Little Britain, starring David Walliams and Matt Lucas, got its start on BBC3.
Should it really be BBC3 that gets the chop?
By Caroline Crampton - 05 March 15:12

If approved by the BBC Trust, the decision would see BBC3 lose its on-air slot and become online-only. Does it deserve the axe?

Page 3 vs breast cancer: whose side are YOU on?
By Sarah Ditum - 04 March 14:29

The Sun's Page 3 is a malignant growth of sexism on our press, and trying to use it to raise awareness of breast cancer only perpetuates the kind of single-organ fetishism that makes it all the harder for women with the disease.

In the hot seat: Bazalgette's focus is now on persuading business to invest
Peter Bazalgette: “Subsidy? It’s a wet, tedious , passive word. I don’t use it”
By Michael Prodger - 13 February 7:22

A year ago, Peter Bazalgette, the TV entrepreneur responsible for <em>Big Brother</em>, was put in charge of the £400m-a-year Arts Council England. Is he spending the funds wisely?

Hold the front page: rail travellers in 1850
Newspapers: still the most important medium for understanding the world
By Peter Wilby - 12 February 9:26

Once new media themselves, newspapers have gone on to outlast cinema and television – but for how long?

The plight of Thailand’s save fishermen on the BBC World Service
By Antonia Quirke - 06 February 8:36

As part of the World Service's Freedom 2014 series they are communicating in that pragmatic, low-temperature World Service way the call of workers' rights abuses in Thailand.

Laurie Penny on Lena Dunham's Girls: it can't represent every woman, but shouldn't have to
By Laurie Penny - 04 February 17:51

In mainstream culture, white, straight, middle-class women don’t get to speak about their experience without having it universalised and made meaningless in the process - but black women, poor women and queer women usually don’t get to speak about their experiences at all

Daily Mail annoyed at Bob Crow for booking his “luxury holiday” through the Daily Mail
By Media Mole - 04 February 15:02

The only thing worse than a union boss on a luxury holiday is a union boss getting a discount on his luxury holiday thanks to a voucher offer.

At last, there's a list of rich white men in GQ
By Media Mole - 03 February 12:37

"Most Connected Men 2014" comes across more as "Men We Know Who Are Likely To Share This Article On Twitter 2014".

The politics of black hair
By Emma Dabiri - 29 January 14:48

Mainstream conversations about feminism usually proceed from the standpoint of middle-class white women - but they need to know their experiences aren't universal, including when it comes to hair.

Tony Gallagher.
The sacked editor, the art of failing better and the Lib Dems’ portly “groping peer”
By Peter Wilby - 22 January 11:04

The old yardsticks of success no longer apply in a digital age: profitability, circulation, scoops. And with the Guardian's sale of its stake in Auto Trader, the newspaper world is taking huge risks.

Daily Telegraph editor Tony Gallagher leaves the paper
By Media Mole - 21 January 12:42

Chris Evans will become acting editor for the weekday paper. Is a total restructure in the offing?

John Nimmo and Isabella Sorley: A tale of two "trolls"
By Helen Lewis - 08 January 13:15

Yesterday, two people - a man and a woman - were convicted of sending threatening tweets to Caroline Criado-Perez. What do their stories tell us about the causes of internet abuse, and how to tackle it?

Paul Dacre by Ralph Steadman.
Paul Dacre of the Daily Mail: The man who hates liberal Britain
By Peter Wilby - 02 January 10:30

He's the most successful and most feared newspaperman of his generation. But after a bad year in which he was forced to defend his methods, how much longer can Dacre survive as editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail?

New Statesman
Laurie Penny: The 20 best online pieces of 2013
By Laurie Penny - 27 December 10:28

Laurie Penny selects her favourite online writing from the last 12 months

New Statesman.
Editor's picks: Jason Cowley on the best pieces from 2013
By Jason Cowley - 23 December 12:52

The New Statesman editor selects some of his favourite reviews, essays and comment published in the magazine in 2013 - from John Gray on Edmund Burke to Will Self's tribute to pessimism.

Marching barefoot for Mandela, rebel cricket tours and children’s Gothic imagination
By Peter Wilby - 19 December 13:23

Mandela was above all a politician, but also became like Jesus in that his name was invoked to support all sorts of improbable causes.

Taking Jeremy Clarkson seriously, a second honeymoon and the death of an elephant
By Amol Rajan - 12 December 14:53

Amol Rajan, editor of the Independent, writes the diary.

Hacking trial: Piers Morgan told Rebekah he knew her splash after “listening” to her messages
By Press Gazette - 11 December 17:32

Morgan was attending a dinner party for Andy Coulson’s birthday at a steak restaurant in Balham, south London when the comments were made.

New Statesman
Mole’s favourite response to the New Statesman North issue
By Media Mole - 06 December 10:57

Mole has been doing some digging around the New Statesman mailbag this week, and would like to offer a hat–tip to Sean Dooley of Cheshire:

The "murder" of Stephen Ward, a prize reporter's courage and Boris the buffoon
By Peter Wilby - 04 December 15:02

Boris Johnson used the third Margaret That­cher Memorial Lecture at the Centre for Policy Studies in London to make a fool of himself, and the results of the British Journalism Awards would be hard to disagree with.

The "plane row" hero: the internet loves to applaud when a woman is put in her place
By Glosswitch - 01 December 13:23

Elan Gale wasn't standing up for the little guy when he told a woman to "eat my dick" after she was allegedly rude to flight attendants. He was grandstanding, and sexists lapped it up.

Miley Cyrus.
Laurie Penny on girl trouble: we care about young women as symbols, not as people
By Laurie Penny - 30 November 9:27

For all those knuckle-clutching articles about how girls everywhere are about to pirouette into twerking, puking, self-hating whorishness, we do not actually care about young women.

Why Channel 4's Gogglebox is the best thing on television
By Jenny Landreth - 29 November 15:42

It reminds me that TV executives can get things right, which is bloody annoying.

How Jon Snow dissing the PlayStation 4 explains why no one cares you can't afford a house
By Martin Robbins - 29 November 10:35

Our media is biased towards men over 50 - and that affects how they cover every aspect of our lives.

Borgen stars Sidse Babett Knudsen (far left) as Birgitte Nyborg
Borgen was supposed to be a failure — so why did it succeed?
By Caroline Crampton - 28 November 14:22

"I didn’t want to tell a political story where all the politicians were shits, just devious bastards who were self-sufficient and only wanted power for the sake of power. I couldn’t write even ten episodes of that, because it would just be ... evil."

New Statesman
The BBC behemoth, renationalising energy and energised by Cambridge
By Roger Mosey - 28 November 13:10

The merits of the Channel 4 model and the Cavendish Laboratory.

Tears for puppet horses, French prostitution and going for silver
By Jenni Murray - 27 November 15:23

Jenni Murray is presenter of Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4.

The stresses of cricket, a Maoist conspiracy and Iran comes in from the cold
By Peter Wilby - 27 November 15:21

A-level history students used to learn about the Diplomatic Revolution of 1756 in which Britain and France, long-standing enemies, swapped allies. Britain and Austria against France and Prussia became Britain and Prussia against France and Austria.