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How Green party members' long-term influence over policy leads to bizarre results
By Tim Wigmore - 18 June 9:58

How the Greens make - and then forget - their policies.

Tony Blair addresses Progress on the 20th anniversary of his election as Labour leader. Photo: Getty Images
Blairism isn't about moving right - it's about doing what's right
By Thom Brooks - 18 June 9:00

What matters is what works. The solutions have changed, but the spirit of Blairism would do Labour a power of good, argues Thom Brooks.

Yvette Cooper addresses Labour conference in 2013. Photo: Getty Images
Bet on Yvette? Is Yvette Cooper really the frontrunner in the Labour leadership?
By Stephen Bush - 17 June 23:37

The bookmakers make Andy Burnham the favourite. But Labour MPs of all stripes think that Yvette Cooper will be Labour's next leader.

A residential building site, in London. Photo: Getty Images
The solution to London's booming benefits bill - build more houses
By Emily Thornberry - 17 June 17:51

Now is the time for Labour to bring forward positive solutions to the underlying, systemic housing crisis in London, not blame its victims. We must build, not just for ourselves but for our children.

Chuka Umunna waits to address Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Labour's leadership contenders are all white. Does that matter?
By Stephen Bush - 17 June 16:22

Either Labour's ethnic minority candidates aren't as good as their Tory equivalents - or Labour has a problem.

A Labour campaigner during the last days of the 2015 election campaign. Photo: Getty Images
Labour were beaten, yes, but we're not dead
By Shabana Mahmood - 17 June 13:43

Labour were knocked back last month, but we can rebuild, and we must. 

In this week’s magazine | Mini Mao
By New Statesman - 17 June 13:37

A first look at this week's issue.

The Chancellor misjudged the mood by joking about "Bennites" in response to a question on suicide bombing.
PMQs review: Osborne's unwise joke mars a solid debut
By George Eaton - 17 June 13:15

The Chancellor misjudged the mood by joking about "Bennites" in response to a question on suicide bombing. 

Harriet Harman on the campaign trail. Photo: Getty Images
Who nominated who in the 2015 Labour deputy leadership election?
By New Statesman - 17 June 12:42

The deputy leadership candidates needed 35 MPs to back them. Who backed who?

Rushanara Ali, pictured outside Westminster. Photo: Candidate's own.
From a two-horse race to a free-for-all: what does it mean for the deputy leadership race?
By Stephen Bush - 17 June 12:33

The Labour deputy leadership race has gone from a foregone conclusion to a free-for-all. How did it happen?

Hilary Benn, master inquisitor. Photo: Getty
Why is Hilary Benn doing PMQs?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 17 June 11:46

What's happening?

Photo: Liberal Democrats.
What does the Lib Dem membership surge mean for the struggling party?
By Barbara Speed - 17 June 11:04

The Liberal Democrats have increased their membership by 30 per cent since the election, even though they now only  have eight MPs. But can they turn members into votes?

Labour candidates for deputy leader attend the Fabian Society's hustings in 2007. Photo: Getty Images
The Labour deputy leadership looks likely to be a two-horse race
By Stephen Bush - 17 June 8:33

With nominations closed at noon, it looks likely that none of Stella Creasy, Ben Bradshaw, Angela Eagle or Rushanara Ali will make the ballot, unless someone blinks first.

The Labour London mayoral candidates on a panel. Photo: Twitter/@AlvinCarpio
Five things we learnt from the Labour London Mayoral hustings
By Anoosh Chakelian - 16 June 22:27

Labour’s candidates for London mayor had their first hustings. What did they reveal?

Trevor Philips in conversation in 2010. Photo: Getty Images
Trevor Phillips calls on Labour MPs to nominate Stella Creasy for the deputy leadership
By Stephen Bush - 16 June 21:25

Trevor Philips, the former head of the campaign for racial equality, has endorsed Stella Creasy for the deputy leadership.

Ed Miliband, pictured in 2014. Photo: Getty Images
Ed Miliband's ghost is haunting the deputy leadership candidates, but not in the way you think
By Stephen Bush - 16 June 18:28

Ed Miliband's changes to Labour's internal elections gave the PLP less power over the outcome - but a lot more over the ballot. Some MPs want to loosen the leash. 

