Websense unveils Triton security platform

Security vendor Websense has introduced a new product that combines web, email and data security in

The company says that Triton is the first platform to integrate data loss prevention (DLP) technology into Web security gateway and email security to deliver unified content analysis and management.

Mark Murtagh, technical director at Websense, told CBR that the new platform is a response to the blending of web and email threats and the change in the way those threats are launched at companies.

"Historically companies built up solutions and architectures to try and identify and protect themselves from very specific things - viral content or applications for example. The security solutions were siloed," he said. "But now threats are more blended so one attack would encompass spam email, viral payloads hosted online, threats to information internally and more."

Websense Triton integrates Websense Web Security Gateway, Data Security Suite and Websense Email Security to manage their security platform centrally, rather than as, "Large, complex and disparate systems with lots of different management consoles," Murtagh said.

The trio of services provide real-time analysis and classification of inbound and outbound content to protect against zero-day web exploits, malware, data loss, acceptable use violations and non-compliance for regulated data. Websense is calling this TruContent intelligence.

Triton has a hybrid delivery model, enabling customers to use it on-premise or through the cloud or a combination of both. Murtagh said this will be useful for companies with a disparate worldwide workforce or with a high number of remote workers.

It's for any organisation that wants to do joined-up security but with the flexibility to adapt to their IT strategy, whether you're consolidating by bringing everything into the core or embracing flexible working practices  or SaaS/cloud. This architecture adapts to that," he said.

"Triton is a small footprint architecture with a centralised, unified console, one set of policies and consolidated reports and logs. It can protect from inbound threats and protecting the data assets as well. As an industry we've not been doing that. There's lots of talk about hybrid and integration but they provide two solutions that the customers manages separately," Murtagh said.

Being able to manage core network assets, remote workers and disparate offices from one central location should make security management easier and cheaper, according to Murtagh.

Websense Triton is available now to some organisations under an early adopter programme and will be more widely available in April.