Symantec revamps storage line

Deduplication moves centre stage

Symantec has revamped its storage products as it looks to focus on deduplication and archiving. The products are said to save money by enabling companies to store less data.

Symantec says that Backup Exec 2010 and NetBackup 7 offer improved functionality with the ability to offer three types of deduplication - at the source, at the media server, and through third party clients. The company says it is the only company to offer this service.

"Most other vendors or products that are in the market today solve deduplication in one way: they either will do client- or source-side or maybe media server, if they do it at all, or it may be a hardware product. But we're offering the chance to do all three," said Pat Hanavan, vice president of the Symantec Information Group. "We're not delivering a new product, but it's a new option for customers."

Backup Exec 2010, aimed at the mid-size market, offers archiving technologies as well as its deduplication service. Symantec says that it offers granular recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Active Directory in VMware and Hyper-V environments. The virtualisation capabilities should enable IT admins to restore or redirect an application or recover individual emails, mailboxes or file/folders from within the guest machine.

NetBackup 7 is aimed at larger enterprises and offers centralised management, which Symantec says is ideal for global organisations. It also features Symantec's 'Deduplication Everywhere' technology. Deduplication at the source means that companies are moving less data around, saving time and money, says Hanavan.

As well as the three elements of deduplication, archiving and data recovery, NetBackup 7 also integrates a reporting and analytic feature.

The revamp of both products is a response to the increasing volumes of data that companies are generating and storing every day. Analyst house IDC says that the volume of data being created and stored each year is growing between 50 and 60%. Matthew Lodge, Symantec's senior director of product marketing, told CBR that increasing volumes of data will present more and more problems for businesses.

"Our thought behind it is that you shouldn't be using backups for long-term data storage. It's not an efficient way of storing those things because backups are designed for recovery," he said. "Typically you will be looking for an individual item rather than a whole system. Archiving stores things at the object level, so you can recover on an individual basis."

Both products will be available from February 1 with a suggested price of $1,174 for a media server license and basic maintenance. The deduplication and archiving versions have a suggested price of $2,708 - $3,888. NetBackup 7 has a suggested price of $7,995 for an enterprise server and five client licenses.