Alibaba slams Yahoo for siding with Google

Chinese Internet company Alibaba has criticised stakeholder Yahoo for supporting Google in its confr

Google entered into a stand-off with China over Internet censorship. It also alleged massive and sophisticated cyber attacks on its servers by Chinese hackers to extract information about Chinese human rights activists and other sensitive issues such as intellectual property.

Alibaba has accused partner Yahoo of being "reckless" after it stated that it is "aligned" with rival Google over the "deeply disturbing" attacks and user privacy issues.

China's biggest online B2B portal said it doesn't share Yahoo's view given the "lack of facts in evidence."

Chinese government blocks access to websites it considers subversive or pornographic. Google recently said it is no longer willing to black out websites figuring in the results its Chinese service offers users.

The US-based search engine giant threatened to quit the country if forced to continue with the censorship. This has triggering a standoff with the Chinese government.

Google however has reportedly not yet acted on its stated intent of not censoring search results anymore. Instead, it has showed a willingness to discuss the issue with the Chinese government.

The Chinese ministry of commerce has also made soft noises, saying the dispute can be resolved in many ways.

Yahoo acquired a 39 per cent stake in Alibaba when it quit China in 2005.