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Internet advertising by numbers

Ten stats to remember.

Total spent on online advertising in 2011.

14.4 per cent
Increase in online advertising spending from a year earlier. Ad spending across all UK media increased by less than 2 per cent in 2011.

Total spent on search advertising.

Total spent on display advertising, the first time display reached 10 figures.

157 per cent
Increase in spending - to £203m - on mobile advertising from a year earlier.

75 per cent
Increase in spending on social media banner ads - to £240m - from a year earlier.

Total spent on video advertising, more than double that of 2010.

27 per cent
Percentage of web time UK users spent on social media in 2011.

Number of UK mobile users who accessed social media through a mobile device in the three months to January 2012.

8 times over
Increase in spending on video advertising since 2008; the increase in spending on social media banner ads since 2008.