Apple's iPad in trademark dispute

Apple is likely to face a legal challenge from Fujitsu over the iPad trademark that it has used for

The Japanese technology company said it has been making and selling a handheld device called iPad since 2002, and has an outstanding trademark application dating back to 2003.

It was reported as saying that it was aware of the possible infringement on its trademark by Apple and was seeking legal advice about the steps to take over the issue.

To make the situation worse for Apple, other companies around the world have also been using the iPad name for many years.

Europe's largest chip-maker STMicro, Siemens and Canadian lingerie company Coconut Grove, all sell products called iPad.

The situation is not very different from 2007 when Apple had launched its iPhone.

It had to negotiate a settlement with Cisco to use the trademark because the communications equipment maker already had a product in the market with a similar name tag.