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None of the parties can communicate their plans to the public
By Nida Broughton - 22 April 17:17

The BBC's Daily Politics debate was a familiar scene: of a political class unable to communicate its plans to the voters

Cobra beer founder Lord Bilimoria on Tories trying to be “nastier” than Ukip, and “economically illiterate” Theresa May
By Anoosh Chakelian - 22 April 16:55

The crossbench peer and lager tycoon Karan Bilimoria lashes out at the government’s immigration rhetoric, calls our levels of defence spending "dangerous", and questions Ed Miliband's knowledge of business.

The comeback kid. Photo:Getty
Why the Tories still have a spring in their step
By Stephen Bush - 22 April 12:57

Senior Conservatives are drawing comfort from Binyamin Netanyhu's late comeback in the Israeli elections.

How has Britain's most deprived community fared under the coalition?
By Morgan Meaker - 22 April 10:00

At the start of the parliament, Jaywick was ranked the most deprived area in Britain. Coalition policies have left their mark.

David Cameron has dusted off the 1974 playbook
By Adam Evans - 22 April 9:00

In February 1974, the-then Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath famously went to the country on the question of ‘who governs Britain?’ In 2015 David Cameron appears to be fighting a campaign on the question of ‘who governs England.’ 

Can internet vote-match quizzes really help you decide who to vote for?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 21 April 18:38

The 21-year-old CEO of one of them thinks you can’t just focus on policies, even in impartial vote-matching programmes.

Consensus breaks out over childcare
By Giselle Cory - 21 April 15:50

Across the political spectrum, we are seeing the beginnings of a decent offer of childcare that addresses the anachronistic divide between work and family. Despite the differences in detail, these pledges show the tide is turning for childcare.

Miriam González Durántez hits out at the "victim complex" of politicians and their families in the public eye
By Anoosh Chakelian - 21 April 14:38

The international trade lawyer and wife of the Deputy Prime Minister discusses election campaign scrutiny, defending her husband's record, and protecting her family from the public eye.

How do the manifestos rate for ethnic minorities?
By Lester Holloway - 21 April 13:21

Labour do best, the Greens scrape a pass, the Liberals make the right noises and Ukip have nothing to say.

Immigrants help UK PLC - whatever Labour says
By Tim Wigmore - 21 April 13:14

Miliband is acquiescing in a rightward-shift in political rhetoric on immigration.

SNP manifesto 2015: Less of a ransom note, more of a blank cheque
By Nida Broughton - 21 April 11:01

The SNP's manifesto, far from a ransom note, is easily reconciliable with Labour's fiscal plans. The bigger fear is that none of the parties are planning for what happens if the economy takes a turn for the worse.

Nick Clegg: not the best, not the worst. Just what we're stuck with
By Rosie Fletcher - 21 April 10:19

Clegg’s tactic for the election is to pitch his party as the necessary bulk needed to eke out a full government. Much like whoever did the budgeting in the Conservative manifesto, the Liberal Democrats are here just to make up the numbers.

There is a Commons majority for Trident and the party couldn't amend Budgets in the way it hopes.
Why the SNP would struggle to hold Labour to ransom
By George Eaton - 21 April 7:55

There is a Commons majority for Trident and the party couldn't amend Budgets in the way it hopes. 

Here's why the Conservatives are banging on and on about the SNP
By Stephen Bush - 20 April 17:47

A new poll confirms what the Conservatives been saying privately, and bodes ill for Labour after the election.

It's not Ed Miliband who Vladimir Putin wants in Number 10
By James Bloodworth - 20 April 16:09

For all the Conservative scaremongering, it is their victory, not Miliband's, that will be cheered in the Kremlin

Germany and Sweden have both recently been governered by parties that finished second.
Can Labour enter power if it finishes second? Europe shows it can
By George Eaton - 20 April 15:23

Germany and Sweden have both recently been governered by parties that finished second. 

Foreign devils. Photo:Getty
Britain's immigration debate has taken a turn for the toxic
By Kavya Kaushik - 20 April 13:58

Whether it is the attacks on migrants crossing the Mediterranean or questions about Nick Clegg's heritage, our national debate on immigration has taken a nasty turn.

Shadow chancellor says Leader of the House would "talk to all parties" but rejects negotiations on the Budget and defence.
Balls says Labour would speak to SNP - but rules out negotiations
By George Eaton - 20 April 13:40

Shadow chancellor says Leader of the House would "talk to all parties" but rejects negotiations on the Budget and defence. 

Exclusive: George Foulkes calls on Philip Hammond to intervene in the Mediterranean
By George Foulkes - 20 April 13:17

We cannot, therefore, continue to bury our heads in the sand, nor can we hide behind talk of a more comprehensive EU strategy. The simple fact is, unless more boats are sent out to patrol the region and rescue people, more innocent lives, including those of children, will be lost in the days and weeks to come.

SNP manifesto 2015: A document drafted in weakness
By Stephen Bush - 20 April 12:43

The SNP combine electoral hegemony with political weakness, and their manifesto reflects that.

The Lib Dems' coalition red lines are too agreeable – they need to start playing hard to get
By Richard Morris - 20 April 12:01

No one's talking about deals with the Lib Dems, because there's nothing in their manifesto to scare the Tory or Labour horses.

What's wrong with tax avoidance?
By Mark Rowney - 20 April 11:30

In 2012, Ed Miliband said it wasn’t “for politicians to lecture people about morality”; he was right. Notwithstanding some politicians’ moral convictions, society cannot agree a moral standard for tax. 

The DWP's new solution to the problem of low pay? Blame working families
By Lindsay Judge - 20 April 10:58

The latest developments to the Universal Credit will hit working parents hard, while doing little to tackle the real problem.

What will Labour do for people with disabilities?
By David Blunkett - 20 April 8:52

I have been very fortunate in my life to have had essential help when I have needed it and the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of others. This election is the moment when disabled people can exercise their power and make their voice heard. And today, with the launch of its disability manifesto, Labour is hoping to win their support.

What can be done about the rising number of food banks?
By Frank Field and John Glen - 20 April 7:44

The number using food banks continues to rise. What's being done about the problem of public hunger, and what must we do next?

Milibandimania! Watch as Ed Miliband mobbed by screaming ladies
By Media Mole - 19 April 13:49

Ed Miliband's transformation from punchline into rockstar Prime Minister is almost complete.

The deaths this week are a wake-up call. We need a change of direction
By Tim Farron - 19 April 13:00

This latest horror is neither isolated nor unexpected. We can't sit by and leave people to drown.

The Conservatives and Labour are both wedded to the failed War on Drugs
By Tim Wigmore - 19 April 12:04

On drug policy, mindless tub-thumping trumps trumps what actually works.