Detail from Girl Kneeling on a Red Cushion (1913) by Egon Schiele
Provocations to desire: Craig Raine delights in the nudes of Egon Schiele
By Craig Raine - 31 October 14:00

Egon Schiele is candidly pornographic – but his obsession with anatomy tells the story of an artistic struggle.

In the Frame: New Full On Lemon Extreme
By Tom Humberstone - 31 October 11:25

Tom Humberstone’s weekly comic.

Flashback: Birmingham Library in the 1970s. Photo: Getty
Why Gillian Wearing made a statue of two single mothers
By William Cook - 30 October 9:00

Her sculpture depicts two sisters, Roma and Emma Jones (who, like Wearing, were born in Birmingham), and their sons. It has attracted local interest, as well as complaints from fathers and the far right.

Storm of swords: detail of Rego's unsettling pastel drawing Our Lady of Sorrows (2013). Courtesy Marlborough Fine Art. Photography by Prudence Cumming Associates
Beautiful grotesque: the “dark play” of Paula Rego
By Michael Prodger - 24 October 11:11

Rego’s latest fairy-tale visions give terror a face – but their deepest secrets remain hidden from view.

In the Frame: Hallowe’en Costume Ideas
By Tom Humberstone - 24 October 10:42

Tom Humberstone’s weekly comic.

Tracy Emin sits in front of her 1998 piece “My Bed” on display at Christie's in June 2014. Photo: Rob Stothard/Getty
Tracey Emin and Steve McQueen: still paid-up members of the awkward art squad
By Mark Lawson - 23 October 15:49

I suspect that if the Turner Prize clash were rerun now, Mad Tracey might beat Hollywood Steve.

Stand at easel: Mike Leigh overlays his stylised realism on to costume drama in Mr Turner. Photo: Courtesy of Liveright Publishing Corporation (Lovecraft)
With love and squalor: Mike Leigh’s brand of realism is perfect for Turner
By Ryan Gilbey - 23 October 15:42

An interesting tension exists in the film between that grunginess and passages of intense beauty. It is a compliment commonly paid to well-shot films to say that any one of their frames could be hung in a gallery. This is unmistakably the case here. 

In the Frame: The Real Winners
By Tom Humberstone - 17 October 10:27

Tom Humberstone’s weekly comic.

Lost world: ruins of ancient sculptures litter the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad. Photo: Yannis Kontos/Polaris/Eyevine
Treasure trails: how museums became diplomatic fixers
By Cristina Ruiz - 16 October 14:03

Museums were once places of scholarship – now they intervene in war zones and world politics.

Shrewsbury School, Shropshire (2010), by Martin Parr
Suited and booted: Martin Parr’s chronicles of the Great White Male
By Martin Parr - 16 October 10:00

Martin Parr’s vision is simultaneously a celebration of the nuances of tribal behaviour and a gimlet-eyed stab at pretension and earnestness.

Quids in: Jeff Koons poses for cameras at a preview for his retrospective at the Whitney in New York. Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images
Pop goes the easel: sharp encounters with contemporary artists
By Martin Gayford - 16 October 10:00

Are artists solitary individuals, or do they emerge from a workshop, family or other communities? In other words, are all works of art collective creations? Is an artist obliged to engage with politics or is it enough just to make good stuff?

Queen Viv: Westwood on the catwalk after her autumn/winter 2014/15 womenswear show at Paris Fashion Week in March. Photo: Getty
Punk, seams and SEX: the life and fashion of Vivienne Westwood
By Jane Shilling - 16 October 10:00

Jane Shilling reviews a new autobiography of the veteran British fashion designer and punk icon.

My Otherness by Stephen Collins
By Stephen Collins - 10 October 10:32

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Braving the tyranny of the white wall: Hodgkin in his studio, an airy space in a Victorian dairy in Bloomsbury. Photo: David Levene/The Guardian
Howard Hodgkin: “I’ve always hated painting. It’s always been agony”
By Michael Prodger - 09 October 10:00

The British artist struggled as his friend David Hockney became a star. But at 82 he’s not bitter – and his art is as luminous as ever.

