New Statesman
Picasso and the art of simile
By Craig Raine - 25 April 9:31

Reality, tweaked.

Luisa, a 40-year-old nanny, photographed by Lina Bertucci.
Will a tattoo ever hang in the Louvre?
By Helen Lewis - 24 April 12:58

Meet the unconventional art historians trying to discover what it means for an image to be marked on the body.

Peter Kennard: From Maggie Regina to Blue Murder
By Philip Maughan - 17 April 15:20

After Thatcher, political artists need to look harder.

Easter, 1916
By W B Yeats - 10 April 14:40

I have met them at close of day
Coming with vivid faces
From counter or desk among grey
Eighteenth-century houses.
I have passed with a nod of the head
Or polite meaningless words,
Or have lingered awhile and said
Polite meaningless words,

The Shed
The Shed
By Sarah Howell - 05 April 12:37

The National Theatre unveils its new temporary theatre space, designed by architects Haworth Tompkins.

Tilda Swinton in The Maybe
Reviewed: The Maybe by Tilda Swinton
By Sarah Howell - 03 April 17:39

A fabulous send-up of our obsession with celebrity

Inside the outside: Souzou - Outsider Art from Japan
By Charlotte Simmonds - 30 March 1:32

Charlotte Simmonds visits the Wellcome's new show, whose artists have all been diagnosed with cognitive and developmental illnesses.

New Statesman
Studio Sittings: Photographing Royal Academicians
By Charlotte Simmonds - 25 March 13:42

A new show at the Leighton House Museum.

New Statesman
Designs of the Year exhibition opens
By Charlotte Simmonds - 21 March 15:56 rubs shoulders with the Shard.

New Statesman
Complex simplicity in the art of Yunizar
By Surabhi Khanna - 19 March 14:52

An encounter with the work of an Indonesian contemporary artist.

New Statesman
Picture Book of the Week: Yes to a Rosy Future
By New Statesman - 18 March 16:26

Bashar al-Assad's last campaign.

Power to the crafts
By Aisha Gani - 07 March 10:57

What happens when craftivism meets spirituality?

New Statesman
Picture Book of the Week: Short Stalks at Distant Shores - Imaging Post-Soviet Space
By new-statesman - 04 March 16:48

Documenting decay in the former Eastern Bloc.

New Statesman
BRATATAT! Lichtenstein hits the Tate Modern
By Charlotte Simmonds - 01 March 12:09

Take the kids. This one's a blast.

The art of knowing when to go slow
By Charles Leadbeater - 14 February 5:10

Governments also need to know when to be avowedly unfashionable.

The subtle sexuality of Édouard Manet
By Craig Raine - 07 February 9:34

It would be impossible to paint “modern life” without touching on the touchy subject of sex.

New Statesman
Man Ray goes on show at the National Portrait Gallery
By Charlotte Simmonds - 05 February 17:14

Surrealist photographer gets his first show in a British museum.

Teahouse Tetsu (detail), designed by Terunobu Fujimori
Why we live in trees
By Charlotte Simmonds - 28 January 11:38

The allure of the treehouse, and the stories behind its rising popularity.

Missorts is an art project devised by the novelist Tony White.
A tale of a city, told by your phone
By Leo Hollis - 17 January 8:30

Changing the way we move around.

New Statesman
Paul Emsley’s botched Kate Middleton belies his better work
By Charlotte Simmonds - 14 January 13:27

It seems the royal portrait painter doesn't do "pretty".

New Statesman
London welcomes men’s fashion week
By Charlotte Simmonds - 07 January 17:20

What weareth the modern man?

Art in 2013 - the year of the blockbuster
By Thomas Calvocoressi - 03 January 9:27

The exhibitions to look out for this year.

V&A Diary: Coming up for air
By Amanda Levete - 13 December 7:25

Designing a building is a long and difficult process.

The Louvre-Lens Museum
New Louvre museum opens in former coal mining town
By Kamila Kocialkowska - 07 December 17:07

One of the world's most prestigious museums in one of France's most economically depressed regions. Is this attempt at urban regeneration realism or idealism?

New Statesman
The future's bright, the future's Emerald.... (at least according to Pantone)
By Kamila Kocialkowska - 07 December 11:04

Pantone unveil their official colour for 2013.

New Statesman
Is this the most offensive artwork ever made?
By Kamila Kocialkowska - 06 December 15:46

A Swedish gallery is defending the exhibition a painting made from stolen ashes of Holocaust victims.