Why would a grieving family want to hear from a not-quite England footballer, Ian Wright?
By Media Mole - 24 June 10:17

The Sun columnist says football players shirking international duty should have to call the parents of someone killed in Afghanistan and explain themselves. What?

Even if you do add in Russell Brand, it doesn't necessarily make your march newsworthy. Photo: Getty
No, the media didn’t ignore your anti-austerity march – it just wasn’t that interesting
By Willard Foxton - 23 June 13:12

There’s no organised “media blackout” on reporting protest marches. More often than not, they just aren’t that much of a story.

They who shout loudest: an onlooker with a megaphone at the Tour de France, 2013. Photo: Getty
Social media is important for journos but let’s keep things in proportion
By Ed Smith - 19 June 16:30

A tiny online minority has a disproportionately loud voice. It is important to remember the weak correlation between the things we know some readers think and what readers, in totality, really think. 

"Edinburgh's disgrace", Calton Hill: the lack of a national 6 o'clock news is a big problem for Scotland. Photo: Getty
The lack of a Scottish Six O’Clock News is a major democratic flaw
By Angus Roxburgh - 17 June 12:34

Viewers in Scotland have to sit through half-hour bulletins that may have no domestic news relevant to their lives, before Scottish news is broadcast as a budget regional news programme. 

Rebekah Brooks arrives for the first day of the trial at the Old Bailey. Photo: Getty
Why and how Peter Jukes live-tweeted the entire phonehacking trial
By Anoosh Chakelian - 12 June 11:04

450,000 words, over 2.5m keystrokes, 12,000 followers and about seven months of coverage later, first-time trial live-tweeter Peter Jukes can finally give his fingers a rest.

Feed the world: Live Aid 1985, which Mark Ellen helped present. Photo: Getty
Mark Ellen: a big bad love affair with music mags
By Andrew Harrison - 05 June 10:00

Mark Ellen changed the face of music magazines with Smash Hits, Q, SelectMojo and finally The Word. His memoir is as “hectic, self-deprecating, quietly perceptive” as the man himself. 

Claire Shipman and Katty Kay, authors of The Confidence Code. Photo: Stephen Voss/Redux/Eyevine
Talking about women’s lack of confidence may be counterproductive
By Alice Robb - 05 June 10:00

A new book by newscasters Katty Kay and Clare Shipman argues women’s timidity is holding them back at work – but does it perpetuate the idea that confidence is a masculine trait.

The editor of The Oldie Richard Ingrams resigns – for being "too old" to attend a disciplinary hearing
By Media Mole - 02 June 13:03

The former Private Eye editor and founder of The Oldie resigns following a long-running dispute with the magazine's publisher.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore. Photo: Getty
Why do misogynists deserve the “privacy” the women they abuse are denied?
By Sarah Ditum - 27 May 10:26

From the case of Richard Scudamore to that of Justin Lee Collins, the lie that the public degradation of women is somehow a private matter for the men who perpetrate it has taken hold.

A shattered window at the crime scene in Isla Vista. Photo: Getty
Laurie Penny on misogynist extremism: Let's call the Isla Vista killings what they were
By Laurie Penny - 25 May 14:46

For some time now, misogynist extremism has been excused, as all acts of terrorism committed by white men are excused, as an aberration, as the work of random loons, not real men at all. Why are we denying the existence of a pattern?

Alice Walker
Laurie Penny on trigger warnings: What we're really talking about
By Laurie Penny - 21 May 17:31

In the mainstream press, it is common for newscasters to warn viewers if they are about to see "potentially distressing" content. So why is there such resistance to trigger warnings - which encourage openness and honesty, rather than shutting down debate?

A still from Dove's A Mother's Body advert.
Dove’s “A Mother’s Body” ad idealises motherhood to exploit women’s bodies
By Glosswitch - 19 May 11:08

It’s sickly and patronising, yet somehow as long as wages for housework and an end to objectification remain off the table, a cream with one quarter moisturiser sometimes feels better than nothing.

A New York Times sign. Photo: Getty
An internal New York Times report on its fear of digital competition is leaked - to BuzzFeed
By Media Mole - 15 May 17:05

BuzzFeed has obtained the New York Times' 'Innovation Report', an internal document detailing the "urgency" of moving into the digital world.

