Businesses without data encryption face security risk, says research

New research by Check Point, the Israel-based IT security company, has found that just 27% of busine

The survey discovered that over 40% of businesses now have more remote workers connecting to the corporate network from home or when traveling than they did during 2008. About 77% of respondents said that up to a quarter of their total workforce is made up of regular remote workers.

In addition to the 27% who use hard disk encryption to protect sensitive data on corporate endpoints, just 9% said that they use encryption for removable storage devices, such as USB flash drives.

"With less than 30% of businesses saying they use data encryption, the majority of corporations are left dangerously exposed to the risk of a serious data breach," said Juliette Sultan, head of global marketing at Check Point.

Desktop antivirus (90%), antispyware (56%), personal firewalls (49%) and VPN clients (49%) are the most popular security systems in place at the companies quizzed for the survey. Nearly half (47%) said that they planned to introduce an endpoint security platform within the next year.

The survey spoke to 224 IT and security administrators across a wide range of businesses, including the finance sector, manufacturing and local or national government bodies. Respondents also came from companies ranging from up to 99 employees (23%) to over 5,000 (15%).