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IBM won't join Compuware's cloud Community - yet

IBM has not refused to get involved

In an exclusive interview with CBR, IBM UK & Ireland cloud computing technical leader John Easton said that Big Blue is "aware" of Compuware's CloudSleuth cloud partner community, but there are no firm plans for the company to lend its weight to it.

Compuware took the wraps off its "partner-driven cloud Community" earlier this month, saying it built it to highlight the performance of cloud computing providers around the world. But while it is early days, the absence of cloud providers such as IBM, BT, Fujitsu and Colt show its initiative doesn't yet have the backing of all the major cloud providers.

Their absence could be taken as a sign that they are not yet ready to have their cloud services subjected to public scrutiny, or that they don't believe that Compuware's CloudSleuth Community has the necessary level of independence to give all providers a level playing field and ensure that like is compared with like.

IBM's Easton noted that, "What is required from the standards space is to establish a level playing field for vendors to provide solutions that give clients choice, interoperability, defined interfaces between the major IT services, and that allow them to more easily integrate their existing applications with the new cloud infrastructure."

Speaking to CBR when Compuware announced CloudSleuth, Doug Willoughby, Compuware director of cloud computing, told CBR that he expects to announce BT as a partner soon, and the firm is already in discussions with Colt. He said IBM - a close rival to Compuware in the mainframe software space in particular - has not refused to get involved, but, "We haven't deliberately targeted them at all. There are no plans to announce at this stage. We've just not had the opportunity to engage with them yet."

In addition to blogs, forums and resources provided by CloudSleuth partners, the site features a number of applications to help enterprises build and manage cloud apps, and monitor the performance and availability of public cloud providers.

CloudSleuth has also been working with three content delivery networks (CDNs), Cloudfront, Edgecast and CDNetworks, which will help to give those considering the cloud an idea of how the use of CDNs might affect the performance of applications hosted with different cloud providers.

Ovum analyst Laurent Lachal said of Compuware's initiative: "CloudSleuth is a timely offering that will help boost market awareness of public cloud QoS issues. This is timely because enterprises are becoming increasingly hungry for actual data about the quality of service that public clouds offer."