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Smith Micro Software launches new app for Android devices

The app is for sending large files and is now supported on the iPad, iPhone and Android operating sy

Smith Micro Software, a developer of mobility software offerings and services, has released new application for Android devices that allows users to send large files and track the status of pending file deliveries.

The company said that its new SendStuffNow for Android also makes it possible to upload and share photos and videos captured on Android devices. It allows create new invitations to allow additional users to access files that have already been uploaded.

The new app currently supports Android, iPhone and iPad devices with the most secure way to deliver files over the mobile Internet. It allows consumers to store and transmit files up to 2GB in size.

When the application is launched, users simply select and upload the video, image or document file that needs to be shared. Those receiving files via SendStuffNow need to click on links to files embedded in an email to download them through a Web browser.

The application incorporates StuffIt compression engine that offers AES 256bit encryption of both Zip and StuffIt archives. Files encrypted using the StuffIt file format can be decrypted with StuffIt Expander, a free tool available for download from