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Global PC shipments to increase 22 per cent in 2010: Gartner

Worldwide shipments to reach 376.6m.

Worldwide PC shipments are expected to reach 376.6 million units in 2010, an increase of 22 per cent compared to 308.3 million units shipped in 2009, according to a new preliminary forecast by Gartner.

The research firm estimates worldwide PC spending to reach $245.4bn in 2010, up 12.2 per cent from 2009. The global home PC market is expected to outpace the professional market with 29.5 per cent growth in 2010, while the professional PC market is projected to grow 13.1 per cent.

Worldwide mini-notebook shipments are preliminarily forecast to total 41.8 million units in 2010, a 30 per cent increase from 2009 shipments of 32.1 million units.

Mini-notebooks are estimated to account for 18.6 per cent of mobile PC shipments in 2010, but their share is projected to decline after this year, falling to 13.9 per cent of the mobile PC market in 2014.

Gartner analysts said media tablets will impact the PC market, especially mini-notebooks. In most likely scenario, approximately 10 million media tablets are expected to ship in 2010, while tablet PC shipments are estimated to reach approximately 2 million units and may not surpass 3 million units until after 2012.

Raphael Vasquez, research analyst at Gartner, said: "Media tablets will not impact the mini-notebook segment this year. However, media tablets, such as the iPad and similar devices, will significantly detract from mini-notebook shipments in 2013 and onward, when we expect their prices to be lower and, more importantly, their functionality to be more similar to mini-notebooks."

George Shiffler, research director at Gartner, said: "On a regional basis, PC markets in Western Europe, China, and the US will generate more than half of 2010 PC shipment growth. Over half of PC shipment growth in 2011 will come from the US and China.

"Coming into the first quarter of 2010, the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) super-region lagged behind other regions. However, EMEA returned to strong growth earlier than expected, especially with the recovery of the Eastern Europe region."