Centrix brings virtual transparency

Centrix Software has launched a suite of tools to evaluate and manage virtual and traditional deskto

The suite is split into three distinct products that can all work together. WorkSpace Discovery is a free, standalone, Windows-based audit package to enable companies to identify existing applications and hardware and understand how they are being used.

Second strand to the release is WorkSpace iQ, an enterprise-scale, web-based product that goes further than Discovery, monitoring and measuring application access and usage. It's also important for helping IT people gather the data they need to present a business case for virtualisation to the board. Cost benefits can be significant. One customer managed to reduce its server farm from 1,200 servers to 1,000 simply by monitoring what was used on a day to day basis.

These new releases join WorkSpace Universal, which pools the information together into single, customisable user interface.

Rather than rely on information from each individual virtual vendor, WorkSpace pulls together data from across the virtualised environment into one place.

"We build connections that look into all the other platforms such as Citrix and VMware and aggregate that and deliver that intelligently," said Lewis Gee, vice president sales and marketing.

Transparency across the IT infrastructure gives companies the power to establish a strategy for application delivery.

"Once you've got visibility; once you know what you're using on your end-user devices, you can make a decision about which are better for a virtual desktop or just stay with a fat client. Once you actually have more than one application delivery methodology, you can start to actually optimise those solutions and move off one platform to another. We call it virtual arbitrage," said Gee.