© Laura Dodsworth
Bare Reality: My milk went when Hitler marched in
By Bare Reality - 06 October 9:11

An excerpt from Bare Reality, a project to further understanding of how women really feel about their breasts, and how they really look.

Grayson Perry. Photo: Getty
Grayson Perry guest edits the New Statesman
By New Statesman - 03 October 16:22

The issue, which takes an anthropological look at the idea of the “Great White Male” is on sale Thursday 9 October.

A young Natalie Portman in “Leon: The Professional”, a source of inspiration for a sexualised campaign.
Fashion’s Lolita moment: why are campaigns so keen to fetishise young girls?
By Harriet Williamson - 02 October 12:06

Sexualising young girls to sell clothes sends the message that all females, regardless of their age or developmental maturity, are fair sexual game.

© Laura Dodsworth
Bare Reality: Breasts are an integral part of my identity as a woman
By Bare Reality - 29 September 9:05

An excerpt from Bare Reality, a project to further understanding of how women really feel about their breasts, and how they really look.

In the Frame: The End Game
By Tom Humberstone - 26 September 12:58

Tom Humberstone’s weekly comic.

U2 performing at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival. Photo: Getty
With so much “stuff” out there in the world, can we still tell what is art and what isn’t?
By Oliver Farry - 25 September 16:11

From U2’s forcedly ubiquitous new album to “rediscovered” paintings from centuries ago, we are surrounded by things that lose and gain artistic status according to their context.

Protests outside the Barbican's Vaults in London. Photo: Fiona Rutherford
Barbican art show displaying black people as exhibits in “human zoo” cancelled after protests
By Fiona Rutherford - 25 September 11:21

Locking black people in cages for the amusement of wealthy Europeans was a common Victorian amusement – but is recreating it for art’s sake also recreating the racism? 

What does an artist look like? One of Grayson Perry's witty illustrations in Playing to the Gallery
Do I make myself Claire? Grayson Perry dissects the art world
By Thomas Calvocoressi - 25 September 10:00

In this illustrated handbook to contemporary art, Perry compares his once unfashionable pottery to the woman ordering a Babycham in a style bar and everyone suddenly wanting one.

Bare Reality: God gives life and creates, and as a woman you can connect with that
By Bare Reality - 22 September 9:01

An excerpt from Bare Reality, a project to further understanding of how women really feel about their breasts, and how they really look.

In the Frame: Potential Distant Memories for Scotland
By Tom Humberstone - 18 September 11:58

Tom Humberstone’s weekly comic.

A detail from Turner's “War, the Exile and the Rock Limpet”.
Mark Lawson: Turner and Constable rarely spoke to each other, but their pictures do
By Mark Lawson - 18 September 11:50

An accident of gallery scheduling means that London currently has a sort of early-19th-century chat show in which the two painters converse.

© Laura Dodsworth
Bare Reality: Breasts make you feel like a proper woman
By Bare Reality - 15 September 9:00

An excerpt from Bare Reality, a project to further understanding of how women really feel about their breasts, and how they really look.

In the Frame: Haven’t I Got Satire for You
By Tom Humberstone - 12 September 10:55

Tom Humberstone’s weekly comic.

Grayson Perry, who will guest edit the New Statesman in October. Photo: Getty
Uncovering the Great White Male: Grayson Perry to guest edit the New Statesman
By Helen Lewis - 11 September 15:03

The Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry is to guest-edit a special issue of the New Statesman, themed around the "Great White Male".

Manet’s “Masked Ball at the Opera” (c.1873) on display in a gallery. Photo: Getty
Reliance on unpaid volunteers is turning public museums into a middle class commodity
By Sam Reyes - 09 September 16:08

As funding is cut, museums are becoming more and more dependent on volunteers to keep services running, but in doing so, they risk entrenching a lack of diversity.

Bare Reality: I’m one of the lucky ones
By Bare Reality - 08 September 9:10

An excerpt from Bare Reality, a project to further understanding of how women really feel about their breasts, and how they really look.