Hanging on a telephone
By Jack Hancox - 18 September 10:23

In countries where few have access to formal banking, mobile transfers provide crucial support for f

Tamil Tiger trap
By Jason Motlagh - 18 September 10:23

Observations on Sri Lanka

Profile: Ben Walters
By Lucy Knight - 15 September 12:52

From busboy via real estate to trading to petro- chemicals, how the peripatetic life of Ben Walters

North Korea's future
By Mark Seddon - 15 September 12:28

Reports of the Dear Leader’s demise point to a more serious problem. There's no clear successor to K

Another Afghanistan
By Salil Tripathi - 11 September 10:52

<strong>The Wasted Vigil</strong>

Nadeem Aslam <em>Faber & Faber, 384pp, £17.99</em>

“Economics is for donkeys”
By Robert Tait - 11 September 10:52

While oil prices remain high, Iran can afford its contempt for economic orthodoxy

Power games
By Dominic Byrne - 11 September 10:52

In Iran, wrestling is more than just a sport. Dominic Byrne visits a Tehran "house of strength" to f

Inside Iran
By Maziar Bahari - 11 September 10:52

It is the country the west fears most - and knows least about. In our exclusive reports, Iranian wri

Battle of the blogs
By Asieh Amini - 11 September 10:52

Internet campaigners for civil liberties and women's rights pay a high price for their "online crime

Trial and terror
By Peter Tatchell - 11 September 10:52

Observations on London

''The shah's plan was to build bombs''
By Maziar Bahari - 11 September 10:52

Akbar Etemad, the shah's chief atomic energy adviser, tells Maziar Bahari about the unlikely birth o

Living with a revolution
By Staff blogger - 11 September 10:52

Iranian photographers capture the sharp disparity between public and private life in the Islamic Rep

Boris keeps Turks waiting
By Syed Hamad Ali - 10 September 13:02

Ankara's man in London explains why his country's place is at the heart of Europe and how after all

Bloodthirsty madness
By David Griffiths - 05 September 12:45

The deplorable killing of Swami Lakhmananda Saraswati gave Hindu extremists the excuse to unleash a

Are the Kalash being converted to Islam?
By Maureen Lines - 04 September 15:37

Maureen Lines reveals how some Western journalists get disappointed when the truth they wanted doesn

The city reborn
By Paul Theroux - 04 September 11:11

After more than 30 years, Paul Theroux returns to Saigon and finds it changed, but still scarred by

Hard power in the Caucasus
By Alexandros Petersen - 03 September 13:06

Russia's willingness to break the so-called international rules of territorial integrity is less a c

In the footsteps of Genghis Khan
By Syed Hamad Ali - 02 September 12:52

The Mongols once conquered vast swaths of Asia and Europe. These days the country's jovial new ambas

Temples of the Kalasha religion
By Maureen Lines - 02 September 11:50

Most anthropologists believe that a good deal of the Kalasha religion may have been borrowed from Is

Pakistan's ancient religion
By Maureen Lines - 01 September 17:21

Maureen Lines gives insight into the ancient religion of the Kalash people who live in the mountains

Will the Dalai Lama return to Tibet?
By Meindert Gorter - 29 August 12:09

Meindert Gorter gives his views on religious freedom in China today and the prospects of the Dalai L

Why did the Dalai Lama ban Dorje Shugden?
By Meindert Gorter - 28 August 12:30

Meindert Gorter explores the history and reasons behind the Dalai Lama's ban on the deity Dorje Shug

Talking to the Taliban
By Chris Sands - 28 August 10:22

For Afghan insurgents every death, no matter from which side, is a step closer to victory

In deep water
By Alice Albinia - 28 August 10:22

A proposed dam in the Indus Valley threatens to destroy both lives and ancient sites

Are Dalai Lama's critics backed by China?
By Meindert Gorter - 27 August 12:25

Followers of the Dalai Lama claim that China is behind dissent by those who question his ban on the

The deity banned by Dalai Lama
By Meindert Gorter - 26 August 10:56

Meindert Gorter talks about Dorje Shugden, a Buddhist deity whose worship has been banned by the Dal

Musharraf's departure will not bring peace
By Ziauddin Sardar - 21 August 10:28

Pakistan is breathing a sigh of relief - but Musharraf has left the country in a total mess

After the Games, China must face reality
By Lindsey Hilsum - 21 August 10:28

It's time for Beijing's bureaucrats to turn their attention to the real problems facing the country

China’s other world
By Leeshai Lemish - 20 August 11:11

Leeshai Lemish tells of his and Ethan Gutmann’s journey into the persecution of Falun Gong

The Kashmir tinderbox
By Meenakshi Ganguly - 19 August 13:23

Recent unrest in Kashmir has undermined peace prospects between nuclear powers. Meenakshi Ganguly lo