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David Cameron hints at future successor – Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson
By Anoosh Chakelian - 28 April 11:26

In a revealing interview on Woman's Hour, the Prime Minister looked again to his party's future beyond his leadership.

The winds of change are blowing through Scotland - and it's not over yet
By Gerry Hassan - 28 April 10:40

It feels as if something fundamental has changed in Scotland - and there is more change yet to come.

There's no spin that can make GDP figures better
By Stephen Bush - 28 April 10:09

The new GDP figures are out. They're not as important as you might think.

How sound is Britain's recovery?
By Peter Kenway - 27 April 17:50

Unbalanced, uneven, and fragile. The recovery isn't all it's cracked up to be.

What would a Labour-SNP deal mean for energy policy?
By Richard Black - 27 April 16:00

If the SNP do hold the balance of power, it will be energy policy where it has the biggest consequences.

In power, Labour must do a better job of being pro-worker and pro-business than it has managed in opposition
By Bryn Philips - 27 April 15:35

If Labour wants to win an election outright ever again, if Labour cares about national renewal, it must work harder to build a common good between workers and business.

What's the DUP's price in a hung parliament?
By Ciara Dunne - 27 April 14:25

The DUP's manifesto reveals what the party will ask for in exchange for its votes.

Why the new “pumped up” David Cameron isn’t working
By Anoosh Chakelian - 27 April 14:09

The Prime Minister is injecting some 11th-hour passion into his campaign. It’s not very convincing.

The nationalists are barely more left-wing to begin with.
Why the SNP wouldn't drag Labour far to the left
By George Eaton - 27 April 13:20

The nationalists are barely more left-wing to begin with.

It's not just enough to "listen" to young people. They have to be respected, too
By Will Scobie - 27 April 9:31

We need to reach for a more authentic, localised politics, in the wake of the Spad era, rather than just revert to the days of pinstripes and tweed. As the faux warts ‘n’ all allure of Ukip shows, there’s a danger of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Why vote Conservative? Even they don't seem sure
By Stephen Bush - 27 April 8:00

The Labour message in the final days seems to be that if you vote for Miliband you'll get some free stuff. The Conservative counter-offensive is that if  you vote Tory, you won't get Miliband's free stuff.

Labour leader promises to remove charge on properties worth up to £300,000 as party steps up housing offensive.
Miliband pledges to scrap stamp duty for first-time buyers
By George Eaton - 27 April 0:00

Labour leader promises to remove charge on properties worth up to £300,000 as party steps up housing offensive. 

Gentrification in Brixton: who wins, who loses and who's to blame?
By Morgan Meaker - 26 April 12:00

These are only people who have been priced out of Clapham and Fulham. No one should feel guilty because everyone in some way is in a sense complicit.

Don't lead Britain out of Europe, Andrew Adonis warns Nick Clegg
By Tim Wigmore - 25 April 14:02

Labour peer urges Clegg to " turn left rather than right" in a hung parliament after Deputy PM hints at second coalition with Tories. 

The Conservative campaign: disingenous and dangerous - but what if it works?
By Stephen Bush - 25 April 11:43

The Tory campaign is putting that party's own principles in the shredder - but if it works, they could shut Labour out for decades.

WATCH: David Cameron forgets his football team
By Media Mole - 25 April 10:17

David Cameron urged his audience to support West Ham - but he supports a different team in similar colours.

Green space must be for all, not a lucky few
By Maria Eagle - 24 April 16:30

The environmental record of this Government is bad enough but another five years doesn’t bear thinking about. If things are going to change, we need a Labour Government.

No vote, no voice: EU migrants and the general election
By Laura Varriale - 24 April 14:14

The chance has passed to register to vote. Some people will be gutted to have missed it. Some will not have bothered. Some might choose Russell Brand’s decision not to vote to raise their voice. And some people who are bothered will be left with no choice - and no voice.

Sinn Féin manifesto: both more and less important than you think
By Ciara Dunne - 24 April 10:52

Sinn Féin won't take their seats at Westminster. So what is their manifesto for? Mainly, it's a dry run for the contests that really matter to the party in 2016.

Naked men, diminutive voters, existential questions: what really happens "on the doorstep"
By Stephen Bush - 24 April 8:10

Good response on the #labourdoorstep? Here's what really happened on the doors this week.

Labour leader accuses Cameron of presiding over the "biggest loss of influence for our country in a generation" through "small-minded isolationism".
Miliband promises "hard-headed multilateralism" in first major foreign policy speech
By George Eaton - 24 April 0:01

Labour leader accuses Cameron of presiding over the "biggest loss of influence for our country in a generation" through "small-minded isolationism".

Who asks websites who they should vote for, and who listens?
By Alan Wager - 23 April 16:08

The Internet is awash with vote-matching apps. But who uses them - and which party benefits most?

The shadow chancellor emphasises growth while the IFS emphasises austerity.
Balls says IFS wrong not to assume Labour wants a surplus - but how would it be achieved?
By George Eaton - 23 April 15:42

The shadow chancellor emphasises growth while the IFS emphasises austerity. 

Paul Birch, Bebo founder: "I’ve been consuming [cannabis] since I was 23"
By Laura Gozzi - 23 April 15:14

Laura Gozzi talks to Paul Birch, the Bebo founder turned party leader for Cista, the Cannabis is Safer Than Alcohol party.

A straight swap: the Greens’ Natalie Bennett for Labour’s Ed Miliband. Images: Getty.
Why I swapped my vote with a stranger
By Barbara Speed - 23 April 14:25

A "vote-swapping" website lets you get around the first past the post system.

Why aren't Plaid Cymru surging?
By Stephen Bush - 23 April 13:26

In an election defined by populist parties, Plaid Cymru have failed to break out of their heartlands. Why not?

Lutfur Rahman found guilty of corrupt and illegal practices
By Stephen Bush - 23 April 12:22

The election in Tower Hamlets has been declared void and will be re-run.

The young are losing the battle of the generations – and it could get even worse
By Tim Wigmore - 23 April 12:17

An ageing population is bad news for the young.

The party is forecast to spend less than Labour and the Lib Dems by the end of the parliament as austerity is prolonged.
SNP's anti-austerity rhetoric does not reflect its plans, says the IFS
By George Eaton - 23 April 11:30

The party is forecast to spend less than Labour and the Lib Dems by the end of the parliament through slower but longer austerity. 

Rest in peace, Roy Mason, and good riddance
By Kevin Meagher - 23 April 9:12

Roy Mason, Labour's Northern Ireland Secretary from 1976 to 1979, has died. His legacy, sadly, is still with us.