin - 23 April 15:43

His campaign was a disturbing example of politics at its most crass and exploitative.

New Statesman
NZ parliament bursts into song as same-sex marriage bill is passed
By Alex Hern - 17 April 16:11

<em>Pokarekare ana / Nga wai o waiapu / Whiti atu koe hine / Marino ana e.</em>

Labor isn’t working
By James Rose - 21 March 13:17

The party's historic machinery – its support from the trade union movement and its factional networks – is collapsing.

Barack Obama with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Making the world a more dangerous place – the eager role of Julia Gillard
By John Pilger - 25 October 11:39

Gillard has returned Australia to its historic relationship with Washington, similar to that of an eastern European satellite with Moscow.

Derelict terraces used to accommodate impoverished Aborigines in Sydney.
John Pilger: The life and death of Aboriginal activist Arthur Murray
By John Pilger - 04 October 9:12

The story of an Australian hero whose skin was the wrong colour encapsulates the tragedy of centuries of abuse of Aboriginal people’s rights.

Tobacco ban for people born after the year 2000 passes Tasmanian upper house
By Alex Hern - 27 August 14:01

Dangerous restriction on liberty, or "unslippery slippery dip"?

Cathy Freeman crosses the line at the Sydney Olympics in 2000
John Pilger: How the Chosen Ones ended Australia’s sporting prowess and revealed its secret past
By John Pilger - 08 August 10:55

Australia’s sports administration and Olympian “stars”, from Nick D’Arcy to John Booth, are sad relics of a racially biased past that produced Shane Gould, Evonne Goolagong and Cathy Freeman.

Misaligned incentives in the Australian immigration system, or: moving to jail
By Alex Hern - 23 July 13:45

Mandatory sentencing isn't so scary if you would quite like jail

Vineyards in Australia
Australian wine wants to be more Kylie than Jason
By Nina Caplan - 20 June 17:28

The talent is there, if only we could get our hands on a bottle.

Illegally logged trunks are floated downstream in Indonesia
When Mr Cameron went to Jakarta
By Purwadi Soeprihanto - 30 April 15:09

What the outcome of Cameron's Indonesian tour means for relationships between London and Jakarta

New Statesman
John Pilger: Up, up and away — Qantas and how money power works Down Under
By John Pilger - 22 March 14:20

Qantas, the oldest continuously operating airline, was also the world’s safest . . . until it got taken out of public ownership.

John Pilger: Julia Gillard’s rise marks the triumph of machine politics over feminism
By John Pilger - 08 March 9:26

As commentators from Germaine Greer to Anne Summers fawn over the hawkish prime minister, John Pilger in Sydney wonders what happened to sisterly solidarity.

Bored with economic ills? Let's use the Samoan solution
By Peter McHugh - 30 December 14:32

Simply scrap 2012 and move to 2013 where things can only get better.

Wake up to the real refugee issue, Australia
By Grace Jennings-Edquist - 20 December 17:06

The problem in this debate is not people smuggling.

John Pilger: How the Murdoch press keeps Australia’s dirty secret
By John Pilger - 12 May 13:28

News Corp papers across the world propagate the myth that prejudice has no effect on the lives of modern-day Aboriginal people.

John Pilger: Julia Gillard leads the march for Anzac in the 51st state
By John Pilger - 20 April 9:32

As Washington releases another wave of terror on a faraway land, the Australian prime minister is reviving the spirit of Gallipoli and preparing her country to play its old role of deputy sheriff to Uncle Sam.

The Christchurch earthquake and the need for flexible thinking
By David Blanchflower - 03 March 7:26

As Melbourne debates the merits of the myki travel card and New Zealand recovers from disaster, some

John Pilger: The Queensland floods - Australia’s Katrina moment
By John Pilger - 29 January 11:13

Corruption and the cult of the market have made a natural disaster into an outrage.

Brisbane under water
By Nicholas Fearn - 27 January 14:07

Rain, hail and toxic sludge – this Briton picked a bad time to move to to Queensland.

The NS Interview: Helen Clark, head of the UN Development Programme
By Jon Bernstein - 14 January 17:28

“I had more power before but I’ve got more influence now”

How fences could save the planet
By Mark Stevenson - 13 January 10:40

As politicians get bogged down in debating complicated strategies to fight climate change, Mark Stev