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Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter. Photo: Getty Images
There is no path to government that doesn't run through the South. That's why I'm backing Ben Bradshaw for deputy leader
By John Denham - 15 June 16:22

Labour members in the South don't have the MPs to ensure that Ben Bradshaw is on the ballot. That's why I, a former MP, am calling on the PLP to put him there for us.

Yvette Cooper addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Yvette Cooper wants to eradicate child poverty. Great, now tell us how
By Andrew Harrop - 15 June 15:49

Let's that the other candidates will follow Yvette Cooper's lead - and that all of them will offer more policy meat than they have so far.

Who will amass the signatures they need? Photo: Getty
Who nominated who for the 2015 Labour leadership election?
By New Statesman - 15 June 15:33

The leadership candidates needed the signatures of 35 MPs to make the ballot. Here's who backed whom. 

Jim Murphy toasts his audience with a glass of Irn Bru. Photo: Getty Images
No members, no money: why "going it alone" is a more difficult route for Scottish Labour than you might think
By Stephen Bush - 15 June 14:58

A lively debate is raging over whether Scottish Labour should go it alone. That may cause more problems than it solves. 

The party is divided over whether the presence of the left-winger on the ballot will help or hinder the next leader.
What does Jeremy Corbyn's success mean for the Labour leadership race?
By George Eaton - 15 June 12:41

The party is divided over whether the presence of the left-winger on the ballot will help or hinder it.

Jeremy Corbyn in parliament. Photo: BBC Parliament screenshot
Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn MP: “Ed Miliband could have carried on”
By Barbara Speed - 15 June 10:20

As nominations close, Jeremy Corbyn speaks to Barbara Speed about his late bid for leadership, the failings of party democracy, and why Ed Miliband should have hung on.

An "I Agree With Nick" rosette is held up for the cameras. Photo: Flickr/Liberal Democrats
Card-carried away: what does it mean to be a member of a political party in Britain today?
By New Statesman - 15 June 9:00

Introducing our special themed week about party membership, running from 15– 19 June 2015.

Liz Kendall at the launch of Labour's NHS manifesto. Photo: Getty Images
This is why I'm voting for Liz Kendall
By Alison McGovern - 15 June 8:00

Labour will spend the next five years outside power - with Liz Kendall, we can make sure it's not ten.

George Osborne holds the red box containing the 2014 budget aloft for photographers. Photo: Getty Images
Is George Osborne planning yet another tax cut for the rich?
By Chris Leslie - 14 June 11:05

My priority in the run-up to the budget will be relief for middle and lower earners. But George Osborne looks determined to give a handout to the rich.

Ethnic minority students receive their exam results. Photo: Getty Images
What do ethnic minority voters think about immigration?

How do ethnic minority voters differ on immigration from the public at large?

Stella Creasy is a candidate in Labour's deputy leadership election. Photo: Flickr
Over 100 local councillors endorse Stella Creasy as deputy leader of the Labour party
By Stephen Bush - 13 June 10:01

100 local councillors have endorsed Stella Creasy in an open letter to the New Statesman.

Poorer students beware: university maintenance grants face being cut
By Tim Wigmore - 12 June 17:04

To satisfy artificial political requirements, disadvantaged students risk being put off from applying to university.

The ice caps of Greenland. Photo: Getty Images
Our planet stands on a precipice. David Cameron's most important task lies ahead
By Maria Eagle - 12 June 16:00

It's vital that the government secures a global deal on climate change at the Paris summit. Our futures depend on it.

Jeremy Corbyn doesn't want "charity" to get selected. Photo: Flickr/Garry Knight
Jeremy Corbyn is against "charity nominations", but would he accept a few coppers from Andy Burnham?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 12 June 15:52

Surely Jeremy Corbyn owes it to his leftwing supporters to accept a helping hand from Andy Burnham, if he's within touching distance of the ballot paper?

