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Labour must be clearer about how devolution can improve people's lives
By Jim McMahon - 12 November 11:49

Labour should use the devolution debate as an opportunity to resurrect hope across the country by pushing power away from Westminster – and communicating why this approach will help people.

Politicisation of the European Arrest Warrant is dangerous and unnecessary
By Valsamis Mitsilegas - 12 November 11:25

We need clarity on the European Arrest Warrant so that this logical and useful legal instrument does not fall victim to an emotive political bun fight.

Cameron welcomes EU court "benefit tourism" ruling, but what exactly are migrants entitled to here?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 12 November 8:40

The European Court of Justice allows EU states to restrict benefits to out-of-work EU migrants, but welfare is already tight for all immigrants here.

It’s time for the truth: it’s time to publish the Chilcot Inquiry
By Ibrahim Taguri - 12 November 7:00

In May, David Cameron said he hoped the Chilcot Inquiry would by unveiled by the end of the year. There are 50 days left of 2014, and Britain still hasn't had the answers it deserves.

Time to muzzle neoliberal rhetoric and find a new language to promote immigration
By Sam Bennett - 11 November 16:32

The left is straitjacketed by merely using economic arguments about net contribution to make the positive case for immigration.

Stuck or just passing through: how can policy-makers improve social mobility?
By Gavin Kelly - 11 November 15:43

Conventional wisdom holds that any delving into how employers utilise their workforce and pay their staff is off-limits, but ensuring pay progression could help improve social mobility in this country.

Polling shows support for Ed Miliband in target seats – but are they really targets?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 11 November 13:48

Polling released today shows 75.8 per cent of Labour councillors in the party's 106 target seats support their leader. But how significant are Labour's targets?

Amid increased uncertainty, Labour remains the favourite
By Richard Mylles - 11 November 12:08

The Labour party could still win a majority in 2015.

Government has the wrong approach to tackling the skills gap
By Mark Boleat - 11 November 9:38

With youth unemployment falling to 733,000, it is time for devolving skills to improve the prospects for young people and safeguard against any future rise in the figures.

Labour is the real winner after the European Arrest Warrant vote that wasn't
By Anoosh Chakelian - 11 November 8:23

Labour is set to use an opposition day debate on the eve of the Rochester and Strood by-election to debate and vote on the European Arrest Warrant.

35 Tories rebel after Speaker halts May on European Arrest Warrant
By May2015 - 10 November 19:51

Disarray in the House after the Speaker gives backbenchers a chance to clarify this evening’s debate on European crime measures.

We need to let Londoners run London
By Jules Pipe - 10 November 16:39

The capital needs a programme of devolution to boroughs and the Mayor to deliver more effective, integrated services at lower cost 

Five lessons from Ed Miliband’s pro-Europe speech to the CBI
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 November 16:16

What the Labour leader's address to business leaders tells us.

Strong business support for immigration causes more trouble for the Tory target
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 November 14:08

Businesses voice firm support for immigration at the annual CBI conference, as Theresa May tries to play down the Tories' net migration target.

David Cameron’s call for an Asian Prime Minister – and why he doesn’t really mean it
By Imran Khan - 10 November 12:20

The Prime Minister's call for an Asian leader is ironic considering the poor Tory record on ethnic minority representation and attitudes.

Could British business see the Labour party as its closest ally?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 November 11:38

Business leaders gather today to focus on securing Britain’s place in Europe and raising living standards: is Labour the only party truly on their side?

Is the Labour party prepared to up its game on the EU?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 10 November 7:58

With Ukip’s noisy presence in the European Parliament, and Tory euroscepticism rampant at home, is Labour prepared to speak sense on Britain’s EU membership?

The Labour leader will almost certainly survive but he desperately needs to break the cycle.
Labour's angst has still not evolved into a challenge to Miliband
By George Eaton - 09 November 12:09

The Labour leader will almost certainly survive but he desperately needs to break the cycle. 

Watch: The New Statesman editor discusses Ed Miliband's leadership on Sky News
By New Statesman - 07 November 17:05

"He isn't able to transcend his background."

Why we should fight the stigma against government involvement in technology
By Dan Holden - 07 November 15:56

With a persistent stigma against the role of the state against its involvement with business of any kind, we must fight this to promote state help for technology. 

Explore all of Lord Ashcroft's 89 marginal polls
By May2015 - 07 November 14:45

See how many seats each party is set to win according to the seat-by-seat polls.

People only think welfare should be cut because the coalition is misleading them
By May2015 - 07 November 13:47

The public’s appetite for benefits cuts collapses when voters are offered a more accurate measure of “welfare”.

Why hasn't 2014 been the year of the pay rise?
By Gavin Kelly - 07 November 11:38

Average pay growth has been dragged down this year by important shifts in the workforce – but the underlying wage trend has turned marginally positive.

"Divided parties lose elections": Labour is warned to keep it together
By Anoosh Chakelian - 07 November 9:03

How is Labour reacting to its crisis of leadership this week?

What's behind the surprising success of raising tuition fees?
By Tim Wigmore - 07 November 7:48

Disadvantaged pupils are not put off by the rise in fees; demand for studying at university is now at a record high.

In an exclusive interview, the left-wing shadow cabinet minister discusses his new role as a senior adviser to Ed Miliband.
Jon Trickett: Labour must remember every day that it's a "democratic socialist" party
By George Eaton - 07 November 2:02

In an exclusive interview, the left-wing shadow cabinet minister discusses his new role as a senior adviser to Ed Miliband. 

“Things have changed rapidly in the last 48 hours”: what’s going on in the Labour party?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 06 November 17:36

Talk of meltdown in the Labour party is dominating the news, but what is actually happening?

Lord Lawson's parallel world where global warming is not a concern
By Bob Ward - 06 November 15:06

The former Chancellor is trying to turn science on its head to woo climate change "sceptics" from the Conservatives and Ukip.