Manufacturing gets less bad across Europe
By Alex Hern - 03 June 11:06

Indicators show slowing rate of decline in industry.

Agent Osborne goes rogue
By Pawe? Morski - 31 May 9:52

Is the Chancellor an accelerationist sleeper-agent sworn to provoke a socialist revolution?

New Statesman
After Shapps' bad data, the DWP is back in the spotlight
By Alex Hern - 30 May 12:19

IDS is spinning furiously.

New Statesman
Finally there's agreement that payday lending needs to be tackled. But how?
By Carl Packman - 30 May 10:27

Access to banking, co-operative credit and caps on interest should all be considered.

If we’re past the worst, then no one thought to tell consumers

British households have become more, not less, concerned over the last five years.

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More than just a bar on a chart in New York: Why the MDGs matter
By Adrian Lovett - 29 May 11:05

The good news is, we're reaching them.

Lots of graduates will never pay off their loans, which is the point
By Alex Hern - 28 May 13:20

Graduating into a recession is hard; at least you can not pay your loans until you earn a bit.

Don't forget the fees: Devon pays £40m less than Stafforshire for the same pensions
By Alex Hern - 28 May 11:41

When Keep it Simple, Stupid comes into its own.

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Reinhart and Rogoff call for "civility"
By Alex Hern - 28 May 9:39

The burned economists write an open letter to Paul Krugman, hitting back at his claims.

Renewable energy to save consumers between £25 and £100 billion
By Gordon Edge - 23 May 17:13

A new government report outlines the economic case for renewable energy, writes RenewableUK’s Gordon Edge.

Triple dip remains successfully avoided in GDP second estimate
By Alex Hern - 23 May 12:52

Stagnation continues, writes Alex Hern.

The slow burn of food prices is squeezing the world dry
By Duncan Green - 23 May 10:18

A new Oxfam report reveals the crushing effects of roller-coaster food prices.

New Statesman
The voices of austerity
By Mary O'Hara - 22 May 11:22

A new project aims to give a voice to the people harmed by austerity. Mary O'Hara introduces it.

Will the left focus on what money can't buy, or on what money shouldn't buy?
By Alex Hern - 21 May 11:31

Alex Hern speaks to Michael Sandel about morality in politics and the markets.

The best way to fix the long term is with more short-termism
By Alex Hern - 20 May 18:00

People don't like thinking about hard problems while the economy is a mess.

Do we have too little economic data, or too much?
By Alex Hern - 20 May 13:22

Counting cranes and railroad traffic.

Being out of work harms your health – even if it's because you've retired
By Philip Booth - 20 May 11:34

A new report finds that, after a small boost in health, retirement isn't as refreshing as many think.

Mandelson's "search parties" are the sort of immigration policy the Mail should adore
By Alex Hern - 20 May 10:58

How do you make sure that migration helps? Pick and choose who you invite.

The Great Reckoning: Why the European ideal is under threat
By Mark Mazower - 19 May 9:32

The certainties that sustained notions of European unity and social solidarity are collapsing. The financial structures that formed the foundations of old Europe have warped and are destroying it. So, where next?

How two farm-boys-done-good could change the world
By Michael Brooks - 17 May 14:24

While everyone loves Commander Chris Hadfield, it's Iowan James Hansen who really needs the attention.

Artwork by Julie Cockburn
Creative destruction: our economic crisis was wholly predictable
By Robert Skidelsky - 17 May 12:53

Keynes, Hobson, Marx - and the crisis of capitalism.

The stereotypes used against Eastern Europe are as old as they are wrong
By Alan Anstead - 17 May 12:30

The tabloids are smearing Roma – but we've heard these myths before.

How social mobility got stuck
By Danny Dorling - 16 May 15:05

Britain's poor were absolutely and relatively better off until Thatcher was elected in 1979. Since then, the bottom half of society is worse off than it was in 1983.

Bitcoin lovers are lying to themselves - cash has never been king
By Felix Martin - 16 May 14:15

Felix Martin's "Real Money" column.

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New browser plugin stops people bamboozling you with numbers
By Alex Hern - 16 May 8:45

Dictionary of Numbers provides that much needed context.

Greece & Germany: Things tend to get worse before they get more worse
By Left Outside - 15 May 9:58

Cutting your nose off to incentivise your face to implement much needed structural reforms.

France falls into triple-dip recession
By Alex Hern - 15 May 8:31

A bad end to a bad year for François Hollande.