Demand for greater storage efficiency to drive deduplication adoption, says IDC

EMC and NetApp dominate hardware-based deduplication

IT buyers demand for greater storage efficiencies will drive the adoption of deduplication offerings over the next 12 months, according to new survey from IDC. The survey showed that over 60% of respondents are either in the process of deduplicating or have plans to deduplicate their primary, backup or archive data in the coming year.

Firms with more than 6 petabytes (PB) of total disk storage place higher priority on storage performance as a driver. 57.5% of respondents say that their organisations are implementing deduplication or have already deduplicated primary data including virtual servers. The firm said that the user satisfaction with deduplication technology is high in the areas of performance, overall system and management with deduplication usage and plans comparable for backup and primary data and slightly lower for archive data.

According to the survey, the areas for deduplication improvement include implementation, ROI and vendor commitments and 32.4% of respondents were able to or will eliminate tape as a result of dedupe with 59% of respondents citing they have or will reduce tape. In addition, the survey found that the EMC (including Data Domain) and NetApp dominate hardware-based deduplication, while EMC, Symantec and IBM dominated software-based deduplication.

Laura Dubois, program director at Storage Software, said: "The tipping point for spending on deduplication solutions stems from larger projects around improving storage performance, virtualising servers, and disaster recovery. The importance of deduplication and the opportunities it presents were validated by the public bidding war waged in 2009 between EMC and NetApp for deduplication heavyweight, Data Domain."