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The suicide of Britain? Not yet, and here's how it can be avoided
By Tim Roca and Michael Payne - 18 May 16:58

The election has put the Union at risk. Here's how it can be saved. 

Lessons from a parliamentary candidate: why did Labour flop in the marginals?
By Lucy Rigby - 18 May 15:25

Lucy Rigby, the party's candidate in Lincoln, writes for the Staggers about what went wrong, and what Labour can learn. 

John Bercow reelected as Speaker of the House of Commons
By Anoosh Chakelian - 18 May 15:05

The Speaker is voted through by the Commons, in its first sitting of the new parliament.

The frontrunner to become Labour's deputy leader appeals for calm.
Tom Watson: McCluskey and Murphy should stop "slugging it out"
By George Eaton - 18 May 14:34

The frontrunner to become Labour's deputy leader appeals for calm. 

What can Labour learn from the Miliband approach to tax?
By Jolyon Maugham - 18 May 14:10

Ed Miliband did well when appealing to broad principles and good policy - less so when acting from the crude politics of us against them.

Where next for Ukip?
By James Nickerson - 18 May 12:30

Ukip have a history of lapsing into factional in-fighting 

Harriet Harman: "When it comes to elections the public are the boss. We do not question their decision. We heed it."
By Harriet Harman - 18 May 11:51

Harriet Harman has given a speech laying out the party's plans and approach to the leadership election. 

Angela Eagle announces that she will stand to be deputy Labour leader
By Anoosh Chakelian - 18 May 11:38

Angela Eagle declares that she will be running for the deputy Labour leadership.

Three questions that Labour's next leader must answer
By Ian Kearns - 18 May 11:11

The next Labour leader will face varied challenges. If they can't answer them all, they're doomed to failure. 

Britain's chances of leaving Europe are higher than you think
By Stephen Bush - 18 May 8:00

The forces of In are in bigger trouble than they realise.

Labour MP in line to become shadow chancellor if Burnham is elected leader.
Another boost for Burnham as he wins Rachel Reeves's support
By George Eaton - 17 May 10:14

The Labour leadership frontrunner adds to his big tent of backers with the endorsement of the shadow work and pensions secretary. 

Stella Creasy announces she will stand for the deputy leadership of the Labour party
By Stephen Bush - 16 May 22:31

Stella Creasy, the popular MP for Walthamstow, will challenge Tom Watson and Caroline Flint for the post.

Jim Murphy, who has resigned: Not waving but... Photo: Getty
Jim Murphy resigns as leader of Scottish Labour
By Stephen Bush - 16 May 13:57

Jim Murphy has resigned his position after narrowly surviving a no-confidence vote.

Caroline Flint launches bid for Labour's deputy leadership
By Stephen Bush - 16 May 10:00

Caroline Flint has launched her bid to replace Harriet Harman as deputy leader with a video.

Leaflets urging Muslims not to vote issued in Tower Hamlets
By Bethany Gault - 15 May 17:35

Locations targeted included streets near polling stations in the Poplar and Limehouse constituency, which has previously been reported for displaying an Isis flag. 

The NS Podcast #93 | What does the SNP want?
By New Statesman - 15 May 15:39

Plus, the collapse of Scottish Labour.

2015 was the first election I cared about. It didn't end well
By June Eric-Udorie - 15 May 14:32

Five years ago, the election was thousands of miles away in both sense. This time, it was up close and personal. The worst thing is, I'm one of the luckier ones.

Labour has to be honest about the hole that it's in
By Richard Angell - 15 May 13:44

Labour suffered a "hidden landslip" at the polls last week. Getting out of the hole requires some frank conversations.

There is no mystery behind the shadow business secretary's decision - it was media pressure that led him to stand aside.
Why Chuka Umunna withdrew from the Labour leadership race
By George Eaton - 15 May 13:11

There is no mystery behind the shadow business secretary's decision - media pressure led him to conclude he wasn't ready. 

Who benefits now that Chuka Umunna is gone?
By Stephen Bush - 15 May 11:32

Chuka Umunna has left Labour shellshocked by bowing out of the race. Who benefits? 

Labour's defeat was the inevitable consequence of the politics of delusion
By Robert Philpot - 15 May 10:58

The 2015 election was shocking, but it shouldn't have been surprising. 

Chuka Umunna withdraws from the Labour leadership contest
By Anoosh Chakelian - 15 May 10:45

One of the favourites to succeed Ed Miliband retracts his leadership bid.

After the election, what now for child poverty?
By Javed Khan - 15 May 9:14

If the next five years aren't to see child poverty increase yet further, the government must rethink its approach.

Mary Creagh: Labour's next Prime Minister? Photo:Getty
Mary Creagh enters the Labour leadership race
By Stephen Bush - 14 May 18:56

Mary Creagh has surprised the pundits by entering the leadership race. 

Twilight of the pollsters: what should the polling companies do next?
By Marius Ostrowski - 14 May 18:30

The polling industry is at a low ebb after the disastrous result on Thursday. What can they do next?

The leadership candidates have so far focused on tone and presentation.
Will Labour abandon Miliband's policies or just his strategy?
By George Eaton - 14 May 16:45

The leadership candidates have so far focused on tone and presentation. 

There is a threat to British values - the British government
By Caroline Lucas - 14 May 16:00

The government's plans are among the greatest threats to our freedoms, spreading intolerance in the name of tolerance.

Get Nigel? The infighting in Ukip kicks up a notch
By Tim Wigmore - 14 May 12:48

The knives are out for Nigel Farage - and the biggest loser may be Ukip's great cause.