The era of scientific pomp and circumstance is almost done
The Higgs boson is science's royal wedding
By Michael Brooks - 04 July 8:30

All this Higgsteria just demonstrates that we're now at the end of the age of physics.

A hypnotist at work with a fob watch
Ten tips for successful brain-hacking
By Michael Brooks - 03 July 16:45

Why are actors so much more susceptible to hypnosis?

A child interacts with a robot at the Science Museum
The despair of the dissenting government expert
By Michael Brooks - 15 June 12:10

A depressing day out spent talking science at the Department for Education

A Predator drone takes off on a training flight
If you can play a video game, you can fly a drone
By Michael Brooks - 13 June 15:03

These eyes in the sky are so popular, everyone from farmers to jewellery thieves wants one.

New Statesman
On the shoulders of giants
By Rebecca Stott - 16 May 14:11

Charles Darwin’s search for his intellectual ancestors shows that scientific discovery mirrors the v

Make way for girls at the top
By Uta Frith - 11 May 14:57

I couldn’t help smiling at the tweet from the spoof @Henry_Wellcome, founder of the Wellcome Trust, which arrived soon after the list of new fellows of the Royal Society (FRSs) was made public at the end of April. “Can’t believe women are allowed to join the Royal Society now.

The Science Issue
In this week's New Statesman: The Science Issue
By Alice Gribbin - 04 May 14:04

With Michael Brooks, Daniel Dennett, Martin Rees, Richard Dawkins, Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Philip B

The world's first sutureless heart valve.
When chaos can kill
By Michael Brooks - 03 May 10:39

What causes sudden cardiac arrest?

New Statesman
The limits of science: Carolyn Porco
By Carolyn Porco - 02 May 17:47

Space scientist

New Statesman
The limits of science: Denis Alexander
By Denis Alexander - 02 May 17:30

Director, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, St Edmund's College, Cambridge

New Statesman
The limits of science: Peter J Bussey
By Peter J Bussey - 02 May 16:46

Particle physicist

New Statesman
The limits of science: Daniel Dennett
By Daniel Dennett - 02 May 16:14

Philosopher and cognitive scientist

New Statesman
The limits of science: Michael Brooks
By Michael Brooks - 02 May 16:05

Author and NS science columnist

New Statesman
Is there anything science can't explain? And is there anything it shouldn't try to explain?
By New Statesman - 02 May 15:59

From Martin Rees to Maggie Aderin-Pocock, from Carolyn Porco to Richard Dawkins, prominent personalities answer two of life's biggest questions.

New Statesman
Battle of the wheatfield
By Michael Brooks - 02 May 14:47

Rational discussion of genetically modified crops is beyond us

Jenny Clack with fossils
The trouble with fossils
By Helen Lewis - 02 May 12:15

As Jenny Clack knows, the history of fossils is one of constant revision.

Sublime intervention
Why science needs wonder
By Philip Ball - 02 May 10:58

It is easy to mock Brian Cox’s spellbound admiration on television as he looks heavenward, but the s

A boy stands by his hut in a village near Maradi, a southern city in Niger
The Royal Society has a beauty pageant moment
By Michael Brooks - 26 April 16:19

Scientists are good at science. That does not qualify them as advisors on world affairs.

You agree with this column
By Martha Gill - 26 April 15:17

Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.

New Statesman
Hiding in plain sight
By Michael Brooks - 25 April 16:45

The Easter holiday rush is receding into distant memory. The only thing airport security personnel have to worry about is what happens when everyone starts arriving for the Olympics. That, and the helpful physicists who have worked out how to smuggle a gun through a metal detector.

New Statesman
Why do French intellectuals "know nothing about science"?
By Michael Brooks - 20 April 17:41

France has always struggled with evidence-based science.

New Statesman
The social cell
By Daniel Dennett - 13 April 13:22

What do debutante balls, the Japanese tea ceremony, Ponzi schemes and doubting clergy all have in co

J. Craig Venter smiles in front of a map of the human genome.
Open access to science helps us all
By Dave Carr and Robert Kiley - 13 April 10:34

The Wellcome Trust has been praised for its decision to compel research it funds to be freely availa

Aspirational medicine
By Michael Brooks - 03 April 16:03

Chipping Norton has been a bit slow to play its wonder-drug card. But now, surely, being in the constituency of the Prime Minister who dismantled the National Health Service (and being home to Jeremy Clarkson and Rebekah Brooks), it needs to act to save its image.

Juno spacecraft
The pulling power of chaos
By Ian Stewart - 03 April 14:58

Our Science Essay ponders the riddle of the wandering stars. Starting with Poincaré, complex maths i

Novartis and the Broad Institute develop a new "cancer encyclopaedia"
By New Statesman - 29 March 6:23

Paving the way for a more targeted treatment of cancer patients.

Medical science hasn’t served women as well as it could
By Michael Brooks - 08 March 14:50

In 40 years cancer survival rates have doubled but not everything is rosy — especially if you are fe