If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, who would win the 2015 general election?
By Media Mole - 24 April 13:15

According to the Telegraph, Ukip are reportedly winning "the Google election". But what other fictional elections could produce a landslide result?

Media City UK, Salford. Photo: Bethany Clarke/Getty Images News
Westminster goes local: interviews outside London too often offer politicians a soft touch
By Roger Mosey - 23 April 14:29

It is incumbent on the serious interviewers to use their time wisely when they have a politician in their studio.

A cricket ball. Photo: Wikimedia commons
The Tories’ nutty tax promises, how Fallon weaponised Trident, and a minor cricketing drama
By Peter Wilby - 23 April 13:59

Wrong-to-buy, socialist Monopoly - and a rather strange cricketing romance.

The show must go on: Hugh Bonneville (left) in W1A
Sharpening the pen: media satire W1A is back, and its aim is as sharp as ever
By Rachel Cooke - 23 April 12:32

The mockumentary's second season opens with an hour long special - but some of it hits a bit too close to home.

Is Ed Miliband finally becoming cool?
By Media Mole - 22 April 9:07


Parliament in numbers. Illustration: Dan Murrell
Living by numbers: YouGov and the power of the pollsters
By Edward Platt - 16 April 16:03

A YouGov poll putting the Yes camp ahead on the eve of the Scotland referendum panicked Westminster into making a series of concessions. Was it a sign that we're paying too much attention to polls?

Paxman recumbant. Photo: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images for Advertising Week
Paxman and other traps: how should the media tackle the election?
By Roger Mosey - 16 April 15:46

It's easy to get swept up in the thrill of the media and the shiny lights of the debates - but broadcasteres have a serious role to play in the election, too.

A technician works on the main transmission mast of the BBC Broadcasting House in Langham Place, April 1931. Photo: Hulton/Imagno/Getty
From the archive: E M Forster defends the freedom of the BBC
By E M Forster - 16 April 13:34

The world is large and the opinions in it conflicting.

The Greens' party political boyband broadcast is OK, but about two minutes too long
By Media Mole - 08 April 14:38

It's about two minutes too long, this Green party political broadcast.

Nicky Morgan. Photo: Getty
Nicky Morgan appears to agree that non-doms should pay tax. What?
By Media Mole - 08 April 12:44

But she’s a Conservative minister! This mole is confused.

1876's version of naughty pictures. Photo: Getty
Yes, the government has the ability to restrict our ability to see porn online. But would it ever dare to?
By Gilad Rosner - 06 April 20:48

The Tories want to restrict online porn to adults if they win the election. The age verification system needed is possible - but are we happy to let our credit card providers know what we're looking at online?

An onlooker photographs a montage of the Kama Sutra. Photo: Getty
Why I changed my mind about porn
By Sarah Ditum - 01 April 15:04

A few years ago, I argued against the idea that porn was hijacking our sexuality. Now, as a women's centre tries to ban my opponent, I wonder - are they scared that if people listen to Gail Dines, their minds might be changed too?

Edvard Munch's The Scream - a handy pose for your Mail reaction moments. Photo: Sotheby's
Shock news: contra to the headlines, people with depression have jobs
By Stephanie Boland - 27 March 10:16

With 1 in 4 people in Britain suffering a mental illness in any given year, it's obvious many of them hold down jobs and responsibilities. So why are the headlines today so insensitive and unhelpful?

The BBC drops Jeremy Clarkson as Top Gear host
By New Statesman - 25 March 14:13

The Top Gear presenter's contract will not be renewed, following an incident with a producer.

How far can you trust citizen journalism on the internet?
By Vicky Baker - 25 March 10:55

As the BBC reports that it can receive up to 10,000 pieces of user-generated content on a single day, Vicky Baker looks at the increasing need for verification and how propaganda and hoaxes have become more prevalent.

#AllWhiteFrontPages has been a key campaign for Media Diversified.
Why the UK media needs more writers of colour
By Musa Okwonga - 24 March 15:36

The launch of the Media Diversified directory aims to address the lack of diversity in the mainstream media.

Kath Viner is the first woman to become editor of the Guardian
By New Statesman - 20 March 17:12

The editor-in-chief of Guardian US has been appointed editor of the paper.

A protest over police practices in Ferguson, Missouri. Photo: Getty
The digital ducking stool
By Helen Lewis - 11 March 12:57

As Jon Ronson's new book shows, public shaming is cruel, random and effective - and it flourishes when we have lost trust in the system.

The martyrdom of Tania Clarence: when will the press stop conveying disability as worse than death?
By Frances Ryan - 09 March 14:48

Ignoring the history of mental illness of the mother who smothered her three disabled children to death feeds the wider cultural claim that disability is a nightmarish circumstance.

Outside the Telegraph offices in Fleet Street, 1989. Photo: Johnny Eggit/AFP/Getty Images
Peter Oborne on Lahore, Bill Deedes – and the days when the Telegraph had editors
By Peter Oborne - 26 February 10:12

I've been called "brave" and even "heroic" for my resignation at the Daily Telegraph. But British journalism doesn't ask us to be heroes - we just have to behave honourably.

"That will spelt out in our manifesto". Photo: Getty
Natalie Bennett's incredibly awkward interview with LBC
By Media Mole - 24 February 10:50

“Right, what – what we’re looking at, in terms of the figures here um – what we need to do is actually [silence] er… we’re looking at a total spend of 2. 7 [pause] billion…”

Broadcasters announce timings for TV debates - with Cameron and Miliband to do battle just a week before Polling Day
By Stephen Bush - 23 February 11:39

The broadcasters have announced their plans for the television debates, after an FA Cup style draw.

Nun too wise: Tristram missed a chance. Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images
Colour-blind abuse, how to teach children about snow and what Tristram Hunt should have said
By Peter Wilby - 19 February 11:01

Snow blindness, the Guardian hustings - plus left- and back-footedness on Question Time.

Peter Oborne appearing on BBC News to discuss the HSBC tax story.
Peter Oborne blows the whistle on the Telegraph
By Peter Wilby - 18 February 14:37

The former chief political commentator says the paper increasingly commits “a form of fraud on its readers” by suppressing or downplaying stories, such as the HSBC tax avoidance scandal.

No longer.
Peter Oborne resigns from Telegraph over HSBC coverage
By Media Mole - 17 February 17:48

The paper’s chief political commentator has departed.

Senator Joe McCarthy. Photo: Getty
Are you now or have you ever been a TERF?
By Terry MacDonald - 16 February 16:39

The term TERF - "trans exclusionary radical feminist" has become internet shorthand for "transphobic bigot". The odd thing is that most people hold beliefs which could see them labelled a "TERF".