Leveson is dead - business as usual will continue
By Steven Baxter - 14 March 12:55

There will be a "tougher" press regulator, we are told. But what of all the hours of testimony and hard-fought recommendations in the Leveson report? Were they all for nothing?

The new propaganda is liberal. The new slavery is digital
By John Pilger - 14 March 9:12

As Leni Riefenstahl said: "Propaganda always wins if you allow it".

New Statesman
So… Why does the Daily Express hate the EU?
By Scott Bryan - 13 March 9:05

The <em>Daily Express</em> doesn’t like The EU.

Why is Douglas Murray smearing me to distract from this damning UN report on Israel in Gaza?
By Owen Jones - 12 March 12:01

Owen Jones made the same error as the Telegraph, Mail, Haaretz, Guardian, Sun, Washington Post, Human Rights Watch and Spectator. If Douglas Murray wants that to be addressed, he also knows that Israel could be guilty of committing war crimes. So why the

The big question that the generation raised on porn must answer
By Rhiannon and Holly - 11 March 11:50

Porn often shows a submissive woman, stripped of all of her body hair, undergoing ritual humiliation in the name of sexuality, and twentysomethings must ask whether that has wider implications about how our peers view us socially, politically and professi

The Queen "fights for gay rights" . . . oh really?
By Helen Lewis - 10 March 12:29

Interrogating the Mail on Sunday's tissue-thin front-page story.

Why are some university debating societies havens of misogyny?
By Willard Foxton - 07 March 14:31

The heckling experienced by female debaters at Glasgow University Union is an unwelcome reminder of a previous age where personal insults were fair game. And anyone who disagrees is a dickless baboon.

What can be done about the BBC’s raw deal for migrants?
By Martin Plaut - 07 March 14:11

Welsh and Scottish Gaelic have their own language broadcasts as well as the English output, but communities like British Somalis receive nothing, despite paying the same license fee.

Not Rod Liddle.
Rod Liddle and friends, a word in your ear about harassment
By Ally Fogg - 28 February 15:28

There's a difference between flirting over the photocopier and being a groper. So even if you think you're Don Draper, you might be Uncle Monty.

New Statesman
The Indie’s woes, the end of Sunday papers and what happened to me last week
By Peter Wilby - 28 February 7:03

Peter Wilby's "First Thoughts" column.

Leader: A caged princess, media hysteria and a culture of absurd deference
By New Statesman - 28 February 6:38

The most telling part of Hilary Mantel’s comments on the monarchy was not her descriptions of the former Kate Middleton’s appearance, although those were crafted with the precision we have come to expect of the Booker Prize-winner. Rather it was her description of the future of monarchy.

Comics fans react with disgust at photos of a woman on her way to work
By Alex Hern - 27 February 14:25

The <em>New Statesman</em>'s senior geek misogyny reporter on the pictures of Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson.

Ai Weiwei guestedited the New Statesman on 22 October 2012.
New Statesman Ai Weiwei guest edit shortlisted at the British Media Awards
By Caroline Crampton - 26 February 14:33

Nominated for Cross-Media Project Of The Year.

“Ghost Stories”: The ubiquitous anti-feminism of young adult romances
By Tara Isabella Burton - 24 February 12:46

Teenage girls are being told that romantic desirability is the proof of, and the reward for, individual worth.

New Statesman
Morning Call: pick of the papers
By Alex Hern - 23 February 9:33

The must-read comment and analysis from today's papers.

Leveson: The latest press disinformation campaign
By Brian Cathcart - 22 February 13:43

The noise about supposed Leveson "outrages" is getting worse, says Brian Cathcart.

Hilary Mantel, photographed for the New Statesman by Leonie Hampton in 2012.
Hilary Mantel and the duchess’s new clothes
By Caroline Crampton - 22 February 7:25

I was present for the author's so-called "attack" on the Duchess of Cambridge. It was nothing of the sort.

New Statesman
OpenDemocracy needs your help
By New Statesman - 20 February 15:43

The site is just £50,000 short of its fundraising target.

Jon Stewart: "At least God isn’t hurling rocks and loose horsemeat at us."
By Alex Hern - 20 February 12:46

The Daily Show tackles horse meat.

Arianna Huffington heads to court over allegations that she stole the idea for the HuffPo
By Alex Hern - 15 February 14:47

Huffington Post: "there is no merit to these allegations"

Mark Kermode: The next generation of film critics will come from the internet
By Bim Adewunmi - 14 February 15:13

We sent Bim to Cuddle her Favourite Critic.

Where are the pictures of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, pregnant in a bikini?
By Alex Hern - 13 February 9:45

Italian magazine Chi — owned by Silvio Berlusconi — has published the unauthorised pictures of the Duchess.

A Royal Charter for the benefit of newspaper editors, not the public
By Martin Moore - 12 February 17:47

The ways in which the Government has altered Lord Leveson's recommendations is telling.

DC comics faces boycott over Superman writer who linked gay men and paedophilia
By Alex Hern - 11 February 16:54

Adventures of Superman writer Orson Scott Card's history of homophobia sparks protest.

Leader: Time’s up for Assange
By New Statesman - 07 February 9:25

He should leave the Ecuadorean embassy without delay.