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Microsoft, Yahoo! sites gain US search share

Google retains top spot in US searches but Microsoft increases its share.

Yahoo! and Microsoft sites have experienced gains in the US core search market in June, due in part to the continued utilisation of contextual search approaches that tie content and related search results together, according to a report from research firm comScore.

According to the report, Americans conducted 16.4 billion core searches in June 2010, with Google sites accounting for 62.6% search market share, down from 63.7% in May, while Microsoft sites grabbed 12.7% market share, up 0.6 percentage points versus May.

Yahoo! sites accounted 18.9% of the US core search market in June, an increase of 0.6 percentage points compared to 18.3% in May 2010. Ask Network grabbed 3.6% of the US core search market, remaining at May levels, while AOL Network share of searches decreased by 0.1% to 2.2%.

In June 2010, Google sites led the search market with 14.62 billion search queries, followed by Yahoo! sites with 3.21 billion queries and Microsoft sites with 2.18 billion searches. Searches on Bing sites increased 5% to 1.72 billion from 1.64 billion in May 2010.

According to the report, search queries decreased by 1% to 315 million from 319 million, while AOL search network queries were up by 3% to 298 million from 290 million in May.

Social networking site Facebook reported an increase of 2% to 621 million searches compared to 609 million searches from the previous month. MySpace sites decreased by 5% to 292 million, Amazon sites improved 4% to 290 million and eBay reported 4% decrease to 620 million.