SynapSense partners with Future Facilities

New system allows for big energy savings.

SynapSense has entered into partnership with Future Facilities to integrate its data centre monitoring and energy management offering into the Future Facilities 'Virtual Facility' data centre modelling environment.

SynapSense said that they will combine their real-time monitoring and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools to offer a complete view of the past, present and future states of the data centre environment.

According to the company, Adaptive Control optimises cooling capacity and allows customers to drive energy savings of up to 35% of cooling costs, and also features the security, redundancy and resiliency.

Future Facilities' Virtual Facility model can be used to understand and manage the supply and return of cooling air that is fundamental to IT equipment resilience and overall facility power usage efficiency.

In addition, Virtual Facility model accepts environmental and power consumption sensor readings directly from the SynapSense offerings.

Hassan Moezzi, director of Future Facilities, said: "The combination of real-time monitoring and the Virtual Facility approach is the ultimate approach to managing reliability and performance of our customers' physical assets."

Peter Van Deventer, CEO of SynapSense, said: "SynapSense is delivering an enterprise-level operating platform for the world's leading data centres, and with an integrated interface from Future Facilities predictive capabilities, customers receive the goodness of both real-time and predictive tools that allow for impressive operational efficiencies."