The Sultan of Brunei. Photo: Getty
Influential magazine awards shun the Dorchester due to owner Sultan of Brunei's anti-gay laws
By Media Mole - 15 May 16:01

The British Society of Magazine Editors has decided to change the venue of its annual prestigious awards ceremony from the Sultan of Brunei-owned Dorchester in a stand against new draconian legislation against same-sex and adulterous relationships.

Thank You Note to Christopher Reid
By Grey Gowrie - 15 May 16:00

A new poem by Grey Gowrie.

Pfizer sign. Photo: Getty
Labour MP Austin Mitchell seems to call Pfizer 'rapists' on Twitter
By Media Mole - 14 May 15:21

Female Tory MPs on Twitter are expressing their outrage at a bizarre tweet sent by Labour MP Austin Mitchell about US drug company Pfizer's proposed bid to take over AstraZeneca.

Screengrab of London Live logo, YouTube
London Live TV company lost £1m: here's why the channel's not doing so well
By Media Mole - 14 May 10:33

The company behind the new London Live TV channel has reported a loss of more than £1m in its first financial figures – here's a reminder of the media's worst reviews of the new channel.

Nick Clegg. Photo: Getty
Nick Clegg's sick burn on Twitter
By Media Mole - 13 May 16:27

The authoritative online alter ego of the deputy prime minister laid bare.

BBC Broadcasting House. Photo: Getty
More n-word trouble at the BBC: DJ David Lowe quits after playing the racist word in a song
By Media Mole - 12 May 11:44

After Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson was given a final warning by the BBC following his use of the n-word in a nursery rhyme, Radio Devon DJ David Lowe has lost his job for playing a song containing the racist term.

George Eaton appointed New Statesman political editor
By New Statesman - 08 May 18:39

Editor of The Staggers blog replaces Rafael Behr, who joins the Guardian as a political columnist. 

The Telegraph's diarist Tim Walker comments on Newsnight presenter Laura Kuenssberg's cleavage
By Media Mole - 08 May 16:36

The Telegraph's diarist Tim Walker, who edits Mandrake, has come under fire for mentioning Newsnight presenter Laura Kuenssberg's cleavage in a piece about whether or not she'll be succeeding Jeremy Paxman on the programme.

Jeremy Clarkson mumbled the rhyme in footage not broadcast by the BBC. Photo: Getty
The N-word: Jeremy Clarkson has finally urinated on the live rail of racism
By Musa Okwonga - 03 May 15:42

Jeremy Clarkson said the word "nigger" in a manner that was meant to be mischievously offensive - and I, for one, am fed up with being expected to serve up elegant, dignified and dispassionate responses each time one of his jibes against a racial group emerges into the airwaves.

Max Clifford outside court. Photo: Getty
We must not hide Max Clifford's crimes behind a veil of euphemisms
By Martin Robbins - 03 May 13:59

The media has reported Max Clifford's crimes in vague terms - as "abuse" or "grooming". But in trying to protect ourselves, we are making it easier to minimise what he did.

Max Clifford. Photo: Getty
Max Clifford jailed for eight years for indecent assaults
By New Statesman - 02 May 15:16

The PR guru has been sentenced to eight years in prison for eight counts of indecent assault.

Protestors in Bath outside a meeting attended by Nigel Farage. Photo: Getty
Oberon Books to Nigel Farage: “I regard you as the most dangerous man in UK politics”
By Media Mole - 30 April 13:19

The publisher has written a letter that can leave the Ukip leader in no doubt about how they feel about him.

Tony Blair with some of the 100 new Labour women MPs elected in the 1997 general election. Photo: Getty
It’s 2014 – yet media and politics is still a man’s game

An archival study of newspaper coverage of female MPs since 1992 has revealed that the way women in politics are covered by our press is getting worse, not better.

The choice on offer in the newsagent's. Photo: Getty
The Vagenda: why we must fight back against media that is sexist and degrading to women
By Rhiannon and Holly - 28 April 10:57

Seeing plastic surgery ads nestled up next to body confidence features was the final straw. We had to do something.

The Duchess of Cambridge carrying her own son, rather than getting a nanny to do it. Photo: Getty
No, the Duchess of Cambridge is not ripping up the royal rule book – but that’s not her fault
By Glosswitch - 25 April 10:47

Kate has been declared a rebel for daring to carry her own child. What?