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Wipro introduces 'ClickLoyalty' on's AppExchange2

Company said that the new 'ClickLoyalty' was built using and is readily available for test

Wipro Technologies, a consulting, system integration and outsourcing business of Wipro, has introduced 'ClickLoyalty', a customer loyalty management offering on's AppExchange 2.

The company said that the new 'ClickLoyalty' was built using, the enterprise cloud computing platform, and is readily available for test drive and deployment on AppExchange 2 at

The new offering is suitable for multiple industry processes and its features include: multilevel rewards, behavioural promotions, and superior loyalty analytics. chief marketing officer Kendall Collins said Wipro ClickLoyalty offering is an endorsement of, real-time analytics and social media which businesses can now truly profit from.

Wipro Technologies CRM and SCM group practice head CS Swaminathan said ClickLoyalty rests on the strengths of a CRM package, eliminating integration issues faced when using a point offering.

"ClickLoyalty enables its users to develop, run and track simple as well as complicated loyalty management programs which can be integrated with the campaigns, POS systems and the financial systems," Swaminathan said.