IT security spending to rise in 2010, says Forrester Research

Consumerisation of IT utmost concern for IT security professionals

Around 40 per cent of businesses will increase their spending on new IT security technologies in 2010, according to a pair of reports by Forrester Research.

The research found that 42 per cent of enterprises expect to increase IT security spending on new technologies by 5 per cent or more this year, and 37 per cent of small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) expect to do the same.

The survey of nearly 2,200 enterprise and SMB business executives and technology decision-makers in North America and Europe, has found that the greatest spending increases are in the area of network security, with 40 per cent of enterprises and 36 per cent of SMBs expect to spend more in 2010, while data security being the largest budget item for IT organisations.

According to Forrester Research, consumerisation of IT, the proliferation of consumer devices in the workplace, is of utmost concern to IT security professionals. Nearly half of all enterprises (46 per cent) had concerns about smartphones, while 38 per cent of enterprises were concerned about Web 2.0 technologies. More than 80 per cent of businesses, large and small identified managing vulnerabilities and complex threats as a high priority in the coming year.

Jonathan Penn, analyst and vice president at Forrester, said:  "As we move out of the recession, we expect to see security investments continue to grow, although the nature of that investment is changing. In general, this follows the broader trend of IT losing centralised control of technology adoption, deployment, and use.

"It's not just consumer technology like iPods and the use of Facebook or Twitter; it also shows up in the uncontrolled proliferation of SharePoint sites by business groups or in the use of cloud computing services by application developers."