CRYPTOcard revamps authentication suite

Network security firm CRYPTOcard has updated its authentication platform BlackShield ID to include a

BlackShield ID v2.6 contains what CRYPTOcard describes as pattern-based authentication from GrIDSure. This enables users to generate a one-time password without the need for more hardware or software. Security admins can provision GrIDSure tokens automatically or manually assign them to end users.

The new version also contains improved access options for Java phones, a reflection on the rise of their use in enterprises. Java ME mobile phones can be turned into tokens that generate PIN-protected one-time passwords, providing authentication for VPNs, web applications, Citrix and any other BlackShield ID protected online resources.

BlackShield ID v2.6 introduces a number of new methods for SMS/OTP authentication: SMS No Waiting, SMS No Waiting Plus, SMS Single Sign On and SMS Challenge/Response. 

CRYPTOcard claims that with SMS No Waiting and No Waiting Plus a new passcode is delivered by SMS immediately following each successful authenticated logon, which can only be used with a valid PIN. The company says that this service is aimed at users with an unreliable SMS service.

The firm is particularly excited about the potential of SMS Challenge/Response, which delivers a one-time password during the logon process. The passcode is delivered by SMS once a valid UserID is submitted.

SMS Single Sign On is a variation of Challenge/Response that offers two-stage SSO, where the user receives a time-limited passcode to combine with their PIN for submission as the second stage of authentication.

BlackShield ID v2.6 also protects Windows workstations at the domain and local login level and can authenticate a laptop even if a network connection is unavailable.