New Statesman
How zero-hours contracts hide real unemployment
By Alex Hern - 07 August 12:46

If you're on contract without work, the ONS can count you as employed.

New Statesman
Bank of England: interest rates stay low til unemployment drops
By Alex Hern - 07 August 11:03

Mark Carney's Bank promises to fight the slack in the economy.

Second homes: they do more damage than you realise
By William Hazell - 07 August 9:51

It’s hard to have a healthy community when locals can’t afford to live there anymore.

What could a Jeff Bezos Washington Post look like?
By Alex Hern - 06 August 15:42

There will be changes afoot at the venerable institution.

The Bot Wars: why you can never buy concert tickets online
By Cal Flyn - 06 August 14:17

Enterprising programmers are creating bots that can reserve, and in some cases buy, everything from restaurant tables to eBay goods before humans can even get a look in. Where will the bot wars end?

New Statesman
High stamp duty lowers house prices
By Alex Hern - 06 August 12:46

A new paper from IZA confirms: it's sellers who really pay stamp duty.

Late, getting later: speeding up payments would speed up growth
By Nigel Knowles - 05 August 18:00

£35bn is owed to small and medium businesses. That needs to fall, or it's the whole country which will pay the bill.

New Statesman
Strong services data for July indicates health in the sector
By Alex Hern - 05 August 11:40

The services PMI for July came in at 60.2.

Countering the capital orthodoxy
By Ed Cox - 03 August 9:56

Why Janan Ganesh is wrong about the north and economic agglomeration.

The EU's cat-herder-in-chief fails to move the markets where he wants
By Nick Beecroft - 02 August 9:47

Mario Draghi strained to have an effect, but to no avail.

Queuing online might be the only way to save free services
By Alex Hern - 31 July 15:34

Mailbox may have a queue, but at least it still exists.

The $100bn cost of making tourists get visas
By Alex Hern - 31 July 10:23

"Tough on migration" can't help but meaning "tough on tourism".

Homeownership isn't a good aim of policy
By Alex Hern - 30 July 12:11

A nation of homeowners isn't better than a nation of renters – and it may even be worse.

There's a new horizon in history: "panic time"
By Colin Hay and Tony Payne - 29 July 12:50

It's no longer enough to think of history moving in series of events. Thanks to the Great Uncertainty, we now have to look at the moments when time breaks down.

Amazon reports quarterly loss, so of course share price is up
By Alex Hern - 26 July 17:40

Welcome to the wacky world of Amazon.

New Statesman
British regions replaced by economies of the same size
By Alex Hern - 26 July 15:51

Boris Johnson, mayor of… UAE?

Would Justin Welby be embarrassed to own shares in my bank?
By Alex Hern - 26 July 11:20

The financial sector as a whole isn't the most salubrious industry to be in.

New Statesman
A financial transactions tax just makes good business sense for Britain
By Jon Slater - 25 July 16:20

Rather than refusing it to rebuild our casino banks, we should create something new and better.

If you own a house, good news! If you don't, you may want to go read about kittens for a bit
By Alex Hern - 25 July 16:09

House prices are set to rise by almost 20% in the next five years.

Five things George Osborne doesn't want you to know about the economy
By George Eaton - 25 July 12:45

Including, this is still the slowest recovery for 100 years, the economy is 3.3% smaller and unemployment hasn't fallen for six months.

What Peter Oborne doesn’t get
By David Blanchflower - 25 July 8:29

Maybe Oborne didn’t notice that the whole basis for the Chancellor’s economic strategy – stemming from work by Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff – has been shown to be ruined by spreadsheet errors.

New Statesman
Generation Peak-Teen
By Danny Dorling - 25 July 8:02

The global peak year for births was 1990. Now the number of babies being born is falling. What does this mean for the world as we know it?

New Statesman
More people than ever before are renting privately. The Government needs to take notice
By Ben Pattison - 24 July 11:55

Housing policy has been slow to respond to the dramatic growth in private renting. That has to change.

Has Amazon decided it's time to start making a profit?
By Alex Hern - 24 July 10:40

The company has raised prices for small-press books and introduced delivery fees.

The government's work programme doesn't look well administered
By Alex Hern - 23 July 13:52

An underspend isn't always good news.

New Statesman
"Rise of the robots": about intellectual property as well as machines
By Alex Hern - 23 July 12:25

What do you do if an algorithm takes your job?

By crushing emissions, the recession is saving our lives
By Colin Hay and Tony Payne - 22 July 13:08

If it weren't for the global slowdown, our planet would be in a far worse state than it already is.

Is red tape killing the recovery? Probably not, no
By Richard Exell and Alex Hern - 19 July 14:47

The idea that regulation is the problem is simplistic, overstated, and misapplied.