Burma Special: Why we must talk to the generals
By Maung Zarni - 14 August 13:00

Focusing on Aung San Suu Kyi may not be the best way to bring democracy to Burma, argues Maung Zarni

Burma Special: On the road to Myanmar's Mandalay
By Sholto Byrnes - 14 August 13:00

A romantic view persists of a country of silk and temples

Burma Special: The forgotten war
By Jacob Rigg - 14 August 13:00

Burma has other woes besides a cruel dictatorship. The country is a patchwork of ethnic groups which

Burma Special: You can have your snake and eat it
By Pascal Khoo Thwe - 14 August 13:00

Beneath the political hurly-burly in Burma, there exist several threatened traditional ways of life that maintain the serene soul of a nation. Regrettably, most of this idyllic world is gone for ever after years of misrule by successive military juntas.

Frankenstein fuels
By Mark Lynas - 07 August 13:00

Pioneered by bearded hippies running clapped-out vans on recycled chip fat, biofuels now mean big bu

Dark side of the hippie trail
By Rory MacLean - 31 July 13:00

In the heart of Iran, Rory MacLean finds 1960s travellers have left a lasting - and controversial -

Computer illiterate
By Salil Tripathi - 31 July 13:00

Observations on India

Finding our common ground
By Amartya Sen - 31 July 13:00

The Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen was once famously described as the "conscience of his

That old cliché spirit!
By Salil Tripathi - 24 July 13:00

Observations on Mumbai bombs

Stuff of dreams
By Helen Womack - 17 July 13:00

High oil prices have given Russia renewed power, frightening the west but bringing hope to ordinary

The far-out east
By Mary Fitzgerald - 10 July 13:00

<strong>What the Chinese Don't Eat

</strong>Xinran <em>Vintage, 224pp, £7.99</em>

ISBN 009950152

A reckoning at last
By Alex White - 10 July 13:00

Observations on the Khmer Rouge

Losing yourself in music
By Emily Jeal - 10 July 13:00

MTV has been "Indianised" - but is it still an American brand at heart? Emily Jeal investigates

World stage: China's offer to Africa: pure capitalism
By Lindsey Hilsum - 03 July 13:00

Colonialism is dead; long live colonialism. Just as the war in Iraq may be seen as the high water mark of US power, I suspect Tony Blair's Commission for Africa and last year's Gleneagles summit will be seen as the last gasp of the post-colonial order in Africa.

Cruelty behind a joke
By Rachel Denber - 03 July 13:00

Observations on Turkmenistan

Caucasus blues
By James Wilson - 26 June 13:00

<strong>God Lives in St Petersburg

</strong>Tom Bissell <em>Faber & Faber, 224pp, £7.99</em>


The triumph of the east
By Niall Ferguson - 26 June 13:00

It is a commonplace that the past hundred years saw the ascent of the west, even that it was the "Am

Who's the twerp and who writes twaddle?
By Peter Wilby - 26 June 13:00

How rapidly the press marginalises subjects such as the brutality of British colonialism and puts th

Happiness is an old Ambassador
By Tarquin Hall - 19 June 13:00

For six decades, India scorned consumerism. But a taste for luxury is flourishing in the new Delhi,

Genghis day
By Robert Nurden - 19 June 13:00

Observations on Mongolia

A forest sunset and a chop
By Lindsey Hilsum - 19 June 13:00

A lotus flower by any other name would smell as sweet, but not in China. In Beijing last week, I found a flat and adopted a name.

I am moving to the Chinese capital in September to set up a Channel 4 News bureau, and this was the first taste of my new life.

All change
By Charles Glass - 12 June 13:00

Observations on Turkey

China's love market
By Xiao Jia Gu - 12 June 13:00

Traditions of arranged marriage and the old faith in communism are merging with consumer choice. Thi

Uproar over caste quotas for colleges
By Sarah Bancroft - 05 June 13:00

Observations on India

Ziauddin Sardar marvels at the brown sahibs
By Ziauddin Sardar - 05 June 13:00

Brown sahibs love nothing better than to indulge their fancy for tearing each other apart with finge

Power of the pen
By Salil Tripathi - 15 May 13:00

Observations on Indonesia

Lindsey Hilsum worries about China
By Lindsey Hilsum - 15 May 13:00

China's economic interests are blooming into military ties: arming militaries in Latin America, for

Muslim women find a champion
By Sholto Byrnes - 08 May 13:00

Observations on Malaysia

Away from home
By Isabel Hilton - 08 May 13:00

<strong>The Aquariums of Pyongyang: ten years in the North Korean Gulag</strong>

Kang Chol-hwan an

NS Special Report - Only spies can stop the chaos
By Hugh Barnes - 08 May 13:00

Pakistan's intelligence service used to sponsor the Islamists. Now it is trying to prevent them taki