A commuter train pulls into a London station. Photo: Getty Images
Transport subsidies are an inequality issue. No, really
By Tim Stacey - 16 June 17:04

What government chooses to subsidise - trains - and what it chooses to cut - buses - says more about its commitment to reducing inequality than any number of press releases and warm words.

Margaret Beckett, pictured here during her time as Environment Secretary. Photo: Getty Images
Margaret Beckett writes to fellow Labour MPs urging them to back Angela Eagle for the deputy leadership
By Stephen Bush - 16 June 14:00

Former deputy leader Margaret Beckett has endorsed Angela Eagle's bid for the deputy leadership.

Jeremy Corbyn addresses a Stop the War rally. Photo: Flickr/Garry Knight
The Left must unite behind Jeremy Corbyn's bid for the Labour leadership
By Michael Chessum - 16 June 12:32

Jeremy Corbyn's dash for the Labour leadership could provide the Labour left with a chance at revival - or trigger its swansong, says Michael Chessum.

Elizabeth Jewkes poses in Westminster with a giant cheque.
Meet the ordinary political party member who will cost the Treasury £4bn a year
By Anoosh Chakelian - 16 June 11:43

In an illustration of how regular Lib Dem party members can influence policy, we catch up with the woman whose idea led to the current government’s flagship tax policy.

Silver cutlery are displayed in the showroom of the silversmithery company Puiforcat, on October 1, 2013, in Paris. Photo: Getty Images
If Britain must sell off the family silver, let's put the proceeds to good use at least
By Stewart Lansley - 16 June 11:14

Selling off national assets to pay down the national debt is madness. The money could be better used elsewhere.

Magna Carta goes on display in the Houses of Parliament. Photo: Getty Images
Celebrate Magna Carta, yes: by defending the Human Rights Act
By Chris Bryant - 16 June 10:33

Upholding that European Convention of Human Rights would be the best commemoration of the events of 1215, not dismantling it.

David Cameron occurs Britain's first Girl summit in 2014. Photo: Getty Images
Britain's first forced marriage sentence: a lot more still to do
By Emily Dyer - 16 June 9:07

This month’s forced marriage sentencing was a great step forward, but why is it the only one?

John Major celebrates his unexpected general election win outside Downing Street. Photo: Getty Images
David Cameron moves the EU referendum back - is he turning into John Major?
By Stephen Bush - 16 June 7:52

Downing Street has squashed talk of a second referendum under pressure from the party's Eurosceptics and Labour. Is it 1992 all over again?

The Dewsbury teenager Talha Asmal is "UK's youngest ever suicide bomber". Photo: YouTube screengrab
Remember – just 0.02 per cent of the British Muslim population go to join Middle East conflicts
By Jehangir Malik - 15 June 17:13

British Muslims should be celebrated, not demonised due to the very few, like Talha Asmal, who go to join conflicts in the Middle East.

For Sale signs go up outside a London house. Photo: Getty Images
The root cause of London's housing crisis: we don't build enough houses
By Tom Copley - 15 June 16:29

Far from fixing the underlying problem, the Conservatives' mucking around with demand-side issues will only make things worse.

Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter. Photo: Getty Images
There is no path to government that doesn't run through the South. That's why I'm backing Ben Bradshaw for deputy leader
By John Denham - 15 June 16:22

Labour members in the South don't have the MPs to ensure that Ben Bradshaw is on the ballot. That's why I, a former MP, am calling on the PLP to put him there for us.

Yvette Cooper addresses Labour party conference. Photo: Getty Images
Yvette Cooper wants to eradicate child poverty. Great, now tell us how
By Andrew Harrop - 15 June 15:49

Let's that the other candidates will follow Yvette Cooper's lead - and that all of them will offer more policy meat than they have so far.

Who will amass the signatures they need? Photo: Getty
Who nominated who for the 2015 Labour leadership election?
By New Statesman - 15 June 15:33

The leadership candidates needed the signatures of 35 MPs to make the ballot. Here's who backed whom. 

Jim Murphy toasts his audience with a glass of Irn Bru. Photo: Getty Images
No members, no money: why "going it alone" is a more difficult route for Scottish Labour than you might think
By Stephen Bush - 15 June 14:58

A lively debate is raging over whether Scottish Labour should go it alone. That may cause more problems than it solves.