East Timor, election
John Pilger: East Timor – a lesson in why the poorest threaten the powerful
By John Pilger - 03 April 17:56

From the Chagos Islands to Pakistan, innocent civilians are pawns to America, backed by Britain. In our compliant political culture, this deadly game seldom speaks its name.

Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi
Leader: The power of the powerless
By New Statesman - 03 April 17:45

Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese pro-democracy leader and politician who has spent much of the past two decades under house arrest, finally had the chance to stand for election on 2 April.

New Statesman
Empire of the grandson
By Tom Farrell - 30 March 12:12

The chubby features of the 29-year-old Kim Jong-un are starting to materialise in Pyongyang after his sudden promotion to the role of "Great Successor".

Kiran Bedi.
The NS Interview: Kiran Bedi, social activist and former police chief
By Samira Shackle - 22 March 14:03

“My policing was nothing but activism – it had to be”

Where now for the west's mission in Afghanistan?
By George Eaton - 12 March 9:09

Cameron meets Obama for talks after US soldier massacres civilians in Kandahar.

Tradition, washed away
By Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore - 05 March 0:00

Kuizumi Yoichi wraps his coat closer around himself and clutches a heated can of coffee. We are sitting in a workshop in Ishinomaki, a Japanese rice-shipping port devastated by last year's Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Salman’s trouble in India
By Samira Shackle - 30 January 0:00

The best way to avoid getting offended, Salman Rushdie once advised, is "to shut a book". That, or banning the book and preventing its author from talking in public, his critics in India might have replied.

For the defectors, there’s no way home
By Anonymous - 23 January 0:00

In 17 December 2011, more than a dozen North Korean defectors at the Hanawon resettlement centre, an hour's drive south of Seoul, watched

“I don’t fear death – I fear political silence”
By Anonymous - 02 January 0:00

An interview with Malalai Joya, Afghani activist and former politician.

Mehdi Hasan speaks to Muhammad Yunus, economist, on behavioral economics and his Nobel Prize win
By Mehdi Hasan - 02 January 0:00

“I said: I can create a kind of business based on selflessness”.

John Pilger: Glossy façades can’t hide an Indian spring
By John Pilger - 30 December 15:30

From Jammu Kashmir to Maharashtra, in a land of empty advertising slogans and fantastic wealth that barely conceals vast poverty, you can see the first signs of a popular new uprising.

Kim Jong-Il's funeral begins. But how genuine is the grief?
By Samira Shackle - 28 December 10:03

A defector on Kim Il-Sung's death: "The histrionics of grief took on a competitive quality. Who coul

Why has the left neglected the Tamils of Sri Lanka?
By Anonymous - 21 December 12:37

Human tragedy on this South Asian island is all but ignored.

Why has the left neglected the Tamils of Sri Lanka?
Why has the left neglected the Tamils of Sri Lanka?
By Emanuel Stoakes - 21 December 11:37

Human tragedy on this South Asian island is all but ignored.

Chinese media dominated by headlines of Kim Jong-il’s death
By Roberto Barros - 19 December 18:27

Social media sites, TV and newspapers have been flooded by reports and comments on North Korean lead

In pictures: The life of Kim Jong-il
By Alice Gribbin - 19 December 11:38

The late dictator of North Korea, 16 February 1942 – 17 December 2011.

North Korea: a portrait of tyranny
By George Eaton - 19 December 11:00

Video: apparently distraught North Koreans mourn the death of Kim Jong-il.

Kim Jong-il's death: the world responds
By George Eaton - 19 December 9:24

How global leaders have responded to the death of the North Korean dictator at the age of 69.

The bloody trail of Obama’s drone strikes in Pakistan
By Jemima Khan - 23 November 9:42

Jemima Khan met Clive Stafford Smith and a teenager in Islamabad that was days later killed in a CIA drone strike.

What is Britain's role in the CIA's illegal drone campaign?
By Samira Shackle - 19 November 9:49

The death of two British nationals in Pakistan raises serious questions about UK complicity.

The Chinese banking accident waiting to happen
By Rafael Behr - 16 November 11:16

An IMF report suggests Beijing is storing up huge problems in its disordely and opaque financial sys

A conspiracy of optimism
By Max Benitz - 10 November 15:06

Max Benitz spent months as a journalist with British troops
on the front line in Helmand. Here, he

The lost lion of Kabul
By Lucy Morgan Edwards - 10 November 15:06

In 2000, after the flight of the mullahs, one Pashtun warlord offered a viable way of uniting the fa

Turkey earthquake footage
By Alice Gribbin - 10 November 8:43

Second powerful earthquake in less than a month has struck eastern Turkey, killing at least seven pe

Imran Khan: "I hate US policy, not Americans"
By Mehdi Hasan - 09 November 10:59

The cricketer Imran Khan is now one of Pakistan’s most prominent politicians, says Mehdi Hasan.

Britain, Pakistan and British Pakistanis
By Anwar Akhtar - 07 November 11:44

The final in a series of events by The Samosa with the RSA and City University London.

The shifting of the guard
By Peter Popham - 17 October 1:00

In Burma, where all meaningful progress towards democracy seemed to have stalled, signs of change fr

What is China up to in Africa?
By Sella Oneko - 09 October 13:09

A new documentary tries to find out.

What next for the women of Afghanistan?
By Sella Oneko - 07 October 17:50

Ten years on from the invasion of Afghanistan, MP and presidential hopeful Fawzia Koofi discusses wo

50 People Who Matter 2011 | 44. Robin Li
By Staff blogger - 26 September 1:00

Baidu behemoth.