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Jeremy Corbyn poses against a red brick wall. Photo: Getty Images
Labour need to get real: Jeremy Corbyn isn't the answer
By Keiran Pedley - 20 July 13:56

What Labour needs is a competent team capable to winning back the centre ground. Jeremy Corbyn would keep Labour out of power for decades, warns Keiran Pedley. 

Police officers graduate from their training college in Hendon. Photo: Getty Images
Conservative cuts to crime and police budgets put us all in danger
By Jack Dromey and Ron Hogg - 20 July 8:55

Crime is not so much down, as changing, and the government can't get to grips with it, say Jack Dromey and Ron Hogg.

The new Lib Dem leader Tim Farron was questioned about the morality of gay sex. Photo: Getty
The new Lib Dem leader Tim Farron refuses to say whether he believes gay sex is a sin
By New Statesman - 18 July 11:53

The new Lib Dem leader, who is a Christian, has been criticised for his stance on abortion and gay marriage. On Friday Channel 4's Cathy Newman asked him three times if he believed that gay sex was sinful. 

The Strictly Come Dancing cast pose for photographs. Photo: Getty Images
Why should the BBC make programmes like Strictly Come Dancing?
By Chris Bryant - 17 July 14:41

From the beginning, the BBC has had a brief to educate, inform and entertain. That last one isn't an afterthought. 

Liz Kendall addresses a hustings. Photo: Getty Images
Liz Kendall's the right choice for local government, for London, and for Labour

Eight council leaders from the capital explain why they're backing Liz Kendall to lead Labour back into power.

Jeremy Hunt: looks appealing, fills you up at first, but ultimately unsatisfying. Photo: Getty
Emily Thornberry on Jeremy Hunt: "Listening to him is like eating a huge plate of junk food"
By Emily Thornberry - 17 July 11:52

The Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury lashes out at the Health Secretary.

The Angel of the North. Photo: Flickr/Paul Stevenson
It's patronising to say the shadow cabinet needs different accents – we need different ideas
By Simon Danczuk - 17 July 11:29

The Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who himself has a northern accent, finds leadership candidate Andy Burnham's call for more regional accents in the shadow cabinet patronising.

 Labour leadership frontrunner will seek "reassurance" that party will challenge two-child tax credit limit at commitee stage.
Burnham unhappy at Harman's "weak" welfare amendment
By George Eaton - 17 July 10:53

 Labour leadership frontrunner will seek "reassurance" that party will challenge two-child tax credit limit at commitee stage. 

Angela Merkel ponders. Photo: Getty Images
We're still some distance from a lasting deal over Greece
By Glenis Willmott - 17 July 10:06

It's good news that a deal has been reached between Greece and its creditors. But the details of this deal are not good.

The NS Podcast #104: Parenting penalties
By New Statesman - 16 July 17:39

Plus: leadership races galore.

The party's new head must win the battle for relevance by taking up distinctive causes.
Tim Farron elected Lib Dem leader - what next for his party?
By George Eaton - 16 July 16:56

The party's new head must win the battle for relevance by embracing distinctive causes. 

Nigel Farage addresses Ukip party conference. Photo: Getty Images
How does In win the European referendum? But admitting Out has a point
By Kevin Meagher - 16 July 16:17

Hysterical warnings about Brexit won't be enough to win the referendum, says Kevin Meagher. 

The shadow business secretary on why Labour members must not vote for Jeremy Corbyn, why he withdrew from the race, and why the benefit cap is "right".
Chuka Umunna: There are no "free hits" in the Labour leadership contest
By George Eaton - 16 July 15:26

The shadow business secretary on why Labour members must not vote for Jeremy Corbyn, why he withdrew from the race, and why the benefit cap is "right". 

Tessa Jowell, candidate for Labour's mayoral nomination. Photo: Getty Images
As a trade unionist, there's only one candidate for me: Tessa Jowell
By Linda Perks - 16 July 11:58

Linda Perks, secretary of the London branch of the Trade Union and Labour Party Liason Organisation, explains why she's backing Tessa Jowell to win for London.

