Bangladesh: Give me back my country
By Tahmima Anam - 22 January 12:00

When Tahmima Anam went home to Dhaka to cast her vote in the now-postponed election, she found a nat

Glasnost of sorts comes to town
By Lindsey Hilsum - 22 January 12:00

A change of rules means foreign journalists can now travel in China without seeking permission

In the cold Thai hills
By Carl Wilkinson - 15 January 12:00

Carl Wilkinson made a journey to meet the Karen tribes of Burma - and found them in Thailand

Condom conundrum
By Preeti Jha - 08 January 12:00

Can a condom bar raise awareness about HIV in India?

The Lung-Hai Railway in War-time
By Christopher Isherwood - 08 January 12:00

Taken from the New Statesman archive, 16 July 1938

A ghost no more
By Hsiao-Hung Pai - 08 January 12:00

Aiqin Lin was an illegal immigrant. Now she is the star of a powerful new film

Millions of ordinary miracles
By Lindsey Hilsum - 08 January 12:00

China is too busy making money to start wars

Muslims of Quanzhou
By Xiao Jia Gu - 18 December 12:00

The descendants of Arab traders who brought Islam to China are re-establishing traditions

Person of the year: The man making China green
By Sholto Byrnes - 18 December 12:00

...and for 2007 we make our own nomination... <strong>Pan Yue</strong>

The empire gets its revenge - on me!
By Roy Hattersley - 11 December 12:00

The four men in the lorry cab drove us before them on the narrow causeway like a flock of sheep. We

Yes, we have no political prisoners
By Lindsey Hilsum - 11 December 12:00

China holds its first human rights exhibition but the public may not enter

Made in England
By Hunter Davies - 11 December 12:00

China can't get enough of our Premiership, writes Hunter Davies, a hit there himself

Chasing the dream . . . in a brand new car
By Lindsey Hilsum - 27 November 12:00

A report on the fastest growing car market in the world

The real Afghan war
By Kate Clark - 27 November 12:00

The Taliban and the insurgency are not Afghanistan's worst problems. The country is now ruled by a n

We should be watching
By Martin Bright - 20 November 12:00

New Statesman political editor Martin Bright highlights violence that has claimed dozens of lives in

The last Jew in Kabul
By Michael Flexer - 20 November 12:00

The strange story of the last remaining Jewish men to live in Kabul

Cultural explosion
By Mark Brown - 20 November 12:00

Why go to the theatre during a nuclear crisis? Mark Brown found out at a South Korean festival

Spiritual behaviour
By James Hamilton-Paterson - 13 November 12:00

The Philippines is a Catholic country but it is bound by superstitious beliefs

Prosperity and a red carpet trump democracy
By Lindsey Hilsum - 13 November 12:00

African leaders left Beijing smiling like crocodiles, as workmen started to pull down the posters of giraffes, elephants and flamingoes that had replaced advertising hoardings all over the Chinese capital. Never before have they been fêted as they were at the China-Africa summit last week.

Orderly chaos
By Kenneth O Morgan - 06 November 12:00

Idyllic antiquity provides a spectacular backdrop to modernising China, finds Kenneth O Morgan

Holding out for a hero
By Ziauddin Sardar - 06 November 12:00

<strong>In the Line of Fire: a memoir</strong>

Pervez Musharraf <em>Simon & Schuster, 352pp, £18.

China: Even geriatric dissent is intolerable
By Lindsey Hilsum - 30 October 12:00

The other Sunday, I watched the Beijing police beating a group of pensioners. Some retired professors were trying to protest about electricity transformers for the new Olympic Park being sited just outside their block of flats, but the authorities here cannot tolerate even geriatric dissent.

Last days of empire
By Jan Dalley - 30 October 12:00

<strong>The Last Mughal: the fall of a dynasty (Delhi, 1857)</strong>

William Dalrymple <em>Blooms

Out for a duck
By Pranay Sanklecha - 30 October 12:00

You Must Like Cricket? Memoirs of an Indian cricket fan

Soumya Bhattacharya <em>Yellow Jersey Pres

Breaking the ice
By Sam Alexandroni - 30 October 12:00

<strong>Into the Abyss: explorers on the edge of survival</strong>

Benedict Allen <em>Faber & Fabe

To Siberia, slowly
By Dervla Murphy - 30 October 12:00

Dervla Murphy finds love, God and strong beer on the coal-fuelled train to Russia's furthest corner

It could have been me
By Martin Bell - 23 October 13:00

Martin Bell on Nguyen Vu Binh

A Vietnamese cyber dissident is imprisoned by a government determin

Example of a successful political party: UMNO
By Sholto Byrnes - 23 October 13:00

Founded in 1946, the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) has been in power ever since the Federation of Malaya achieved independence in 1957.

Politics has been atomised
By Ashish Bhatt - 23 October 13:00

<strong>The Idea of India</strong>

Sunil Khilnani <em>Penguin Books, 304pp, £10.99</em>

ISBN 014

Russia, 1956 and my dad
By Ivor Gaber - 23 October 13:00

Observatons on communists