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There's no productivity puzzle: it's the consequence of austerity
By Geoff Tily - 05 March 10:09

Britain's low productivity has become the fashionable malaise as far as our commentators are concerned. But the real problem is austerity. 

The Prime Minister's proposals will wreck any chance of debates
By Stephen Bush - 05 March 9:15

David Cameron's "final offer" will achieve what he wants, and kill off the televised debates. That's bad news for Ed Miliband and the voters - and the Prime Minister might just regret it.

New figures show that women labourers make up the majority of zero hour contracts in the UK. Photo: Getty
Why women are the worst affected by zero hours contracts
By Katrine Marçal - 05 March 8:36

Zero hours contracts are widely used in the care sector, where women make up the majority of the workforce.

The former PM confirms last year's New Statesman story by giving £1,000 to each of the party's 106 target seat candidates.
Blair makes his big donation to Labour
By George Eaton - 04 March 23:15

The former PM confirms last year's New Statesman story by giving £1,000 to each of the party's 106 target seat candidates.

New Ashcroft polls: Labour to be wiped out in Scotland and lose Gordon Brown’s seat
By May2015 - 04 March 20:58

The SNP lead are set to win more than 50 of Scotland’s 59 seats, including Charles Kennedy’s and possibly even Jim Murphy’s.

‘Experts’ don’t think SNP will fade, but inexplicably predict they will only win 29 seats
By Harry Lambert - 04 March 16:29

More than 500 pundits, mostly academics, have offered their election predictions. Their forecasts don’t quite add up.

Natalie Bennett: I’m a rum and raisin candidate and my favourite biscuit is a macaroon
By Ashley Cowburn - 04 March 16:27

Participating in a live webchat on the popular forum, Mumsnet, the leader of the Green party conceded that her favourite biscuits are macaroons, as she can't eat gluten. 

Plebgate: Andrew Mitchell agrees to pay £80,000 in damages to PC Toby Rowland
By Stephen Bush - 04 March 15:47

Andrew Mitchell's two-year legal battle has ended in the Sutton Coldfield MP paying £80,000 in damages.

The Licence Fee remains the best way to fund the BBC - here's how we modernise it
By Ben Bradshaw - 04 March 15:17

We can learn a lot from how other countries have tackled this tricky issue in recent years

In this week’s magazine | How Islamic is the Islamic State?
By New Statesman - 04 March 14:26

A first look at this week's issue.

This is the devolution moment: let's seize it
By Drew Hemment - 04 March 13:43

The independence referendum in Scotland has created the opportunity to revitalise British democracy

Miliband's arguments were by far the stronger but at no point did the PM appear truly uncomfortable.
PMQs review: Confident Cameron blusters through immigration and TV debates
By George Eaton - 04 March 13:21

Miliband's arguments were by far the stronger but at no point did the PM appear truly uncomfortable. 

Grammar schools aren’t the answer – and I should know, I went to one
By Anna Villeleger - 04 March 11:26

David Cameron's u-turn and Ukip's adoration of them has grammar schools back in the headlines. But they don't work and they shouldn't be the priority – and I should know.

The Granola Pact: is there a rift between Natalie Bennett and Caroline Lucas?
By Anoosh Chakelian - 04 March 8:39

There is some truth in the rumour that the Green MP clashes with her party leader, but so far it’s not personal.

David Cameron is letting drivers down and endangering lives
By Richard Burden and Andy Slaughter - 03 March 17:07

The Coalition has fallen asleep at the wheel as far as clamping down on driver safety is concerned. A Labour government would do things differently.

Britain's top institutions are still dominated by the privileged. That has to change
By Tristram Hunt - 03 March 15:49

 8,000 children on free school meals make the top grades at primary school but just 900 will end up at Britain's top universities. That has to change.

“Two dominions”: Alex Salmond could lead the SNP’s negotiations with Westminster parties
By Anoosh Chakelian - 03 March 15:22

In the event of a hung parliament, the former First Minister is likely to be the SNP MP to do the deals.

How do you solve a problem like low productivity?
By Chuka Umunna and Roberto Unger - 03 March 14:30

Chuka Umunna and Roberto Mangabeira Unger set out a five point plan to overcome the constraint low productivity imposes on national prosperity.

We must change how we do politics in order to get people engaged again
By Angela Eagle - 03 March 12:32

British democracy faces a challenge: change or die

The Alan Turing petition: No 10 hides behind "practical and legal complexities" of pardoning 49,000 gay men
By Ashley Cowburn - 03 March 10:57

The codebreaker, Alan Turing, received a posthumous royal pardon in December 2013. But now his relatives are campaigning for the pardon to be extended to all gay men convicted under gross indecency laws.

Video: What does Gogglebox think of David Cameron?
By May2015 - 03 March 10:25

The cast of Channel 4’s hit show talk politics.

Exclusive: 75% of Labour PPCs oppose Trident renewal
By Stephen Bush - 03 March 9:00

75 per cent of Labour's parliamentary candidates oppose renewing Britain's nuclear deterrent - including some in the party's safest seats.

Let's rule one thing out: a "grand coalition" between Labour and the Tories
By Ashley Cowburn - 02 March 17:13

Gisela Stuart, Labour's MP for Birmingham Edgbaston has said that the party should not dismiss the possibility of doing a deal with the Tories, in the form of a "grand coalition".

"Justice, not charity, is what is needed in the world": A new pamphlet looks to put the politics back into international aid
By Stephen Bush - 02 March 15:49

International development has become the subject of cosy consensus. A new pamphlet aims to put that right

For all our politicians fail to grasp it, a progressive alliance can still be built
By Neal Lawson - 02 March 14:21

Supporters of the three anti-Conservative parties must put aside the disagreements of the last five years - and vote tactically

The success of Russia Today and Al-Jazeera show why the World Service is more important than ever
By Beth Miller - 02 March 13:34

Shorn of its government funding and now reliant on the licence fee, the BBC World Service is in grave danger. Britain could pay a heavy price for letting it go extinct

Broadcasters reject the Greens' request for Natalie Bennett only to appear in one TV debate
By Anoosh Chakelian - 02 March 12:11

The Green party's plea for its leader and its MP to appear in one debate each has been declined by the broadcasters.

Dress codes: can there be a productive relationship between politics and fashion?
By Anna Leszkiewicz - 02 March 11:36

Political fashion has never been straightforward.

As the activists' darling launches his re-election campaign in the Lake District, he struggles to deflect questions about his next move.
Tim Farron profile: The Lib Dems' leader-in-waiting
By George Eaton - 02 March 11:30

As the activists' darling launches his re-election campaign in the Lake District, he struggles to deflect questions about his next move.