It's wrong to make Muslims choose
By Staff blogger - 01 December 12:00

The bombers of Istanbul may be alarming, as is the threat that they could next hit a British city. The mindset of British and US leaders, however, is more alarming.

Russia 3 - Why the dragon will outrun the bear
By Nicholas Watt - 01 December 12:00

Ever since he travelled to the Soviet Union and China as a young man nearly 20 years ago, Nicholas W

It's all about oil again
By Tim Lambon - 01 December 12:00

Observations on Georgia

Northside - Andrew Martin fails to interest New Yorkers in York
By Andrew Martin - 24 November 12:00

"Arsey . . . nal," said the cabby as we inched past toll booths on Brooklyn Bridge

A beautiful city full of poison
By Andrew Hussey - 24 November 12:00

Observations on the Istanbul bombings

When good people are not all they seem
By Stephen Grey - 24 November 12:00

They're supposed to be non-governmental. But NGOs often get more cash from government than from dona

America - Andrew Stephen tries to make sense of Rumsfeld
By Andrew Stephen - 24 November 12:00

Paul Bremer - currently trying to take charge in Baghdad - has a new mission: to hold the lid down o

The end of the affair
By David Marquand - 24 November 12:00

The special relationship is outdated. Blair deserves the axe for his Iraq follies, but can escape it

John Pilger - knows when Bush is lying - his lips move
By John Pilger - 24 November 12:00

Blair and Straw dare to suggest that the millions who have rumbled the Bush gang are simply being "f

The rebels on the border
By Sara Ferro Ribeiro - 24 November 12:00

Observations on Bhutan

A nation shirks the kitchen
By Adam Sage - 24 November 12:00

Observations on France

A funny sort of democracy
By Neil Clark - 17 November 12:00

Around the world, Washington endorses then deposes rulers. Reporting on Russia, Neil Clark spells ou

From sea to shining sea
By Marcus Warren - 17 November 12:00

The outsider 2 - We mock their patriotism, but over there they believe that there's an America for e

Mark Thomas has a letter for Hilary Benn
By Mark Thomas - 17 November 12:00

The Secretary of State for International Development has decided to back a World Bank loan for a BP

Your tyrant or ours?
By Mark Almond - 17 November 12:00

Around the world, Washington endorses then deposes rulers. Reporting on Georgia, Mark Almond spells

Still haunted by guns and slavery
By Andrew Stephen - 17 November 12:00

The outsider 1 - America idolises itself above all. That is why a country that has so many strengths

Darcus Howe is accused of letting his country down
By Darcus Howe - 17 November 12:00

I tell the truth about violence in Trinidad, and I am accused of letting my country down

The allegiance that I can't quite pledge
By Benjamin Markovits - 17 November 12:00

Identity - Benjamin Markovits, once described by a schoolmate as half-American, half-English and hal

One man's world
By Noam Chomsky - 17 November 12:00

George Bush's men have made the imperial grand strategy explicit. But the belief that the US is abov

Proud to be anti-American?
By Staff blogger - 17 November 12:00

The charge sheet against the United States is long and damning. It refuses to join efforts to stop global warming and continues to burn a disproportionate share of the planet's fossil fuels.

Why I became a German
By Shere Hite - 17 November 12:00

The exile - So vicious were the attacks on the feminist Shere Hite that she decided to give up her A

When it's best to be Canadian
By Ellie Levenson - 17 November 12:00

Observations on embarrassed expats

Prize Essay - Can developing nations be independent?
By Anthony Painter - 17 November 12:00

Today's globalised economy is dominated by a single ideology, but the frontiers which imprison poor

This comic is no laughing matter
By Nick Cohen - 17 November 12:00

Dissent - Michael Moore is a bestselling author not only in the US, but also in Britain, Japan, Germ

Harleys become war victims
By Barbara Gunnell - 17 November 12:00

Observations on steel tariffs

A dream place
By Jan Morris - 10 November 12:00

At Home in Australia

Peter Conrad <em>Thames & Hudson, 256pp, £24.95</em>

ISBN 0500511411

The rise of the cyber-coolies
By Praful Bidwai - 10 November 12:00

Call a helpline these days and you may well speak to someone in India doing a job "outsourced" from

Profits won't feed the world
By Colin Tudge - 10 November 12:00

We will all have enough to eat if we stick to the good, old-fashioned craft of farming. We don't nee

When suicide seems painless
By Tom Allen - 10 November 12:00

Observations on Iraq

The great shame
By R W Apple - 10 November 12:00

Unfinished Business: South Africa, apartheid and truth

Terry Bell, with Dumisa Buhle Ntsebeza <em