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From the grubby attempt to oust the Speaker, to Afzal Amin and Grant Shapps, the Conservatives are in no state to address the country's problems.
The Tories' campaign is in chaos
By Jon Ashworth - 26 March 20:07

From the grubby attempt to oust the Speaker, to Afzal Amin and Grant Shapps, the Conservatives are in no state to address the country's problems. 

The New Statesman Podcast | Episode Eighty-Three
By New Statesman - 26 March 17:48

The highlights of the Coalition (warning: features Ed Miliband impressions).

Party like it's 1974: why a book about the Seventies is suddenly relevant again
By Stephen Bush - 26 March 16:48

Simon Hoggart and Alistair Michie's history of the Lib-Lab pact 1977-78 will feel eerily familiar to any student of the Coalition.

Vince Cable hits out at Home Office decision to deport government adviser
By Anoosh Chakelian - 26 March 16:31

The Business Secretary calls the visa rules being applied to the expert academic on UK-China relations “damaging”.

The government's plans for pensions are a minefield - and even they admit it
By Rachel Reeves and Gregg McClymont - 26 March 15:37

The government has been asleep at the wheel. Labour will protect people’s hard-earned retirement savings from scams and fraudsters

"I will never stop fighting": watch Gordon Brown's valedictory speech
By New Statesman - 26 March 15:07

"When the strong help the weak it makes us all stronger."

I'm not sure if the SNP believe what they're saying. But you certainly shouldn't
By Nigel Dodds - 26 March 15:06

The SNP’s goal at Westminster is obvious. They aim to get out of England an answer they failed to get in Scotland.

Watch: the extraordinary speech that defeated the government's bid to oust the Speaker
By May2015 - 26 March 14:57

Charles Walker, Chair of the Procedure Committee, delivered the most memorable speech of an hour-long debate to oust Speaker Bercow.

Only the Greens will tackle Britain's housing crisis
By Natalie Bennett - 26 March 12:01

Whether its healthcare, education or housing, the establishment parties remain silent on the real reason for the crisis: neoliberalism.

Lib Dems unveil their first election poster - at 8.20am, in the rain
By Ashley Cowburn - 26 March 12:00

Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury, launched the Liberal Democrat's first election poster this morning - it rained, and the crowd looked bored.

Plot foiled to unseat the Speaker – here's how John Bercow transformed parliament for the better
By Anoosh Chakelian - 26 March 7:53

Tory and Lib Dem MPs lost an attempt to vote through a change to Speaker election rules that would have been used to unseat Bercow.

You're not allowed to punch people. Since when is that a left-right issue?
By Julia Hartley-Brewer - 25 March 17:11

Jeremy Clarkson wasn't fired because of the PC brigade or the leftie BBC. You're not allowed to hit people - end of story.

"I hope and pray he doesn’t get elected": Ukip founder Alan Sked on Nigel Farage
By James Nickerson - 25 March 16:06

James Nickerson meets Alan Sked, the man who created Ukip.

Shadow chancellor rules out tax rise after Miliband's refusal to do so at PMQs.
Balls closes down Tory attack with pledge not to raise National Insurance
By George Eaton - 25 March 15:38

Shadow chancellor rules out tax rise after Miliband's refusal to do so at PMQs. 

The left must speak out about the horror in Venezuela
By James Bloodworth - 25 March 15:21

Venezuela has gone from the Left's great hope to a scene of despair. We must speak out, or be discredited.

"Left" is a tainted word in our broken establishment: do we need a new way to define ourselves?
By Eliane Glaser - 25 March 15:02

Post-politics: what has killed our democracy, and can we bring it back to life?

The Labour leader was caught unawares by the PM's promise not to increase the tax.
PMQs review: Cameron's surprise pledge not to raise VAT floors Miliband
By George Eaton - 25 March 13:25

The Labour leader was caught unawares by the PM's promise not to increase the tax. 

In this week's magazine | Spring double issue
By New Statesman - 25 March 13:20

Alex Salmond, Germaine Greer, and the socialist pope.

The Green party welcomes Russell Brand's support
By Anoosh Chakelian - 25 March 13:00

Following the comedian and campaigner's complimentary remarks, the Greens open the door to an official endorsement.

Alex Salmond: "I'm not saying I would rival David Beckham, but..."
By Stephen Bush - 25 March 11:25

Alex Salmond's interview with our editor, Jason Cowley, has provoked a storm online. Here are the best bits that didn't make the final cut.

David Cameron at PMQs. Photo: -/AFP/Getty Images
The best moments of Prime Minister's Questions, 2010-2015
By New Statesman - 25 March 11:00

Whether you love or hate PMQs, it does give us a chance to see MPs in action - for better or worse. Watch our supercut of the best moments from the past five years below.

Patriotism and the Left
By Lisa Nandy - 25 March 10:52

Lisa Nandy's speech on the Left, patriotism and solidarity.

Ed Miliband's constitutional proposals are more popular than you'd think
By Daniel Kenealy and Jan Eichorn - 25 March 10:09

New research shows that Miliband's approach to constitutional reform is more popular than the right-wing press would have you believe. He must be louder about it.

Why the SNP tide won't go out any time soon: love of nation is more important than numbers
By Aidan Kerr - 25 March 8:31

A mere change at the top of the Scottish Labour party, or a fall in oil prices, won't change hearts or minds. 

The next Mayor of London must be able to control rents and raise wages
By Gareth Thomas - 25 March 8:00

Labour's national agenda sets a promising direction - but London's next Mayor must seek the powers to to go further.

We have to offer the working poor something better than mere survival
By Joe Anderson - 24 March 17:51

Our energies are focussed on getting people back into work. But we need a better offer for people working on low incomes better than subsistence.

Alex Salmond: "We'd be voting against" any Tory government. Photo: Getty.
Exclusive: Alex Salmond says SNP would vote down the Tories in a Queen’s Speech
By Harry Lambert - 24 March 16:31

Alex Salmond, former First Minister of Scotland, tells the New Statesman that the SNP will not let David Cameron return to power.

After David Cameron got heckled, what did Liz Kendall say to Age UK?
By Liz Kendall - 24 March 15:51

Liz Kendall's speech to Age UK - full text

Sketch: The Alex Salmond procession comes to London
By Harry Lambert - 24 March 14:16

An adoring crowd hung on the former First Minister’s words at a book signing last night.