The adoption of living wage contracts is one way that the party could reduce the damage from cuts to tax credits.
Do the Tories have a plan to soften the blow from welfare cuts?
By George Eaton - 12 June 15:11

The adoption of living wage contracts is one way that the party could reduce the damage from cuts to tax credits. 

A wolf in the wild. Photo: Getty Images
A merger between Labour and the Liberal Democrats could never work, and here's why
By Andrew Emmerson - 12 June 13:01

Jamie Reed's proposal that Labour merge with the Liberal Democrats is simply a ruse so Labour can finish what they tried to do at the election: wipe out the Liberal Democrats.

The NS Podcast #97: What makes us bored?
By New Statesman - 12 June 11:36

Plus: the tube map is rubbish.

Andy Burnham during the Queen's Speech ceremony. Photo: Getty Images
Here's what should really terrify Labour about trade union influence in the party
By Stephen Bush - 12 June 7:58

Far from deciding the outcome, the trade unions will be largely incidental to selecting Labour's leader.

Tom Watson outside the High Court. Photo: Getty Images
What's going on in the Labour deputy leadership race?
By Stephen Bush - 11 June 14:39

The parliamentary Labour party is desperate for someone to stop Tom Watson. That's one reason why it's unlikely to happen.

Natalie Bennett on polling day. Photo: Anadolu Agency
"This leftwing label is potentially unhelpful": the Greens on why they missed their moment
By Tim Wigmore - 11 June 14:28

What happened to the Green Surge, and why aren't the Greens on a par with their European equivalents?

Don't be fooled by the new legislation, our fight against modern-day slavery in the UK isn’t over
By Michael Pollitt - 11 June 12:01

As the last bubbles drip from the champagne bottles that welcomed the Modern Slavery Bill on to the statute books, champions of the UK’s anti-trafficking legislation should take a sober look at what they've woken up with.

Charles Kennedy, in thought. Photo: Getty Images
It's time for Labour and the Liberal Democrats to talk about a merger
By Jamie Reed - 11 June 8:16

The reconfiguration of Scottish politics means a rethink is needed in England and Wales.

Demonstrators march outside Parliament. Photo: Getty Images
Here's why I'm nominating Rushanara Ali to be Labour's deputy leader
By Chi Onwurah - 10 June 18:08

I’m nominating Rushanara Ali so another voice will be heard. I urge my fellow MPs to do the same.

Leadership frontrunner says the Tories and Labour would have to promise the automatic introduction of proportional representation.
Tim Farron: Lib Dems would only enter coalition with guarantee of electoral reform
By George Eaton - 10 June 16:11

Leadership frontrunner says the Tories and Labour would have to promise the automatic introduction of proportional representation. 

In this week's magazine | Who owns the future?
By New Statesman - 10 June 13:55

A first look at this week's issue.

Andy Burnham addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Here's why I'm backing Andy Burnham to lead Labour back to power
By Louise Haigh - 10 June 13:39

It’s hard to find a more genuine, decent person in politics than Andy, and I think people will connect with him at a time when we’re battling scepticism and apathy as much as we’re fighting the other side. 

A worker in London's financial district. Photo: Getty Images
Don't be fooled. The country needs and wants a honest debate about tax
By Daisy Srblin - 10 June 13:18

Labour's chastening defeat has led some to claim the party is abandoning its commitments on tax. But that's a myth.

Labour's acting leader delivered an improved performance. But how wise is her new tactic?
PMQs review: Harman recovers some ground as she disciplines "gloating" Cameron
By George Eaton - 10 June 13:01

Labour's acting leader delivered an improved performance. But how wise is her new tactic?

Sadiq Khan and Tessa Jowell are in a tight race as nominations close for Labour's London mayoral candidate
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 June 12:03

As Labour's London constituency parties' endorsements have rolled in, it looks like Tessa Jowell and Sadiq Khan will have a tough fight to the finish.