Harriet Harman boards Labour's "pink bus" during the general election campaign. Photo: Getty Images
Harriet Harman's right: Labour has to offer an alternative, not just opposition
By Stella Creasy - 16 July 8:00

Harriet Harman has thrown down a gauntlet. Here's how I'd pick it up, says Stella Creasy. 

Foxes at play. Photo: Getty Images
Labour is on the wrong side of the argument as far as English votes for English laws are concerned
By Michael Kenny - 15 July 17:34

For the sake of a few foxes, Labour has fallen into a Tory trap, warns Michael Kenny.

Podemos' leader addresses the press. Photo: Getty Images
Read: Tristram Hunt's speech to Policy Network
By Tristram Hunt - 15 July 16:50

Labour must learn from Podemos and Pasokification alike, says Tristram Hunt.

Jeremy Corbyn addresses the Durham Miners' Gala. Photo: Getty Images
Jeremy Corbyn "on course to come top" in the Labour leadership election
By Stephen Bush - 15 July 14:33

Private polling, seen by the New Statesman, shows the veteran leftwinger ahead in the first round of voting. 

After a fraught week, Labour's acting leader sought to rally her side with attacks on the Tories' welfare cuts.
PMQs review: Harman comes out fighting
By George Eaton - 15 July 13:21

After a fraught week, Labour's acting leader sought to rally her side with attacks on the Tories' welfare cuts. 

The New Statesman cover | The motherhood trap
By New Statesman - 15 July 13:16

A first look at this week's magazine.

Syriza members wave flags and banners. Photo: Getty Images
After Syriza's failure, where next for the Left?
By Michael Chessum - 15 July 11:45

The failure of Alexis Tsipras leaves the Left at a crossroads. Where do we go from here? Michael Chessum writes from Greece.

Harriet Harman bows her head. Photo: Getty Images
Harriet Harman shows just how hard the next Labour leader's job will be
By Stephen Bush - 15 July 9:46

That Harriet Harman doesn't have enough goodwill to take Labour to the centre doesn't bode well for Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper. 

David Cameron speaks to female employees. Photo: Getty
Is David Cameron serious about closing the gender pay gap?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 14 July 17:33

The Prime Minister is re-announcing pay transparency measures formulated by the coalition – is it just a gesture?

Satoru Iwata poses against a Nintendo backdrop. Photo: Getty Images
Satoru Iwata: an innovator and true gamer
By Tom Watson - 14 July 17:21

Satoru Iwata wasn't your run-of-the-mill CEO: he was an innovator and a true gamer, says Tom Watson MP. He'll be sorely missed.

We put the Labour leadership candidates into Deep Dream and the results will haunt your nightmares
By Barbara Speed - 14 July 15:25

Google's software searches images for recognisable features, then emphasises them to hellish effect.

Anti-hunting protesters gather outside Westminster. Photo: Getty Images
Labour have put themselves on the wrong side of the English
By John Denham - 14 July 13:36

Ultimately, exhorting the SNP to vote against fox hunting in England and Wales will hurt Labour, warns John Denham.

Iain Duncan Smith leaves the Cabinet meeting after the budget. Photo: Getty Images
This time, Iain Duncan Smith may be right
By Andrew Harrop - 14 July 13:20

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Iain Duncan Smith may be worth listening to - this time. 

A fox rests by some bushes. Photo: Getty Images
Conservatives abandon plans to relax fox hunting laws
By Stephen Bush - 14 July 11:03

The government has pulled its plans to relax fox hunting laws in the face of opposition from its own backbenchers, Labour and the SNP.

John Kerry meets with other members of the P6 in Vienna. Photo: Getty Images
Historic deal reached with Iran over nuclear weapons
By Stephen Bush - 14 July 10:44

An accord has been reached with Iran and the P6. 

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn loses his temper on Channel 4 News
By New Statesman - 14 July 9:06

Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn loses his cool with Channel 4 News anchor Krishan Guru-Murphy.