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Kurdish peshmerga guard Kirkuk against IS militants. Photo: Getty
Boris Johnson: Arrest British citizens who go to Syria or Iraq "without good reason"
By Helen Lewis - 25 August 9:30

"The law needs a swift and minor change so that there is a 'rebuttable presumption' that all those visiting war areas without notifying the authorities have done so for a terrorist purpose," says the Mayor of London.

Conservative party conference. Photo: Getty
Angela Eagle: The Tories have broken their promises on political reform
By Angela Eagle - 23 August 10:16

David Cameron has reinforced the political power of a few big money donors and well established vested interests, argues the shadow leader of the Commons.  Now that his grassroots have taken flight he is even more reliant on the privileged few he uses his power to support.

In next month’s Scottish Referendum, 16 and 17-year-olds living in Scotland will get to vote. Photo: Getty
Why 16 year olds should get the vote
By Ben Kisby - 22 August 12:42

At the age of 16 a British citizen can legally have sex, get married, join the army, smoke, leave home, claim benefits, and contribute to the public purse through taxes – but vote in a general election? Not yet.

John Bercow at the 2014 State Opening of Parliament. Photo: Getty
John Bercow is becoming dangerously outflanked over Commons clerk row
By Bobby Friedman - 22 August 12:34

The Speaker’s appointment of Carol Mills, the secretary of the department of parliamentary services in Canberra, has caused resistance even from his allies.

A flag flying at half mast in Westminster on the day of Margaret Thatcher's funeral in 2013. Photo: Getty
If lauding Thatcher was cause to recall parliament, why not Iraq?
By Chris Game - 22 August 11:44

The people’s representatives should be able to exercise their democratic role, whether it is convenient for the prime minister or not.

Britain is winning the fight against racism. Photo: Getty
Britain is becoming less racist
By Tim Wigmore - 22 August 11:36

Demographic change is defeating racism, and racial prejudice is particularly rare among university graduates.

Ed Miliband has used the coalition’s “all-male front bench” to attack David Cameron during PMQs.
Forget quotas for women MPs – time to limit the number of men
By Rainbow Murray - 22 August 10:45

We should introduce quotas to limit the number of men in power, ensuring that only the best and brightest of both sexes prevail.

Would you watch a film about Nick Clegg? Channel 4 thinks so
By Anoosh Chakelian - 21 August 16:50

A new TV drama will include the Lib Dem leader as its central character, in a show about the creation of the coalition.

Young people need more help moving from education into work
By Tony Dolphin - 21 August 16:12

The latest NEETs figures show that many of the children receiving their GCSE results today won't have a smooth journey from education into work.

If Israel has better drones than anyone, why are so many innocent people dying?
By Ann Rogers - 21 August 16:01

Manless in Gaza: the story of how civilians have lost the drone war.

Rapid responses and targeted messaging: Matthew McGregor. Photo: Micha Theiner/Eyevine
Labour’s most powerful weapon: its digital campaign
By Lucy Fisher - 21 August 15:45

Cooler, younger and tech savvy – meet the team led by Obama’s former digital strategist which Labour hopes will win it the election. 

Why Ukip's new manifesto ideas are worrying
By Justin Cash - 21 August 11:33

How many of their new, worrying ideas make it through to the final manifesto will be key in setting the tone of an undoubtedly aggressive campaign by Ukip.

What is the greatest political song?
By Harry Lambert - 21 August 10:08

Which songs should make our forthcoming list?

For the sixth time since Boris became Mayor, Londoners will be hit with transport fare hikes
By Val Shawcross - 21 August 9:21

The Mayor's planned above-inflation jump in fares will negatively impact London's commuters, and is just one aspect of the wider poor transport legacy of his mayoralty.

It’s GCSE results day, but what did our party leaders get in their school exams?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 21 August 8:53

As hundreds of thousands of teenagers will receive their GCSE results today, we look back to see what our party leaders achieved at school.

It’s GCSE results day, but what did our party leaders get in their school exams?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 21 August 8:53

As hundreds of thousands of teenagers will receive their GCSE results today, we look back to see what our party leaders achieved at school.

When climate change denial is promoted in mainstream news
By Bob Ward - 20 August 14:25

Including articles and comments from figures such as Matthew Ridley and Nigel Lawson without balance misleads the British public.

Theresa May's plans for writing a new domestic abuse offence into law
By Anoosh Chakelian - 20 August 14:01

The Home Secretary is consulting on creating a new crime of domestic abuse.

In this week’s New Statesman | What the Beatles mean today
By New Statesman - 20 August 13:12

A first look at this week’s magazine.

Young people are being let down by sex education in schools
By Chris Sherwood - 20 August 12:36

The current provision of relationship and sex education in schools isn’t adequate for many young people.

Watch: Stella Creasy trounces Austin Mitchell in a debate on the “feminisation of politics”
By Caroline Crampton - 20 August 10:44

Austin Mitchell, who is stepping down as Labour MP for Great Grimsby at the next election, fails to defend his assertion that having more women in Parliament is a “worrying matter”.

Foreign Secretary: British nationals involved in IS atrocities
By Anoosh Chakelian - 20 August 9:04

Philip Hammond says the UK is “very much aware” of Brits becoming involved in the Islamic State militant group.

Lord Rennard’s suspension from his party has been lifted
By Anoosh Chakelian - 20 August 8:39

The peer who the Lib Dems suspended after sexual harassment allegations has had his party membership reinstated.

Notting Hill notebook: a Labour councillor doing politics in the Royal Borough
By Andrew Lomas - 19 August 17:12

Andrew Lomas is new to the borough of Kensington and Chelsea as a Labour councillor. Here are his first impressions of canvassing in one of London's wealthiest areas.

Failed government IT projects could lose taxpayers £1bn
By Anoosh Chakelian - 19 August 16:36

The Home Office has been ordered to pay £224m to a defence contractor; government IT project waste is really adding up.

Are migrants good for the UK economy?
By Carlos Vargas-Silva - 19 August 12:35

Analysing two apparently contradictory studies that have been published about the impact of migration on the UK economy.

DWP accused of hiding universal credit failings: why is IDS still in a job?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 19 August 10:39

Iain Duncan Smith is under further scrutiny as the public accounts committee accuses his department of obscuring problems with the universal credit scheme.

Female professionals earn 35% less than male colleagues
By Lucy Fisher - 19 August 10:00

Women now face worse gender pay discrimination during the second half of their careers.

Why politicians should stop dismissing the importance of ideology
By Eliane Glaser - 19 August 9:03

We need ideas and idealism as well as processes and action; our problem is not too much politics, but not enough.

Imagining the “family test” in action since the coalition came in
By Anoosh Chakelian - 19 August 8:43

How David Cameron's "family test" would have worked if it had been brought in from 2010.