Talking to the Taliban
By Chris Sands - 28 August 10:22

For Afghan insurgents every death, no matter from which side, is a step closer to victory

Are Dalai Lama's critics backed by China?
By Meindert Gorter - 27 August 12:25

Followers of the Dalai Lama claim that China is behind dissent by those who question his ban on the

The deity banned by Dalai Lama
By Meindert Gorter - 26 August 10:56

Meindert Gorter talks about Dorje Shugden, a Buddhist deity whose worship has been banned by the Dal

After the Games, China must face reality
By Lindsey Hilsum - 21 August 10:28

It's time for Beijing's bureaucrats to turn their attention to the real problems facing the country

Musharraf's departure will not bring peace
By Ziauddin Sardar - 21 August 10:28

Pakistan is breathing a sigh of relief - but Musharraf has left the country in a total mess

China’s other world
By Leeshai Lemish - 20 August 11:11

Leeshai Lemish tells of his and Ethan Gutmann’s journey into the persecution of Falun Gong

The Kashmir tinderbox
By Meenakshi Ganguly - 19 August 13:23

Recent unrest in Kashmir has undermined peace prospects between nuclear powers. Meenakshi Ganguly lo

Why is Falun Gong Banned?
By Leeshai Lemish - 19 August 10:34

Leeshai Lemish looks at the history and causes of the Chinese Communist Party’s campaign against Fal

Being a Falun Gong practitioner
By Leeshai Lemish - 18 August 11:16

Often in the news but rarely understood, Falun Gong is regularly associated with Chinese human right

Livingstone's £20,000 Chinese Takeaway
By Martin Bright - 15 August 16:47

The former mayor and his economics guru fly off on luxury Olympics junket

A responsibility to protect?
By Elena Jurado - 15 August 14:34

The extent to which Russia agrees to play by international rules will depend on the willingness of t

More blood for oil!
By Paul Evans - 15 August 12:39

Illegal invasions by imperialist armies are fine, so long they’re committed by Russia plus the commo

Tajikistan's man in London
By Syed Hamad Ali - 15 August 11:21

Tajikistan's first ever ambassador to the UK, Erkin Kasymov, says that before 9/11 the international

Drawing a blank on Georgia
By Iain Simons - 15 August 10:31

The controversy over the missing maps of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Was it deliberate? Google

Bulldozing Beijing
By Sukhdev Sandhu - 14 August 11:03

<strong>City of Heavenly Tranquillity: Beijing in the History of China</strong>

Jasper Becker <e

China's forgotten people
By Amy Reger - 08 August 12:34

This week's terror attack in China has brought an intense barrage of publicity to the Uighurs. Amy R

Hash house of horrors
By Sorrel Neuss - 07 August 10:21

Kabul is a tough place for foreign workers, but Sorrel Neuss is troubled by the way some choose to u

It could have been me
By Peter Tatchell - 07 August 10:21

The Olympic Games are upon us, but one Beijing activist has found there's nowhere to run if you dare

Why China is frightened of horses
By Lindsey Hilsum - 07 August 10:21

The Communist Party doesn't believe in anything - not in God, nor ghosts, nor spirits - so why are t

Back from the brink
By Simon Hooper - 07 August 10:21

Observations on Turkey

Will they tolerate me if I wear shorts?
By Becer Gul - 05 August 12:35

Becer Gul gives her views on the current government in Turkey, which some claim has an hidden Islami

Olympic spirit
By Emma John - 31 July 10:07

Rules for enjoying the Games - even if you are really a sceptic

China's secret grief
By Ma Jian - 31 July 10:07

Mourning the victims of the May earthquake has reminded a nation of the deaths it is forbidden to re

A hundred million blogs
By Adam Lewitt - 31 July 10:07

China and the world wide web

The patriot games
By Lindsey Hilsum - 31 July 10:07

Neighbourhoods have been razed, protesters silenced and human rights activists jailed. China will al

Party lines
By Yiyun Li - 31 July 10:07

The Chinese Writers' Association employs 5,196 of the country's most popular and influential authors

Spitting image
By Lijia Zhang - 31 July 10:07

As the Games approach, the state is trying to wipe out habits visitors may find offensive

Banning Tibet
By Woeser - 31 July 10:07

Woeser on how China closed a country

A US attack on Pakistan?
By Daniel J Simons - 29 July 17:15

With growing militancy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Daniel J. Simons of the Washington-based Council

India's nuclear battle
By Nick Harvey - 25 July 13:31

As George Bush urges India to push ahead with a highly controversial civil nuclear deal corruption a