The Books Interview: Mohsin Hamid
By Samira Shackle - 20 August 12:56

You've moved around a lot. Has that had an effect on your fiction?

The NS Interview: Imran Khan
By Mehdi Hasan - 20 August 11:49

“David Cameron should not have owned Tony Blair’s war”

Leader: Pakistan — the laboratory for world destruction
By Staff blogger - 19 August 8:16

Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary general, said on a recent trip to Pakistan to visit flood-ravaged towns and villages: ''In the past, I have witnessed many natural disasters around the world, but nothing like this." D

North Korea takes on social media
By New Statesman - 17 August 18:03

North Korea opens Twitter and YouTube accounts as the propaganda war moves online.

The spark rises in the east
By Michael Brooks - 16 August 9:13

China, driven by a desire for prestige and its own Nobel laureates, could soon lead the world in sci

Indus River floods increase Pakistan's woes
By New Statesman - 12 August 9:53

Punjab and Sindh provinces are feeling the full effects of the over-flowing Indus River as Monsoon d

One nation undivided under God
By Sholto Byrnes - 09 August 9:20

Up until 2005, Indonesia seemed sure to succumb to a wave of Islamist terror. But, in the post-Suhar

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 05 August 0:36

With Pakistan's government unable to cope, Islamic groups both mainstream and extreme have filled th

The ordinary man who became the Khmer Rouge’s jailer
By Sholto Byrnes - 26 July 16:48

Never forget: the terrifying normality of Comrade Duch -- by the prisoner who survived.

The Books Interview: Emma Larkin
By Samira Shackle - 26 July 9:00

You've been writing about Burma for many years. What first attracted you to the country?

North Korea threatens nuclear “sacred war”
By Staff blogger - 24 July 13:06

Harsh words sparked by planned US military exercises.

The other oil spill
By Caroline Crampton - 23 July 14:21

A firefighter drowns while trying to clean up a spill -- this one in Dalian, China.

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 22 July 8:11

Rwanda: elections

Enshrined in law
By Mehdi Hasan - 19 July 8:53

Secularism became a vital part of the Indian constitution after independence, but it is now under th

Will Japan can Kan?
By Tina Burrett - 13 July 12:30

Just six weeks into the job, poor election results have put Japan’s prime minister at risk of losing

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 08 July 1:11

Israel: friends again

Leader: We must talk to the Taliban and end this war
By Staff blogger - 01 July 8:08

The Americans and British must seek a negotiated political settlement immediately.

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 01 July 8:08

Russia: espionage

A light won’t go out in Burma
By Peter Popham - 28 June 8:07

Her party has been dissolved, and she is banned from taking part in this year’s Burmese elections. B

Burma: a brief history
By Caroline Crampton - 24 June 12:02

Later this year, Burma is expected to hold its first multi-party elections for twenty years. We look

Why the Taliban are winning in Afghanistan
By William Dalrymple - 22 June 21:19

As Washington and London struggle to prop up a puppet government over which Hamid Karzai has no cont

Lean, green killing machines
By John Naish - 13 May 11:54

The race is on between China and the US to equip their forces with eco technologies – and China is w

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 22 April 8:06

Sudan: election row

How I am practising what I preach
By Mark Lynas - 19 April 9:09

It is quite difficult for someone who spends his life pontificating to try to do something practical for a change.

India should be more like Google
By James Purnell - 19 April 9:05

The internet giant’s model of “foreign policy” is one that should be emulated by all democracies.

China and Brazil boost links
By New Statesman - 16 April 13:49

Countries sign several trade and investment agreements on the sidelines of BRIC summit in Brazilian

Chagos: "A year from now the right of return will have been restored"
By Sean Carey - 01 April 11:08

An interview with David Snoxell, former British high commissioner in Mauritius, about the plight of

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 01 April 8:11

Russia: bombings
On 29 March, two suicide bombings on the Moscow Metro killed 39 and injured 70. The attacks are the first in the city since a bomb exploded at Paveletskaya Station in 2004.

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 11 March 7:08

Nigeria, Haiti, and Asia's missing women.

Home truths
By Fatima Bhutto - 15 February 8:16

Pakistan is far from being the country many of us think. Fatima Bhutto dispels a few myths.