Revolution on the edge of town
By Kevin Maguire - 01 May 13:00

Observations on Nepal

NS Special Report: . . . but what if it's a girl?
By Carla Power - 24 April 13:00

Modern technology is helping parents in Asia indulge in a hideous practice - killing off their girl

China goes to church
By Xiao Jia Gu - 10 April 13:00

Seventy per cent of the world's Christmas decorations are produced in China, and many Chinese now view the festival as an unofficial holiday. On 25 December, in cities across the country, shopping malls are festooned with Christmas trees.

City limits
By James Crabtree - 10 April 13:00

Planet of Slums

Mike Davis <em><i>Verso, 228pp, £15.99</em>

ISBN 1844670228

When they banned kite flying
By Sam Knight - 03 April 13:00

Observations on Pakistan

A silken lifeline
By Mahtab Haider - 20 March 12:00

Observations on Bangladesh

Ghosts of indonesia won't lie
By John Pilger - 13 March 12:00

East Timor's history is repeating itself as Jakarta colludes with the west to crush another resource

Beauty's kamikaze
By Victoria James - 27 February 12:00

Mishima's Sword: travels in search of a samurai legend

Christopher Ross <em>Fourth Estate, 262pp,

Savaged by a dead cow
By Kathryn Corrick - 20 February 12:00

Observations on the internet

Karl, China needs you
By Isabel Hilton - 20 February 12:00

Just when it seemed it was all over for Marx, the Chinese Communist Party has had a spectacular chan

A Japanese delicacy that isn't
By Christopher Reed - 13 February 12:00

Observations on whales

Never forget
By Xiao Jia Gu - 06 February 12:00

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

Yiyun Li <em>Fourth Estate, 224pp, £14.99</em>

ISBN 0007196628

Understanding India: the books to read
By Ian Jack - 30 January 12:00

The books that first made me want to see India were by E M Forster, Jan (then James) Morris, and V S Naipaul.

A new sort of superpower
By Pankaj Mishra - 30 January 12:00

Introduction - India's dream of national strength and wealth is now a reality: its superpower status

It's Hinglish, dude
By Sam Alexandroni - 30 January 12:00

Sam Alexandroni listens in at a Mumbai espresso bar

Waiting for a sexual revolution
By Rashmee Roshan Lall - 30 January 12:00

Attitudes - Despite the overexcited media it's not likely to happen any time soon

Beyond 'confident'
By Amit Chaudhuri - 30 January 12:00

Writing - Since Midnight's Children, Indian writing in English has been lauded for a new self-confid

India - Introduction
By William Dalrymple - 30 January 12:00

When I moved back to India three years ago, I took a lease on a farmhouse five kilometres from the boom town of Gurgaon on the western edge of Delhi.

India's new best friends
By Carla Power - 30 January 12:00

International relations - Everybody wants to know the new player in the game of global supremacy. Ca

The Bangalore effect
By Rachel Aspden - 30 January 12:00

Roughly 40 foreign companies set up business in the country every month, but unless it addresses its

Bright young lights
By Neha Bhayana - 30 January 12:00

With more than half of its population under 25, India's strength is its youth

The Chinese guide to London<br />
By Dollan Cannell - 30 January 12:00

Observations on immigration. By Dollan Cannell<br />

The voters despair of lies and sleaze
By Randeep Ramesh - 30 January 12:00

Indians have never had such choice. The hundreds of millions of electors can pick from an array of politicians whose appeal may be rooted in caste, communism, nationalism, language, occupation or region. Two hundred and thirty parties contested the most recent national elections.

One Land, two planets
By Edward Luce - 30 January 12:00

The boom - The economy will overtake that of the US by roughly 2050: along with China, India will do

So near and yet so far
By Basharat Peer - 30 January 12:00

Kashmir - You might expect a humanitarian disaster to blur the rigid Line of Control that divides Ka

Haunted by the politics of hate
By Ziauddin Sardar - 30 January 12:00

Religion - Behind the prosperous facade lurks an ugly strain of Hindu fundamentalism, argues Ziauddi

Bollywood's new dream
By Rachel Dwyer - 30 January 12:00

Indian cinema has a global future in its sights

India by numbers
By Karol Zemek - 30 January 12:00

1,080: population in millions 2005 . . .
3.3: area in millions of square km . . .
2 and 7: India's rankings in the world in terms of population and area respectively . . .

Topping the Aids table
By Amelia Gentleman - 30 January 12:00

Heallth -

Coconuts and cappuccinos
By Neha Bhayana - 30 January 12:00

My friend Priya is 20 and lives in Mumbai. She's not religious but accompanies her mother to the temple every morning. She wears a vest top to college but covers herself in a jacket when she leaves the house.